Beach Vacation Outfit Ideas

I’ve been in a weird, no makeup wearing funk lately. Ever since my skin broke out and I decided to ‘let it breathe’ more, I’ve just not been in the mood to put on makeup unless I’m going somewhere special (no Target doesn’t count). I’ve also been using my spare time to continue to prepare for our vacation next week (by the time this posts I’m guessing I’ll either be away already or a day or two before leaving). I started to pick out the clothes I want to bring along and thought I share some quick outfit ideas. Although I’m likely not going to be really going out at night since Ava is in bed by nine most nights, it still would be nice to get dressed up for our early bird dinners with her. I also did not buy any new clothes for this vacation since Ava’s need was greater than mine. Okay, I lied, both pairs of sandals shown here are new, but I really was in dire need. I got them both at DSW, so at least I didn’t pay full price!

The first outfit is geared more for the beach or pool, it’s just a T-shirt dress I can throw over a bathing suit and some sandals. I always wear a hat to protect my face from the sun, this one I believe is from Target. The beach bag is from Coach, I would never spend so much on a beach bag, but my brother got it for me as a gift (he works for the company) a few years ago. It’s actually really cute, but after looking at it I think I’m going to need to get a bigger one because now I’ll be toting around all of Ava’s stuff, too. And I don’t want any of her food and snacks spilling into this one.

The second is for days when we’re just hanging around, the resort we’re staying at has an aquarium, shopping, and whatever else we can find to do. Even for going to dinner. I paired cream colored tank with black scalloped lace shorts. I kept the gold sandals and added a statement necklace to contrast the higher neckline.

Lastly is this super flowy drop-waist dress that I pretty much always bring and always wear when I go on a tropical vacation. It’s just an easy, one-piece outfit. Throw on some bangles, black sandals, and a clutch and I’m done. The dress is from Forever 21 and I’ve definitely gotten more than my money’s worth out of it.

Do you guys have any specific clothing items you always bring on vacation?

I decided to take these pictures without my usual my full length mirror routine because I realize it’s difficult to see the full outfit that way. But, ugh, this makes me feel even more awkward! I don’t have to look directly at the camera with the mirror photos, hence my extreme interest in looking at the carpet here to avoid the same thing. Not sure if I’ll continue to do things this way, but for this I thought it would be a nice, although slightly painful, change.


19 thoughts on “Beach Vacation Outfit Ideas

  1. Lovely outfits. They need to be simple bc it’s hot and you’re on vacay! No time to fuss, amirite? I so badly want a pair of scalloped shorts! Where are yours from? And i like seeing the pics/outfits like this because the sun is on you instead of behind you. So even the lighting is better! Up to you 🙂

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    • Thanks Joy! Yes and bringing lots of dresses = fewer items to pack! I actually got mine at Marshall’s awhile ago though, but definitely check there! I got a pair in a cream color too. I agree it’s visually much better this way, I’ll try to do it this way more 🙂


  2. I have no outfit ideas but I too, LOVE tshirt dresses! It’s like I can get away with wearing a night gown in the day time, lol!
    I can see more of your hair here – looks fantastic! 😀
    Yeah I was gonna ask you if you lost an earring or something, with the way you’re staring at the floor. 😛

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  3. Cute outfits! Personally my fav was the middle one. All of them are cute but the middle one feels like it would be the most comfy and convenient. I see that as an outfit you could transform from daytime to night time outfit in the summer. Add a blazer or a breezy cardi and a classy hat and you have yourself a night time outfit.

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  4. Love these! I was thinking about doing a post on my “Island Style” but then I got there and realized I was practically on a deserted island (which was fun), but I didn’t wear half of what I packed…just shorts and Ts every day. Maybe I’ll do a “Summer Style” post later haha. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

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