Recent Beauty Buys: May 2015 (and a blog update)

More than half of what’s pictured here is actually just samples, but I wanted to share a few recent beauty buys that came in the mail this past week. Only 3 of the items were actually purchased, all of them being base makeup products.

The first item I ordered from Nordstrom because I’ve been wanting a new powder foundation to replace my Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder. It’s a little too light for me since coming back from vacation and I’m still on the hunt for a powder foundation that I love. The LM wasn’t terrible, but it was just okay. I was also hoping to find something that has a little more oil control. I decided on the Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere, it had great reviews and I feel like I’ve tried everything Sephora has had to offer. I considered the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, but since my skin has been acting up I didn’t think the coverage would be enough. I also thought I might try the Dior one, but I couldn’t find a great color match. I don’t usually choose perfume samples, but there wasn’t anything else that interesting other than the Trish McEvoy Retinol Eye Cream. I ended up choosing the Miss Dior and Diptyque fragrance samples, just cause. I already sniffed the Diptyque and was not impressed.

I saw that Sephora was carrying the Embryolisse Hydro-Mat Emulsion and immediately wanted to try it. I always hear about the brand from YouTube makeup artists and it sounded like it would be a good match for my combination skin. I also wanted to try it as a mixing medium for the Cover FX Custom Color Drops (still trying to formulate my opinion on these BTW). The Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation was an impulse buy, but it just sounded so good. We shall see. I got a VIB Rouge code in my email for the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Basics, which includes an eyeshadow stick, eyeliner, and mascara and the rest are samples or point perks. I’m actually excited to try the Urban Decay Perversion and Dior Diorshow mascaras, the Dior has apparently been reformulated so hopefully, I’ll like it better this time around. I also decided to get the sample of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Powder Foundation despite ruling it out already, since I only tried it on my hand in-store, and the Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Hydrating Treatment. If any of these things work out, I’ll be sure to share!

Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog posting schedule, which has typically been daily at 8 AM EST. Maybe it’s because it’s the summer or I’m still in vacay mode, I’m not sure, but I’ve been struggling to keep up with the daily posting. In the winter I was in hibernation mode and had more free time to write. There’s always more going on in the summer and I really want to enjoy my time with Ava. This blog was always meant to be a fun ‘hobby’ for me and now that I’ve been consistently posting daily for 5 or 6 months, it almost feels stressful trying to keep up, which isn’t what I want. I got up early this morning just to try to get a post on here today, and I still feel like I’m ‘late’. But, I don’t like the idea of a MWF or whatever strict posting schedule either. So I decided I’m just going to post when I can, whatever days of the week, but always at the usual 8 AM time. I might do a whole week straight then just 4 days the next week, but I want to keep it open and keep it enjoyable for me. The thought of not posting daily lately just makes me feel guilty, but like all the other guilt, I need to let that go. And in the evenings when I’m usually writing and editing, I just want to be spending more quality time with M. Anyway, I didn’t want to suddenly make the switch without addressing it and just thought I’d let you all know. If a post doesn’t pop up for a couple of days (or possibly more), I didn’t fall off the face of the earth.

We have another busy day ahead of us, but hopefully a fun one. Happy Sunday all!


16 thoughts on “Recent Beauty Buys: May 2015 (and a blog update)

  1. Hope all your new goodies work out well for you! πŸ˜€ And I completely understand you with the scheduling, I’m on the same boat! I felt so guilty about not being able to post daily too but you’re right, blogging should be fun and should never stress you out. I’ll look forward to your posts no matter what time or day you post them! Have a lovely day! ❀

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    • Thanks Jen! Totally thought about you when I wrote this, it is so hard not to feel guilty! But I’m happy I’m doing this on my terms, I spent all day with family and friends and I really enjoyed it instead of wondering when I’d have time to work on tomorrow’s post.


  2. Buy base products is so satisfying – I hope they work for you!
    As for your blogging schedule – do what feels right for what you need at the moment. We all have lives outside of the internet, and hey, while the weather is nice outside, it makes sense to take advantage of it! It’s completely understandable. No guilt! πŸ™‚

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  3. I have never even give it a thought to blog daily. I would never have the time and Its an expensive enough hobby as it is. I never got into blogging to do it daily either. It was to give so much to at least one post per week and hopefully two. You don’t owe anyone anything, so therefore, there is never a need to feel guilty xx

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    • Thanks for this, it was starting to feel like work because I wasn’t able to keep up with a deadline of getting posts out for the next day. I’m happy that I’ve made this decision, and I feel better about what I want to post vs trying to come up with posts just to fill a quota.

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