Anatomy of a Mom Outfit

Sometimes I snap a picture of what I’m wearing on the typical days when it’s just me and Ava doing our thing, meaning either running errands, going to story time, play dates, whatever. My intention is usually to post a quick OOTD in the afternoon, just in case I have time for an added extra to my usual morning post. Lately, I haven’t had time for that, especially since Ava is only doing one nap for the past few weeks. I started to stockpile a few of these photos and realized, there’s a formula here. All different items, but functionally similar. I do make an effort to get dressed daily and fight the urge to either stay in my pajamas if we’re not going anywhere or to wear yoga pants and be done. Yes, it’s comfortable and sure, nobody is going to see me(except maybe the UPS guy), but honestly, I always feel a whole lot better when I’ve gotten ready for the day. What I wear is actually pretty comfortable too, it’s never anything constricting or fussy, because with a kid that just doesn’t work. Here are my ‘mom outfit’ essentials:

Cozy sweater. It’s still chilly where I live so this may not apply well depending on where you live. But a cozy, loose-fitting sweater is always my ‘go-to’ top. It hides the effects of that weekend chocolate binge and the post-baby muffin top. If you hadn’t heard, your hips and your feet can become permanently wider after pregnancy. I still have some jeans that fit like they used to in the leg, but the hips will probably never be the same. The brown sweater on the right is actually a maternity sweater that I still like to wear and probably would have bought if it was just a ‘regular’ sweater. Wearing something cozy is also a small comfort when your kid is drawing stares because you won’t let her pull all the canned goods off the grocery shelves.

Stretchy jeans. You’re guaranteed to be chasing your kid down as soon as they start walking and you don’t want anything restricting you from getting to her before she shoves dirt in her mouth/pulls out your makeup drawer/dumps all her Cheerios on the ground.

Flat shoes. See above. I wore my Jeffrey Campbell Hanger booties once and realized it was not worth the hassle of trying to traipse up and down the stairs from the garage to the first floor with Ava, the baby bag, and shopping bags in heels. Rookie mom mistakes.

Minimal accessories. Always studs so you don’t risk having your earlobes ripped out because your kid cannot resist your sparkly, dangling chandelier earrings. I usually don’t wear any other necklace that would draw Ava’s attention, luckily the silver double-chain wasn’t fancy enough to interest her. But beware, necklaces definitely pose a choking risk. For you.

What are your ‘mom outfit’ essentials?


18 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Mom Outfit

  1. I’m not a mom yet but I definitely appreciate a good mom outfit 😄 besides what you mentioned, I have to say I love maxi dresses that are a bit baggy. You just put a jacket and a necklace on and bam you are good to go! You look very cute 😘❤

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    • Lmao! Then I love your style you should do some outfit posts, I’d love to see them! Honestly I’d probably dress like this sans baby too, but I just don’t get to wear some of my heeled shoes as often. Or white. Or jewelry.

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