A summer night out makeup look: Bronzed eyes & peached cheeks 

I’m so much more into pink and peachy cheeks in the summer and felt like creating another night out look with a peach cheek. I also love bronze eye shadows in the summer, really year round, but it’s just even better in the summer. Plus, I’ve been wanting to play around more with the L’Oreal La Palette Nude 1 (review here), although it’s not necessarily the most original palette, I’m still reaching for it often because of it’s versatility and ease for day and night time makeup.

For the eyes, I used 2, a peachy champagne shimmer on my lids and 7, a shimmery bronze in the outer corners and lower lash line. I used 1 (a satin cream) and 5 (warm medium brown) for my brow highlight and transition color. I used 10 as my inner corner highlight (pale pink shimmer). If you want to see more swatches refer here. On my cheeks I used the Nars Virtual Domination Palette (review here) and chose Final Cut, a matte peach shade. I kept with the peachy theme with the Rimmel Show Off Lip Velvet (review here) in Atomic Rose-a nude pinky peach shade. Because the staying power of these is lacking, I used the Rimmel Exaggerate Liner in Natural as a base. I used some dramatic false lashes to finish up the look.

Confession: I went nowhere that night, I just felt like playing with my makeup again. I think I was just trying to procrastinate on folding laundry, but I’m glad I did because I’ll definitely be doing this eye look again when I have a real night out!


22 thoughts on “A summer night out makeup look: Bronzed eyes & peached cheeks 

  1. Playing with makeup and going nowhere is THE BEST. It’s like a dry run for the actual night out, why not? By the time the real event comes around, you’ll be all practiced! 😀 That Nars Domination palette is dreamy…!

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