Shop My Stash: Urban Decay Naked 2 

I was browsing Pinterest and kept seeing eye tutorials using the Naked palettes, inspiring me to take out one of my own. I chose the Naked 2 because it’s more of a ‘one stop shop’ palette for me than the original because of the matte cream shade I use as a highlight. My only real gripe about the first is that the all the lighter shades have some shimmer and I’m just more of a matte brow bone girl.

I definitely prefer the packaging of the Naked 2 because it’s metal and doesn’t get so dirty and it closes more securely. It also has a mirror spanning the entire cover. It just feels sturdier than the first. It has a nice variety of cooler toned neutral shadows that work well together and have great pigmentation. I love that it has a matte cream shade and a matte black. The shadows apply smoothly and blend well. You can get some fall out during application, with the glitter shades and darker colors, so definitely be careful if you do your base makeup first.

The makeup look is nothing new, just what I usually do for more of a night out look. Chopper is one of my favorite shadows in the palette, it’s a nice shimmery copper shade with tiny glitter particles that is beautiful on the lid. I used the matte cream shade, Foxy, on my brow bone and Tease (a cool toned taupey brown) in my crease. To deepen the outer V and crease, I used Snakebite (dark brown shimmer) and a little bit of Blackout (matte black). I also used the darker shades on my lower lash line. For my inner corner highlight, I used Bootycall (pale champagne shimmer).

I still haven’t made the plunge into the Naked 3 because I was starting to feel like Urban Decay was going milk the series for all it’s worth and never stop releasing new ones. But after seeing the Naked Vault, which includes all the Nakeds (blush, lip colors, Basics), I’m thinking they might be done. I probably won’t get it anytime soon because I’m not sure that the shadows are ‘must-haves’, I’ve never even browsed it at the store because UD was just starting to annoy me with the non-stop Nakeds. But since it’s (probably) the last one, it would be kind of nice to have all three. For those of you who have the Naked 3, is it worth it?


15 thoughts on “Shop My Stash: Urban Decay Naked 2 

  1. WOW, you look positively GLAM here. I really like how Chopper looks. I’ll have to check it out – I hope it’s not one of those UD shades notorious for fall-out.
    At some point UD has got to be running out of “naked” colours in the spectrum, right? I mean, they can do an all green palette and call it Naked10, can they?

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    • It’s such a toss up between the Naked 1 & 2 for me, neither is totally perfect I wish I could chose what I like from each to make the perfect palette!


  2. I love naked 3. However I feel that I go to naked 2 way more often. For my skin tone I find that the pinker shades are harder for me to work with. And honestly some of the color payoff in the light pink shades isn’t great. When I do use 3 I use the second half of the palette for the golds and browns. In naked 2 I feel like I use all of the colors consistently. I don’t own the first one though! I kind of want all 3 just to have them!

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  3. I own both Naked 2 and 3 and love them! I never get myself to purchase the first one because the colors are too dark. I’m a sucker for neutrals, so I use 2 the most. I wasn’t sure I’d get 3 because I’m not the biggest fan of pink, but the colors are actually really nice.

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