Hakuhodo Brush Review: The eyes

I’ve been using my Hakuhodo brushes for almost a month now (unboxing post here) and finally feel ready to do a review. As I’d mentioned in my original post, these brushes were an investment and I had very high hopes about them being as amazing as all the reviews I’ve read. I decided to break up the review into two separate posts, this one will be focused on the eye brushes and the second will be devoted to the face brushes. I’ll be including the link to each brush below, along with the brand’s description in italics. Then I’ll share my thoughts afterwards. Let’s get started.

S142 Eye Shadow Brush round: Smudging and blending colors can be easily achieved. Also ideal for highlighter. 

This brush is one that is highly praised on several beauty blogs and I have to agree with them. I primarily use this brush for applying shadows in my crease and outer V for depth. The tip of the brush is nicely tapered for this purpose. This brush is also quite soft and somewhat springy, it works for blending colors more softly, but I wouldn’t use it for any blending out the super harsh lines like the black shadow for a smokey eye. It’s bristles aren’t quite stiff enough for that. I haven’t tried it for highlighting, the brush head is a bit too small for that in my opinion. I did end up picking this brush up from the S series because I couldn’t resist getting one brush with the vermillion handle and gold-plated ferrule, but I believe the same brush is available with the standard black handle and ferrule for less expense.

J533 Eye Shadow Brush Tapered: This eye shadow brush can be used to naturally smudge liquid eye liner and for blending colors. Try not to apply color quickly. Softly glide the brush little by little; this will help you to achieve a natural look. 

I wanted a brush for more precision application in the outer V and just as a general pencil brush for applying color to my upper and lower lash line. I find the one I use now from Sigma to be a bit too scratchy on my lids, which is not a pleasant feeling when you’re running under the delicate skin under your lower lash line. It works great for both reasons I’d wanted it. I haven’t tried it to ‘smudge liquid liner’, I wonder if they meant cream or gel liner here? I can’t imagine smudging liquid liner.

J5523 Eye Shadow Brush Round & Flat: The bristles made from goat are soft on your skin and provide moderate resilience. This brush can be used for the upper eyelid area and produces great coloring and also can be used with all types of products, liquid or cream base makeup and even powder. 

This I got mainly for applying or blending shadows in my crease. This brush is the one similar to the MAC 217, which I think everyone can agree is a must-have among eye brushes. The Hakuhodo version is slightly more rounded and fluffy than the MAC, the bristles are also much more soft than the MAC. Which do I prefer? Hands down the Hakuhodo. It blends beautifully and feels amazing on your lids. I still think the MAC 217 is a great brush, but I think the Hakuhodo beats it by a hair.

J5533 Eye Shadow Brush Tapered: The Hair used for this brush is resilient yet soft goat. Its hair length and shape enables you to achieve soft and natural coloring. With this eye shadow brush, you can naturally smudge and blend eye shadow. It also can be used with all types of products – liquid or cream base makeup and even powder.

I got this brush as a ‘clean’ brush to blend my shadows after application, but I find I use more to put down my transition color in the crease. Again this brush is softer and more fluffy than the Sigma version. Overall, the application is also preferable as it just looks smoother than the Sigma. I find that the size of this brush is just perfect for my eye shape, the Sigma brush with the black bristles is a little too large for my ‘crease’ space. Also, many of my white haired Sigma brushes have become more discolored at the base, I wash them exactly the same way as my two MAC brushes that have the same hair and they are both completely white.

Overall, I would recommend all of these brushes. They all lay down the shadows well, applying the right amount of color smoothly on the lid. They have washed well and I’ve had no shedding of hairs over three cleanings. There has been some slight ‘fluffing’ out since I first got them, but nothing more than typical.  I always make sure to reshape the brush heads after washing so that they dry as close to their original shape as possible. Again, they all work wonderfully and they feel so soft on your skin!

Thanks for reading and I hope you find this review helpful if you’re considering expanding your brush collection!


17 thoughts on “Hakuhodo Brush Review: The eyes

    • Altogether too much! My face brush review will come out next week. The black handles are on par with MAC pricing, maybe a couple of dollars more.


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