One day in six.

Another fun-filled family day!

1. Woke up before M and Ava today. I pulled on this super old hooded sweatshirt that I stole from my brother and never gave back. It’s my favorite for just lounging around the house. He’s never asked for it back, probably because he doesn’t know I took it!

2. Breakfast is served. I’ve been making an almond butter and banana chocolate smoothie every morning since starting T25. I actually like the Advocare shakes better, but since we got this I want to use them up.  I’m kind of addicted to this mix now though. I sat on the couch and enjoyed it in blissful silence.

3. We went into the city today, had lunch, and stopped by one of my happy places. 🙂 I had a Southwest Chicken Caesar salad for lunch and it was so good! Little known fact: if something on a menu is called ‘Southwest’, 9 times out of 10 I’m ordering it.

4. Ava was too cute today, even the SA in Neiman Marcus wanted to wanted to babysit for us. She actually lasted our whole trip in the stroller until the very end, but I watched her like a hawk while she stretched her legs. Mommy wasn’t trying to pay for any damaged goods.

5. Ava took a nice long nap when we got home, then indulged in her favorite new show. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is so last month. It’s all about Dora now.

6. Finally upgraded to the iPhone 6! M got the 6 Plus, but I think it’s just way too big. My screensaver is a picture from Ava’s one year photoshoot, I just love the expression on her face!

How was your day?


18 thoughts on “One day in six.

  1. Sawyer likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – not as much as he loves Thomas though! If he hears the theme, he stops whatever he’s doing, runs over to the couch and starts dancing.

    Today was a pretty nice day! Work went by really fast and before I knew it I was coming home and looking through the mail to find that my best friend had sent a card which was really lovely.

    I really enjoy these posts, Bree!

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    • 16?! I’ll take it! I always get carded and M doesn’t when we go out and I LOVE it! Hahahaha! And thank you about Ava, still trying to get a pic of her in my sunnies but it’s like getting her to wear headbands lately. Impossible!

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  2. I got the iPhone 6 and my boyfriend got the 6 plus back in January and I love my 6 to pieces! I believe the 6 plus is way to big for my hands but works out perfect for his bigger hands. It’s hard for me to hold with just one hand like I’m use to doing with my 6!

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    • Lol yes his screen is so large it feels awkward in my hands! Still getting used to the 6, I can’t type one handed anymore like I did with the 5, but I’m still really loving it!

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      • Yeah I guess I don’t type one handed either but it gives more accuracy typing with two. If you get a chance search trick for iPhone 6 there is a lot out there to learn about the phone.

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