Closet Staples Series: Bottoms & a LBD

This was a tough category, the most difficult of all. I only picked 5 items here because I didn’t want to go overboard. I almost added a black maxi skirt, then thought, “What about a maxi dress?” It started to spiral from there and I decided not to bring it any further. I love a good maxi skirt (and dress), but what about all the other dresses? Even just picking one pair of jeans was difficult, I think I could devote a post just to all the different styles I love.

So I kept it simple, here are my picks:

1. Dark denim. I prefer skinny jeans, but I think it’s more about the wash. Dark blue jeans can be dressed up or down more easily than a lighter wash, they just look more ‘dressed up’ to me. I got this pair of Hudson Jeans in ‘Colin’, I also have them in black I love them so much. I bought them from either Gilt or Hautelook, they always have good deals on ‘designer denim’.

2. Neutral skirt. I chose this blush pink circle skirt with lace detailing over any of my black ones because it’s more wearable to me. It works day or night, casual and dressy. I got it from Forever 21.

3. Black trousers. I actually don’t have reason to wear these often, but I’m thankful I have them, especially if I needed to go on an interview. I used to do the whole black pants with dressy top a lot back in the day, but for a more formal event I just tend to wear dresses now. I also have these in grey, they’re both Mossimo for Target.

4. Shorts. Yup, keeping it broad here because I know denim cut-offs aren’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. These were actually wide-legged Seven dojos that somehow ended up with a huge hole right under one of the back pockets. I was pretty bummed because they were one of my favorite pairs of jeans. I ended up taking the scissors to them and they eventually became my favorite pairs of shorts, so worn in I’m not even sure if I can wear them again this summer. I’m hoping for one more year before they fall apart.

5. LBD. Dresses are another category where you could go crazy, so I picked a little black dress and left it at that. I’ve worn this one from Arden B. to three weddings so far and I’m hoping I can keep it going. I like that it’s not just black, the brocade skirt and flower detailing on the bodice make it a little different.

I feel I chose so few items that I’m definitely missing something here! Definitely let me know what you think, I was thinking maybe a pencil skirt, but honestly, I don’t really see myself ever wearing one. I guess this is it, at least for me. Even shorts might be a long shot, it’s another item that might just be a ‘me’ thing like with the plaid shirt.

The next post will be on shoes to complete the series, I was thinking about talking about accessories, like jewelry & handbags, at some point, but not really as ‘staples’. I feel like those categories are more just the fun outfit additions than anything else.

Closet Staples Series:

Jackets & Coats



9 thoughts on “Closet Staples Series: Bottoms & a LBD

  1. Maybe you could do a part 2 of this post with skirt and dress staples for the ones you left out or other faves? I would love to see that :)..also big thumbs up for the accessories and jewelry idea. Great series.

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  2. I always look forward to this staples series. It probably took a lot more time than readers think. This was really creative and it shows just the most important clothes broken down. Where is a good place to get black slacks besides express??

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  3. Love your photos of each item, reminds me of a catalogue. 🙂
    Really like that LBD – I don’t own a lot of dresses but the majority of them are black since they’re so versatile.
    As far as black trousers, I probably own 10 pairs at this point… they’re just so useful for work. Express actually has some great cuts and quality is good – I always wait for a sale to buy them.
    I really love black items, haha. I had the hardest time finding a pair of non-jegging type of black jeans. I finally found a pair from Second Yoga jeans:
    Very comfy!

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    • Lol thanks! I had a pair from Express in the past, I think the Editor? I don’t know what happened to them! But they were quite nice. Thanks for the tip I’ll check them out!


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