Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is right around the corner, and per usual, I’m last minute with getting together Ava’s Easter basket. I was actually really excited to do this because last year she was only 4 months old and it didn’t occur to me to make one for her and I was pretty much still a sleep-deprived, stressed out, crazy person. But this year I wanted to make her one regardless of the fact that she’ll have no idea what’s going on. I had the best memories of Easter egg hunting when I was a kid and I want Ava to have the exact same experiences. I also threw together a couple of baskets for her two besties (boys, of course). Everything I got came from my favorite place. Target. 🙂

I found these cute felt baskets with bunny masks that the kids can actually remove and wear! The basket is a good size too, she could actually carry it around without it being too bulky. I filled each basket with some ‘grass’, the fancy stuff. When I was a kid it was just green cellophane strips, now its paper with pretty designs all cut up.

For fillers, I just went with the standard chocolate bunny (guess who’ll be eating that), some Peeps, a little plush chick, and a board book. The book actually came from the dollar section of the store. I filled some plastic eggs with Sixlets, Cadbury Mini Eggs (I’m obsessed with these), Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, and mini-sized candy bars. Pinterest gave me the idea about Cheddar Bunnies because let’s face it, the kids probably aren’t going to be eating all this chocolate. I was going to do stickers as another alternative, but couldn’t find any that weren’t ‘Hello Kitty’ in the dollar bins.

Then I wrapped each basket in cellophane and tied a ribbon at the top. Voila! Easter baskets complete. 🙂

P.S. I swear I’m not going to eat all this candy. I’m going to give it all to my little sister to distribute to her college friends back at the dorm. Okay, I’m going to have at least a Cadbury mini egg or ten. I did give up chocolate for Lent after all!

We also got her pictures done with the Easter Bunny at the mall this week.

Ava was a champ! She did great with Santa during Christmas, but I wasn’t sure how she’d react to a giant rabbit with glasses holding her. She loved him, of course, and surprised M and I by not wailing. She barely lets humans she knows hold her so this was a pleasant surprise.

Happy Friday! Are you ready for Easter?


20 thoughts on “Easter Basket Ideas

    • Hahahaha that’s what I thought about the bunny too! He’s strangely expressionless, but maybe it would be creepier if he was smiling? Yes, I realized I better not be there tomorrow when the shelves would be practically empty! And looks can be deceiving, Ava is a diva! I swear this kid just likes to appear so calm so that when I tell people how dramatic she is they think I’m lying!


    • Haha are we the only ones who do this? Yes! We actually stand in line to let our kids take pictures with a giant bunny! I look forward to Easter just for those Cadbury eggs 🙂

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  1. this is so clever! I’m definitely going to DIY one next year. Ava doesn’t like to walk on grass right now but she likes to hold the basket (: I hope your little family has a great Easter ❤

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  2. She’s so cute, Bree!

    Those baskets are adorable!! Sawyer and I are up and getting ready to go see his Nana and Papa for an Easter Egg hunt today. I’m not sure how much he’ll enjoy it, but I’m sure he’ll love running around with all of the other children.

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