Closet Staples Series: Shoes

This will be the last part of my Closet Staples Series, and probably my favorite. Can a girl have too many pairs of shoes? I chose 10 pairs, I almost decided to cut back the list and decided against it. I really love every single pair here and it’s good to have options. If you’re wearing a light colored spring dress, a pair of black heels looks out of place, you need to have a pair of nude heels, too. Am I crazy? I don’t care.

Here are my picks:

Sneakers. I actually never wore sneakers casually until maybe 2 years ago. I’d always wear ballet flats if I wanted a flat shoe. But since I got this pair of Chuck Taylors, that has changed. I probably wear these 5 days out of the week as of late. They’re comfortable and go with pretty much any casual outfit I’m wearing.

Booties. Another great option to wear casually, but also when you need to look a little more dressed up. These pointed toe black booties are Steven by Steve Madden. I think I got them on discount from Rue La La. I’d been looking for a pair like this for awhile and almost bought some for over $100 from Zara, so I’m glad I stumbled upon these. They have a low heel making them easy to walk in.

Knee-high boots. These are from Tory Burch and they fit perfectly. I have bigger calves and sometimes I have trouble find a pair that aren’t going to cut off my circulation. I like that they’re flat, I wear them a lot when it’s colder or rainy when I’m wearing a skirt or dress.

Ballet flats. I love ballet flats. I also got this pair from Lanvin and they are the most comfortable I own. I had a pair from Tory Burch, but these I wear much more. The sole is padded and the sides are stretchy so they don’t dig in so much. I got them in patent nude to go with everything. I love them with jeans, even on a night out when I’m not in the mood for heels. I also got these on Rue La La, they sell them frequently so don’t pay full price!

Wedges. Great in the spring and summer for those backyard parties when you don’t want your heels sinking into the grass. These are Zara and because they’re a neutral taupe I can wear them with most anything.


Black pumps. I think we all have these in our closets. These are Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps in black patent. I’m not a fan of super high heels because I just can’t walk in them for too long, so I got the 85 mm. They work great with jeans, trousers, and dresses, and any casual or dressy event.

Nude heels. I don’t feel like black heels are enough, especially if you’re going with a lighter color palette, definitely get a nude pair too. These are Aldo and have a platform so I can tolerate the 4 inch heel.

Strappy heels. These are the majorly turned down version of the super sexy Stewart Weitzman ‘Nudist’ sandal. The ‘Luminate’ from Nordstrom BP has a 3 inch heel and a wider strap at the front. I have wide feet so the versions with a thinner front strap aren’t flattering on me. I love these with jeans and dresses.

Flat sandals. A summer staple with shorts, maxi dresses, basically everything. I finally got a new pair by Vince Camuto for this summer from DSW recently because every pair I own are so worn it’s just not okay to wear them anymore. I decided on the gold, they also come in black.

Peep toes. Especially in the summer and spring it’s nice to wear a more open toed heel, may as well show off your nicely painted toenails, right? Okay, maybe this isn’t that much of a necessity, but again options. I wear this grey pair from Zara a lot, I actually have a three pairs of peep toes from there and I really love them all. They’ve all held up quite well and I’ve had them for years.

So this concludes my Closet Staples Series! Any shoes I’m missing here? Am I being excessive? Please let me know!

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17 thoughts on “Closet Staples Series: Shoes

  1. Love those booties! I’m on a hunt for a pair of flatter ones that are dressy. Mine are CK ones with a heel, like these:

    When you’re talking about shoes, the word “excessive” doesn’t come into play!
    My shoe collection includes more pumps simply due to work, so I would expand on plain black leather, patent leather, textured (faux croc etc), a pop of colour (red), T-strap, etc.

    I can’t do peek toes, I just can’t. They’re so uncomfortable! And I don’t really like the look of 2 toes sticking out, but that’s just me, lol.

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  2. Converse are my staple shoe. I literally wear them with everything – dresses included. 🙂

    I do love my ankle boots too, but Converse have been my favorite shoe since I was 13.

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  4. I also used to never wear sneakers until I purchased a pair of converse. Now I have two pairs; the same as yours and the original white high tops, now I wear them almost every day! They’re especially great for when I go to class. I also nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award, so if you’d like to check that out, the post’s link is:
    Keep doing the great job 🙂

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