Product Rave: NYX Butter Glosses

I think a fair few people would agree that the NYX Butter Glosses are pretty amazing. Since trying the NYX Intense Butter Glosses (review here), I’ve come to appreciate them even more and thought they deserved a special mention.

The NYX Butter Glosses come in the standard tube and is color coordinated with it’s respective shade. I have Creme Brule (light nude pink), Tirmisu (tan rosy nude), Vanilla Cream Pie (baby pink), Apple Strudel (peachy pink), and Strawberry Parfait (bright fuchsia). These glosses have a light vanilla scent and no flavor. They glide on smoothly and add a nice wash of color to the lips. They don’t have that super sticky feel and aren’t heavy at all. They actually do adhere well to the lips and for a gloss do have pretty good staying power as long unless you’re eating and drinking. They even feel pretty moisturizing too!

I do usually wear these over a lipstick or lipliner because my lips already have so much color to them. Usually it’s to enhance a color of a lipstick or even to tone one down. Creme Brule might put over a pink lipstick to make it more nude, or conversely, if I feel like a lipstick is giving me that ‘dead’ lip look, I like to apply Vanilla Cream Pie over it. I do find that I can wear Tiramisu and Strawberry Parfait on their own and still have good color payoff.

For my lip swatches I decided to nude out my lips to give you guys a better idea of how each color actually looks, mostly for consistency because my natural lip color competes so much with lightest shades.

I think the main reason I prefer these over the Intense Butter Glosses is that despite them being less pigmented, the shade selection is more flattering on my skintone. The Intense Butter Glosses I have are on the cooler side and I do need to work a little harder to get an opaque application because my lips are so pigmented. Because the originals are a bit sheerer, they just work more automatically.

I can’t say enough about the NYX Butter Glosses. I’m pretty sure you’ve already tried them already, but if not I think you’ll love them!


26 thoughts on “Product Rave: NYX Butter Glosses

  1. I really like Apple Strudel and Strawberry Parfait on you! Do they all smell / taste the same or do they match the foods they’re named after?
    Seems like NYX lip products are all pretty good in general. I only own a few lip items from NYX. I will have to put these on my ever growing wish list…

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  2. I love the NYX Butter glosses. They’re so nice! I thought about rounding up my collection sometime for a post just to share. I always like looking and seeing what other ones other people have too. Great post! πŸ™‚ xo

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