An Easter OOTD and egg ‘hunting’.

I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday! I wanted to share what I wore, I quickly snapped a picture before heading to Mass, sorry for the blurriness! Anyway, I wore the skirt from my Closet Staples Series with a black and white striped knit top from J. Crew, black tights, and my Tory Burch riding boots, which I also mentioned in my series. It’s still on the chilly side where I am and I’m not really feeling ready to bare my legs to the world yet!

We went to my parents’ house for lunch and a little egg ‘hunting’. And ‘hunting’ means, me point out every single egg to Ava and then trying to convince her to throw it in the basket. I stopped having my sister hide eggs in obvious spots and told her to just scatter them on the ground. Even that didn’t make it easier! Well, once she started getting the idea a bit more, it was slightly better. I think next year, she’ll understand what to do. The most important thing is that she had a great time and had fun playing with all the plastic eggs she (meaning me) gathered.

And a little mommy/baby action. I decided to spare you guys the pile of shoes and the vacuum cleaner in the background and cropped them out.

Also, Ava did great in church! I was a little anxious about it because we don’t go regularly and ‘new’ situations for her can go either really well or really terrible. Of course, she was a little angel and actually fell asleep! I was pretty stunned. Those cute videos of babies on Facebook falling asleep while eating or playing-yah, Ava will never be starring in one of those videos. But, she dozed off and she actually didn’t wake up until I put her in the car seat. Knowing that she can tolerate an hour of church is awesome and will make me more apt to start going more often again.

I’d love to hear how your day went yesterday!

Also, just watched Claire’s March Beauty Review and she mentioned the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder (review here)! Aaah! Fangirl moment, I just get excited when she loves something that I love too!


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