Hakuhodo Brush Review: The face

I’ve finally finished using my Hakuhodo face brushes to the fullest extent (at least to meet my needs) and wanted to complete my review. I’ve already done one of the eye brushes I ordered (review here, unboxing here). As I’d done with the eye brushes, I will provide the link and the brand’s description, along with my thoughts below each.

J103 Powder/Blush/Contour Brush Tapered: Thanks to the pointed shape of the densely packed bristles, this brush will help you create dramatic color on your cheeks. Perfect for those who prefer a stronger, less sheer look. Also can be used as a highlight brush.

I’ve been using this brush to set my undereyes with the Besame French Vanilla Face Powder and the rest of my face with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. It’s super soft and lays down just the right amount of product. I sometimes use it to  dust a little Incandescent Light in the areas I’d highlight as well. It’s put my Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush on the bench since I started using it. About four hairs have shed from this brush since I got it.

G503 Blush Brush L angled: Elastic and dense to shade or blend colors. This brush has a uniform body and good controllability. Perfect for creating contours. 

I wanted the brush to apply contour and blend it as well. My Nars Ita is great for applying a precise contour, but not so great at blending it. The G503 does both beautifully. It’s slightly wider than the Ita, but I still find it to apply contour well. I hold it so the brush fits right under my cheekbones, then angle it slightly to blend. The Ita has also been benched as of late. I’ve had no shedding from this one.

G5556-4mm Powder & Liquid Brush round/angled: Quick and easy makeup application to achieve a flawless finish. Carefully arranged bristles create an angled brush surface and synthetic fibers extend slightly further than the goat hair. This specification means that the bristles have more spring and it enables them to pick up just the right amount of product. This helps create a smooth finish to your makeup, while also helping it last even longer. The brush works perfectly with any type of foundation – liquid, cream and even powder.

I originally wanted this brush so I could use it for powder foundation. I find that although it works, the bristles are too stiff to make the buffing motion comfortable and it almost takes longer to do the job. I decided to try it with liquid foundation and it works well to stipple then buff the foundation into your skin leaving a beautiful finish. This brush however has shed the most of all the ones I bought, not enough to cause any alarm and demand a return, but at it’s price point I find it to be pretty disappointing in the aspect. I don’t use cream foundation, but I have a feeling this brush would be perfect for that, but for powered and liquid I wouldn’t go with this brush. I think you can get an equally nice finish from the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I’m going to go back to their website to look for another kabuki style brush for powder foundation.

J210 Blush Brush round: Our must-have blusher brush! This roundish brush head provides a smoother and more even application of makeup. It creates great color and holds powder well, helping you achieve your desired finish.

Okay, I saved the best for last here. If you buy just one Hakuhodo brush, it’s gotta be the J210. It puts my Bobbi Brown blush brush to shame. It’s super soft, picks up and applies color so smoothly and buffs it in to prevent harsh lines. It’s true love really. I can’t say enough good things about it, I’ve tried it with my high-end and drugstore blushes and it’s perfect every time.  Also, I’ve gotten no shedding from it.

So this completes my Hakuhodo brush review! I will definitely continue to buy brushes from the brand, I do think the quality is overall exceptional. I hope you all found this helpful, if you have any must-have brushes from the brand please share them!


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