Closet Staples Series: Tops

For the next part of my Closet Staples Series, I wanted to continue on to tops. The pieces I chose were mainly based on versatility and being able to build many different outfits with them. They’re all pretty basic for the most part, but that’s what I like and I find all of these to be good building blocks when figuring out what to wear.

Here are my picks:

1. A white button down is a definite closet staple, it can be worn casually or dressed up for more formal occasions. I don’t have the traditional white collar and cuffs button down, I actually have never owned one in that’s style. I always felt like it was too ‘professional’ looking. But when I was going through my tops, I realized that it would be a good investment and a good addition to my closet. Now, I can see myself wearing it with jeans and flats on the weekends or to a job interview. My white button down is from H&M and is sheer with no collar. I obviously wear a tank underneath, but it’s not the kind of button down I’d wear to an interview. But I love the soft look and pleated detailing at the shoulders and I’ve worn it day and night.

2. A bright blouse is always a nice alternative among the sea of white, black, grey, and navy blouses that tend to populate my closet. The classic cut of this J. Crew blouse makes it work for casual and more formal occasions despite it’s bright pink color. I usually like to wear it with denim and a statement necklace because of the high neckline.

3. A classic shell can be worn under a blazer or on it’s own, tucked into slacks or a skirt. I’ve worn this one from H&M to death. It’s also great worn loose with jeans or cut-offs. I wear this year round.

4. Chambray is practically a neutral I think, I’ve worn it with dark denim, black skinnies, and it would look great with white jeans for the summer as well. I got this one from Forever 21 and it’s held up surprisingly well. Also an item on heavy rotation.

5. A plain white tee is another great top on its own or for layering, day or night. It doesn’t need more explaining than that, especially since I’ve already done that here.

6. A neutral cardigan to layer over tanks and tees in the fall and winter is another must-have for me. This one from Target is my favorite at the moment, but I have plenty of these in my closet since I live in New England and when it’s cold, it’s real cold.

7. A simple knit sweater that’s also a neutral color can be worn so many ways, with skirts, jeans, even shorts when the weather is still cool. I have another V-neck in black as well, I just like to have items like these that I know will work with a lot of outfits. I like the lightweight knit because it transcends seasons, I could even bring it along to throw over a tank on for those cool summer nights.

8. I put this last because this is probably just a ‘me’ thing, but I can’t get enough plaid. This red and black buffalo plaid shirt from Old Navy has become my uniform this past fall and winter, I wear it at least once a week. This paired with jeans and black boots is just the easiest outfit ever. I already know it will be the same next fall and winter. But, I can always wear it as a light layer in the summer over shorts and a tee shirt, too.

That’s what I was able to come up with for my closet staples in the tops department. Please share yours and tell me what I’m missing!

Closet Staples Series: Jackets & Coats


14 thoughts on “Closet Staples Series: Tops

  1. I don’t own a plain white shirt and no plaid. Must get to a store, stat!
    Actually, I don’t trust myself around white shirts. I will invariably get soy sauce, ketchup, orange / grape juice, SOME sort of stain on my shirt even if I haven’t consumed any of these items.

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    • Thanks Joy! I’m glad you’re loving it, it actually a lot harder than I thought! I keep thinking I must be missing something. Haha chambray is wardrobe changing, it’s like instant cool for an outfit!

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