MAC Amplified Lipstick in Vegas Volt Review

I’ve wanted to get Vegas Volt for the past 2 months and while I was on vacation in the Bahamas, this was the other ‘souvenir’ I ended up getting at the resort’s free-standing MAC store. It was between this and Lady Danger, another longtime want, but I felt like I would be more likely to wear this more. I love a good red, but I just don’t wear them as much in the daytime. Vegas Volt is described as a ‘full power coral’ by MAC, and it’s definitely more of the coral that I’m into that’s not so pink and much more on the orange side. I normally like to take pictures of anything I review before I wear it, but I couldn’t wait to slap this stuff on my lips that night. And I’ve been using it since I’ve been home, so here are my thoughts.

MAC lipstick packaging is good in my book, no complaints in functionality and it looks simple and sleek. The formula is actually an ‘Amplified Crème’-it’s very pigmented and has a crème finish. The formula glides on easily, however I do find that it can cling to dry patches, so I’d recommend exfoliating before wearing. It does feel nice on the lips and it’s not drying at all. It’s definitely well pigmented and you can get very opaque coverage over your lips. I actually prefer to wear it more sheer during the daytime because at full force it’s super strong and for me more ‘night out’. I am in love with the color, again, I can’t get enough of these more orangey corals. Unfortunately the lasting power isn’t as great because it’s a crème formula, but I can get a good 3 hours when I use a lip liner underneath.

I’ve been rotating through this along with my other more peachy/nude/coral lip colors since getting a tan and I’m guessing I’ll be putting a good dent in this one during the rest of the summer. The weather is still being ambivalent as of late, but I did notice that we’ll be hitting the 80’s for a few days next week. As long as it’s not too humid, that makes me happy.

Have you tried Vegas Volt? What do you think of it?


25 thoughts on “MAC Amplified Lipstick in Vegas Volt Review

  1. I literally JUST got this one, only because I got to choose a free lipstick since I did back to Mac. I’ve been wanting a coral color, and I do like this, but I just haven’t been a fan of Mac anymore lately. Idk why, I barely even reach for my Mac lipsticks anymore which used to be my favorite. I probably wouldn’t have bought this if I had to pay for it :/

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    • I think we all go in and out with different brands, I actually only went back to them last year when I started trying to fill my eye shadow palette! That’s pretty sweet that you scored this for free!

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  2. This shade looks lovely on you! I love the amplified finish its so creamy ❤ I've never tried Vegas Volt because its too orange-y for my liking, I think orange shades look weird on me 😦 But I do love how they look on others!

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  3. A tan makes a world of difference! I always feel a million dollars when I have a tan 🙂
    Lovely colour, I also find that MAC lipsticks tend to cling to dry patches but as you say a good scrub before hand and its good to go.

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