MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul Review

I don’t usually buy makeup as a vacation souvenir, but since the Atlantis Resort has a freestanding MAC store in their Marina Village area I figured, why not? May as well pick up something useful as a souvenir instead of something that will likely collect dust. I originally wanted to get the MAC powder blush in Melba, but it was out of stock. Another blush I’ve wanted for a while is their Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul. I’ve heard about it often, but it’s always been pushed back on my list.

In terms of packaging, the blush comes in a typical round compact with a window to see the color through the lid. I don’t mind that there is no mirror since it would be too small to use anyway. For some reason, the packaging does have a slightly cheap feel to me. I’ve never owned a Mineralize Blush before, but in comparison to the regular powder blushes it just felt a little flimsy.ย The shade is described by MAC to be a ‘mid toneย beige with gold pearl’. It’s the kind of shade that looks gorgeous in the summer, especially since I have a little more color now. The sheen it gives is really beautiful if you have a tan. It’s easily buildable depending on the intensity of color you want.

I’m glad I finally picked this up, I haven’t stopped wearing it since I got it. It was pretty much the only blush I used while I was there, I only used Luminoso once the day before I got Warm Soul. And every time I wear it, it will remind me of our Bahamian vacation.

I actually picked up one more thing at the MAC store while I was there, another item that definitely screams summer to me. I’ll have that up soon!


18 thoughts on “MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul Review

  1. Ugh I wanted to like this! I had this on my wish list for ages too because EVERYONE and their aunts were raving about how universally flattering this was. On me, it was a frosted gold nightmare! I gave it away to a friend. One of THE biggest disappointments of my makeup purchasing life. This and Nars Orgasm blush. blech.
    It does look lovely on you though and I’m happy for you. #notbitter

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    • Oh no! I could see it being a bit more golden on a lighter complexion, it’s definitely more of a summer tan blush for me. I actually like Orgasm, but I’m not a die hard, if I ever run out I wouldn’t repurchase. I don’t use it often enough anymore.


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