Lipstick Lookbook: The rose/mauve nudes, Part II

Here’s the second round of my mauve/rosy nude lipsticks. I actually do like all these lipsticks, but I’ve been wearing Brave the most as of late since it’s newer to me. My obsession for this shade of lipstick is never ending because of it’s ease, I don’t need to fuss over it much like a red, and they go with pretty much any makeup look. Anyway, I won’t keep you any longer, if you’re interested in Part 1 (and the standard nudes and reds) links are down below.

The NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia is a more mauvey nude and more cool toned, I can’t wear it with a tan because it will wash me out. The Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy is the most sheer of the bunch, but still adds a nice bit of pink and shimmer to the lips. Brave (a satin) and Viva Glam V (a lustre) are both from MAC; both are pinky nudes, but Viva Glam V has some shimmer to it. It’s actually one of the first MAC lipsticks I bought because my cousin wore it and it looked gorgeous on her. Brave is actually a close dupe to Warm Me up from Part I, but more pigmented. Rosewood is a Dior Serum De Rouge and is actually very special to me because I wore it when I got married. It’s a warmer, more brown nude and actually very hydrating. I think the line has been discontinued since then so I rarely wear it. Probably not the best thing to do, but I want it to last forever. Finally, Permanent Blush is a pinky nude from the L’Oreal Infallible 2-Step Liquid Lipstick line. It really is budge-proof, if you’re looking for a long-lasting lipstick. It also has tiny shimmer particles, but they aren’t really noticeable on the lips.

This completes all my rose/mauve toned nude lipsticks, after going through all these I feel like I really don’t need to buy another one for awhile. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I just love lipsticks in this color range because they work all the time, in all seasons, and are just so easy to wear.

What’s your favorite rose/mauve nude?

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The rose/mauve nudes, Part 1


18 thoughts on “Lipstick Lookbook: The rose/mauve nudes, Part II

  1. I think my favorite mauve/rose is not a lipstick. It’s from Fresh in the shade Petal. I’m nearly out of it. And I can’t repurchase because of this no buy. At times like these, this is when my no buy is a stupid no buy lol

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  2. I love the shades! Viva Glam V has just been added to my list of MAC lipstick that I want to get. I also have Thaila too which is such a lovely shade! 🙂

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  3. I’ve fallen hard for mauve/rose lippies this year. They are subtle, but still pop nicely on me. How I wish I discovered them sooner, but I was a little self-conscious that mauve would clash with me teeth color. 😦

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