What’s in my baby bag & review of the Babymel ‘Amanda’ Diaper Bag.


Instead of the traditional ‘what’s in my bag’ type tag, I thought I’d share what’s in my baby bag and do a quick review of the Babymel ‘Amanda’ Diaper Bag. I love seeing what other moms pull out of their baby bags, especially all the snacks their kids are loving. This is actually our second baby bag, the first was a Skip Hop bag that I registered for online. It looked nice and roomy, like it would fit everything we’d need. Little did I know, it was actually meant to be a double stroller bag and it was huge. It didn’t bother me much in the beginning, especially when I started having to tote along ready to feed formula, but as she started having fewer bottles and just didn’t need as much ‘stuff’ in general, I started shopping around for something new. I wanted something black and overall pretty simple. My husband has to hold this too, so I wasn’t going for anything ‘too girly’ (his words, not mine). I thought about getting ‘designer’ one, but let’s be real, I’m not carrying this forever and I’d rather spend that kind of money on a bag I’m going to enjoy for a long time. I found the Babymel ‘Amanda’ at Nordstrom online, it looked like the perfect size to hold everything we need.


The front of the bag has two pockets in the front, one of them holds ‘my stuff’, like a Nivea lip balm, eos hand lotion, Deep Steep Moisture Stick (basically a balm for your skin that I got in a bluum box), Bath & Body Work PocketBac, whatever lipstick of the moment I’m wearing (Nars Anita), & the L’Oreal Glossy Balm in Lovely Mocha. I tend to reach for the Glossy Balm most because I can apply it with my eyes closed if I had to, it’s just force of habit to bring whatever lipstick I started off with that day. Hand sanitizer is a mom essential and because my hands are always dry the eos lotion is the perfect size to throw in the bag and not add any extra weight. If my hands are super dry I use the Deep Steep. In the other pocket I carry Wet Ones wipes and Green Sprouts Compressed Wipes that I also got in my bluum box. They’re basically discs of compressed wipes that expand when you add water, they come in handy when I don’t have paper towels nearby.

The back pocket spans the width of the bag and I throw my wallet in there, right now I’ve been using my Chanel WOC as my everyday wallet and the crossbody I carry when I’m out sans-baby. I’m too lazy to transfer all the cards back and forth, so I’m thinking about getting a card holder that I can easily move between bags because it’s a bit much to have the WOC in there.


Inside the bag are pockets along both sides, two on one and three on the other. On the side with two I keep her changing pad that came with bag in one pocket and her wipes & diapers in the other. On the side with three pockets I usually just keep her snacks & straw cup. Baby Mum Mums keep her busy when she’s getting antsy in the shopping cart and Goldfish are just good whenever. In the large middle space I bring a change of clothes, disposable placemats (she kept ripping off the reusable one), and an Aiden & Anais blanket that just comes in handy for everything (mostly wiping up drool because she’s cutting her molars).

There is also an insulated side pocket for a bottle of formula that I used to store her empty bottle in, but it’s too small for the straw cup I’ve been using lately. There are also two Velcro straps where the straps connect to the bag that you can use to hang the bag from your stroller. There is also a zipper pocket on the inside of the bag, but I don’t really put anything in there.

Now that Ava is bottle free, it’s so much easier to pack her bag and keep it light. This bag is the perfect size for carrying around everything I need for a toddler. It’s easy to access and find things I need because of all the compartments and it’s not so large that things get lost in it’s depths. I’d definitely recommend it if you are looking for a diaper bag!

What I’m really looking forward to is not having to carry one at all, but that’s probably still awhile away (BTDT moms, when did you stop carrying a baby bag?).


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