Sheet Mask Review: The Brighteners

Next up from my Beauteque April Mask Maven Bag (review here) are the brightening sheet masks. I got two in my bag, here are my thoughts.

The first one I tried is the Etude House Vita Complex Mask. This one had directions in English on the packaging, which although I’m realizing all sheet masks are pretty much used the same, I do appreciate. This mask actually didn’t have the plastic sheet folded into the mask to help with unfolding it, but I actually didn’t find it difficult without it. This mask did not fit me as well beside the forehead was a bit short for me and the eye holes were a little narrow. Otherwise, it felt nice on, and my skin felt moisturized after using it. But, I didn’t feel like my complexion looked any different.

The second mask I tried was the Holika Holika Mango Juicy Mask Sheet. This was similar to the first in that the plastic sheet was absent and it had a similar poor fit to my face. This one did have a very nice, light mango fragrance that I feel deserves mention. But after about 20 minutes, I started to get this slight prickly feeling that made me want to remove the mask. I haven’t been super diligent about timing how long I wear the masks, sometimes I’ve kept them on for half an hour. This was the first time any mask caused any discomfort. I will say that I thought my skin look noticeably brighter after I removed this one. But, I also broke out a little the next day. I can’t say for sure that it was the mask, but that prickly feel I got from this was enough to make it a skip for me.

Neither of these masks was a true winner for me, so I’ll likely try something different in the brightening sheet mask realm. If you have any suggestions, please share them!

I also have a review of the hydrating sheet masks I received, you can read about them here.

*The April Mask Maven Bag was sent to me by Beauteque for review, as always, all thoughts and opinions shared here are my own.


12 thoughts on “Sheet Mask Review: The Brighteners

  1. Hmm maybe that Holika Holika Mango Juicy Mask Sheet has fruit acids in it for exfoliation, that’s why the prickly feeling. I’ve once fallen asleep with a sheet mask on before… it was just a hydrating one and my bf had to nudge me awake. The mask was completed dried out and kind of stuck to my face, lol.
    Have you tried any of the Face Shop sheet masks? They’re decent and not very expensive, around $2 each.

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    • Lol he totally should have let you wake up with it in the morning! I haven’t yet, I’ve only tried to ones in the Mask Maven bag and that brand wasn’t in there. I’m waiting to finish all the masks before I make a purchase, but I’ll look for those ones!

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