Working on my fitness: Starting T25

I was very hesistant to post about this because I have a terrible history with exercise in general. I’ve had multiple gym memberships and have even tried at home workout videos in the past and have never consistently stuck to any of them. But, I know that nobody is perfect and that yes, it’s highly likely that I may do this for a month and then completely forget about it. I also know that life gets in the way sometimes, along with laziness, exhaustion, and just general lack of motivation. I think these are challenges we all face when it comes to exercise and fitness and I think talking about how I (hopefully) overcome those things here might actually be helpful to others. I also know that many of you are very committed to exercise and good health in general and that I can learn a lot from all of you.

I’d talked in a past post about losing the baby weight mainly through improving my eating habits. Starting to incorporate exercise to gain a healthier lifestyle is actually not all about losing weight for me at this point, I honestly am feeling the effects of being out of shape. I just don’t feel as good as I know I can, climbing up the stairs with Ava from the garage to the first floor is not easy. Especially when you’re also carrying the diaper bag and all the stuff you bought while running errands. Although taking care of a toddler is hard work, I’m just more sedentary than I was when I was working. I spent the whole day on my feet and was very hands on with my work, I was active all day long. M has also been wanting to get into shape, so we thought this was the perfect workout to do together.

I wanted to try T25 because I wanted something convenient that I could do at home and wouldn’t take a lot of time. My cousin is a Beachbody coach and she is always posting videos on her Instagram and Facebook account about her workouts. She’s never pushed me to try the program, but seeing her in action says it all and she’s also a mother, so I knew that if she could fit in a quick workout daily, I had no great excuse. The high intensity exercise of T25 is supposed to put your body in the range for “continuous calorie burn”, meaning that you should continue to burn calories all day long (Source). The package we got comes with the workout DVDs, exercise band, meal plan and workout calendar, as well as Shakeology meal replacement shakes. The workouts are done 5 days a week (with an optional 6th workout if you do a ‘double day’ Friday). The meal plan has a guide that helps determine how many calories a day to shoot for, honestly, I plan to just eat clean and healthy as much as possible (Easter Sunday is coming and we always have a big family party so that day will be an exception, vacation is coming up, and whatever else). Anyway, I won’t go too much more into it as I’m so new to this program myself. I’ll probably update periodically about how things are progressing and share my overall thoughts once I’ve gotten through it.

We got up bright and early to do our first workout this morning. Oh man, I am definitely out of shape! But, it wasn’t as bad as I thought, I actually kept up with Shaun during the first 15 minutes of the workout, then did the modified routine for the remaining 10 minutes. It was fun to do this with M, we joked and encouraged each other the whole way through. And I was totally motivated by the blond woman on the left, I want her abs! So we survived our first workout and are pretty excited to keep going, despite it being quite intense.

Have you tried T25? What was your experience?


16 thoughts on “Working on my fitness: Starting T25

  1. Ooh I think I tried a variation of Shaun T’s workouts before, I did the Insanity workout for a while. When I started it, the warm up was enough to get me exhausted and that was only 5 minutes -_- But the program is really good, if you keep up with it you will definitely see that you can do more reps of a particular workout in a set time in 2-4 weeks. I was always curious about the Shakeology because they always had the advertisements at the back of the workouts but now I know.
    You can do it Bree! Just hang in there and your body will get used to the intensity of the workouts in no time 🙂

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