Still into that 90’s lip? Try the Sonia Kashuk Lip Definer in Maple.

I was looking for a more brown toned lipliner at Target the other day and their Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liners are always out of stock. I saw this Sonia Kashuk Lip Definer in Maple and decided to give it a whirl. I’ve never tried any of her lip products before, but I do like her makeup brushes and an eye shadow palette from her line.

This is your standard lip pencil that requires sharpening, which I’m not crazy about, but that’s okay. I love that the Rimmel pencils are twist up, but that also has it’s downfalls, such as the tip breaking if I twist up too much product. I think the formula of the Sonia Kashuk is slightly drier, but I always have lip balm on before lining my lips anyway. After applying it to my lips it totall reminded me of the whole 90’s brown lip look. I actually like the color on it’s own, but I ended up putting a little of L’Oreal Fairest Nude Lipstick over it.

I was also watching another VDM tutorial on a smoked out winged liner, I tried to recreate the look with the black and brown shadows from the Tartelette palette. I forgot to tap the excess black shadow from my angled brush and had a major fallout disaster, but I cleaned it up and reapplied my concealer. I felt like a more dramatic eye so I deepened up the crease as well. I really love the how the matte brown shadows and brown lips look together.

Would I buy more of the Sonia Kashuk Lip Definers? No, probably not. I’m still devoted to the Rimmel and they’re also slightly cheaper. But I do like this pencil and it filled the gap I needed it to fill.

Have you tried these liners before? What did you think?


21 thoughts on “Still into that 90’s lip? Try the Sonia Kashuk Lip Definer in Maple.

  1. I haven’t tried anything Sonia Kashuk yet can you believe?! Do you have other recs. from her line? I do walk by when I’m at Target but I have to say that my Target is terrible at displaying her stuff with half the things out of stock most of the time. Love this lip color..


  2. This colour looks good on you! I bought a bajillion lip liners from Prestige when they were clearing them out of our local drugstore, and they’re really nice! The shade I love is called Shimmer (which isn’t shimmery at ALL, just a soft pinky nude shade). Prestige offers both the regular sharpen pencils as well as automatic ones – have you tried them? But I likely will never need to buy another lip liner because… oh I never actually USE them! I don’t bother with lip liners but you talk about them pretty frequently on this blog so I’m inspired to pull them out to have a go at them. I’ve never filled my entire lip with a pencil but I guess it makes sense for a base.

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    • Thank you!! I haven’t tried their lip liners, but I feel like I’ve tried maybe one of their mascaras in the past? I’ll have to look for them, I feel like they are only carried in certain drugstores here in the US. When I’m lazy I don’t bother, but most of the time I like to use one just to extend the staying power of my lipstick. And as the lipstick wears away, the liner is usually still in place so that’s an added benefit of filling them in completely since I still have even color on my lips. Thanks for the rec!

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