Besame French Vanilla Face Powder Review

I’ve been wanting to get a setting powder to help brighten my undereye area for some time. I wanted to try the Ben Nye Banana Powder, but read so many mixed reviews that I wasn’t convinced it was that special. I noticed the Besame French Vanilla Setting Powder when browsing the new products on Sephora’s website as it has the yellow tone that I was looking for that apparently gives the brightening effect. I decided to give it a go and put it in my cart.

The packaging has a kind of vintage feel to it, with it’s flower design and name written in script on the cover. I like that it has a plastic divider that fits the powder puff and keeps it away from the product. It’s dispensed using a sifter to control the amount of powder used. The powder is quite fine and a pale yellow shade and has no shimmer. And it definitely hits you in the face with the vanilla scent when you first start using it.

I’m not really into using powder puffs for setting makeup so I have not used the one provided. I’m not quite sure how I would clean something like that to be honest (suggestions are welcome). I had no problem dispensing the powder through the sifter, I tapped it lightly into the cover with my finger. I’ve used either my Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder brush or a damp beautyblender to apply this powder to my under eyes after concealer. I found that a damp beautyblender enhances the brightening effect.

I do feel like it helped to brighten my under eye area and from a distance I think it looks pretty good. But on closer inspection, it made my undereyes appear dry and emphasized the fine lines under my eyes after using the beautyblender to apply it. That was a letdown. With the Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush the application didn’t give that ‘crepey’ effect, but it still looked a little dry.

Ultimately, I won’t be repurchasing the Besame French Vanilla Face Powder. Although I like the texture and look it gives from a distance, I don’t like that it can make my under eye area look dry up close. I’m still on the hunt for a better setting powder for that area and after using this I think I’d really like to find one in pan form. I just think it’s neater and easier to apply when it’s a pressed powder. If anyone has a recommendation of a yellow toned pressed setting powder, I’d love to know!

Have you tried the Besame French Vanilla Face Powder? What did you think?


19 thoughts on “Besame French Vanilla Face Powder Review

  1. That’s too bad it made your under eye area look dry. It’s tough to wash those powder puffs – I used to wash them with dish detergent but eventually whatever glue they use to hold the puff together would disintegrate. The packaging is so nice – vintage and girly. I think I’d like the vanilla scent even though it’s likely not everyone’s cup of tea.

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    • Oh yah from far away in person it’s fine. I mean real up close, like the only people getting that close are really Ava & my husband! But I can see it when I’m doing my makeup and it just bugs me!


      • I know what you mean. I have this super magnified mirror where it’s scary to look into (bc we’re all monsters apparently) and when I do my makeup in that mirror I see every single mistake. Then I look in human mirrors and I can’t see the mistake. It’s crazy!

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    • I have tried the HD setting powder in the past, do you use it for your undereyes? Does it leave a white cast? I’d used it as a general setting powder but my skin was more oily then and it didn’t control it well so I stopped using it.

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      • Hmmm…well I have dry skin so I don’t know if the things I’ve tried will work for you. I actually used Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation from Make Up Forever as a setting powder. I know it sounds silly to use a powder foundation as a setting powder but this one worked out really well for me. I heard good things about the NARS setting powder too.

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  2. Good Undereye products are so hard find I think! Shame that you didn’t like it because I love the concept of this product. The search continues 😉

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  3. I’ve been reading that using the puff to powder is the ideal way to apply, followed by the “sweep” off of excess powder on the face with a powder brush afterwards. Still, I prefer using the brush to apply anyway. :))

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