L’Oreal La Palette Nude 2 Review

I was more excited to try the L’Oreal La Palette Nude 2 because I knew it was a palette different from all my others. When I first head about it, I thought it was going to be L’Oreal’s dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, but it’s definitely not. It doesn’t even warrant comparison photos. This palette is definitely all its own. It has some purple tones, along with taupes and browns, and it’s really a beautiful combination of shades.

The packaging is identical to its counterpart, the La Palette Nude 1, a sleek black case with a window exposing the shadows. There is a mirror that spans the top half of the cover and on the back are some suggestions for eye makeup looks. There is a double-ended brush included with a sponge-tip applicator and a fluffy shading brush. Still haven’t used it so I can’t comment on its effectiveness. As I’d said in my review of Nude 1, the packaging is large and bulky, but the eye shadow pans are large as well.

I found the pigmentation of all the shadows here to be quite good, overall better than the Nude 1. Some of the shadows did take a little time to build up, but most I found applied well. The shadows are smooth, not super buttery, but I didn’t have problems with it being powdery either. This palette also differs from the first in that it has more mattes than shimmers, with 1, 2, 5, and 7 being shimmers. It has everything you need for a complete eye look, but I do have two minor issues. I wish 1 was a little less shimmery and more satin or matte for a brow highlight. Also 3 is the only transition shade and for me the color is just okay, I’m more of a MAC ‘Soft Brown’ kind of girl when it comes to that. I almost wish that one of the purples at the end of the palette was a shimmer, but they are all matte.

I used the palette on that Saturday date night with M, creating my usual soft smoky eye. I used 1 (pink champagne shimmer) as my brow and inner corner highlight and 2 (mauve shimmer) on my lid. I used 4 (dark taupe grey) and 6 (plummy brown) in the outer corner and on the lower lash line. I used 3 (light mauve grey) as a transition shade. Finally I used 10 (dark purple) to line my upper lash line.

I have to say I’m loving this palette way more than I thought! The shades are just so different than what I usually go for and I don’t have a lot of them among my eyeshadow palettes. I’m obsessed with 2, the mauve shimmer I used today and 5, a taupe shimmer. I just love how these are neutrals, but with color outside my typical earth-toned shades. Purple is one of the only colors I feel comfortable wearing and the only others I have are in the Tartelette palette. I recommend picking it up if you don’t have anything like it already!

What do you think of the La Palette Nude 2?


24 thoughts on “L’Oreal La Palette Nude 2 Review

  1. I like the look of this palette more than #1, surprisingly! The 2nd shade is gorgeous – I can see why you’re obsessed with it. Your eye makeup using this palette looks very nice – polished and well blended. 😀

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  2. I keep meaning to pick this up, everytime I see the swatches I think it looks beautiful! I have the Naked 3 palette which is pinky tones but maybe I can convince my boyfriend that I need this as well as they are more purply tones?! 😛 Thanks for posting! xxx

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