FOTD: Gold rush

I decided to go gold all over with my makeup last week and wanted to share the look. After breaking out my Naked 2 recently, I thought I’d show my Naked 1 Palette a little love as well. Half Baked is just such a gorgeous gold shadow and nothing goes better with a summer tan than gold makeup.

I mostly used the Naked 1 Palette for my eyes, Β  the only deviation was using the Wet n Wild single shadow in BrΓ»lΓ©e on my brow bone. I used Buck as a transition color, then put Smog into the inner and outer corners of my eye, as well as my lower lashline. To bring attention to the center of my eyes, I used Half Baked in the center of my lid and lower lashline. I wanted the overall look to be a little glowy, so on my cheeks I stuck with MAC’s Warm Soul, which has a gorgeous beige golden sheen to it. I lined and filled in my lips the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Pencil in Natural then topped it with the Wet n Wild Lip Color in Bare It All. Finally to add just a little bit of shine, I used a sample size of the Makeup Forever Lab Shine Star Collection Lip Gloss in S2, a nude shade with gold shimmer.

I’m always doing golden bronzy looks, I need to try something new! But again, comfort zone is strong here.

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Just scrolling through my IG yesterday and guess what. They did it again with the Naked Smoky. This one I kinda want though. So much for fighting the system. :/


34 thoughts on “FOTD: Gold rush

  1. Love this goldy bronzey look on you! It’s a blend of Kim K and JLo!
    Haha, I remember you were thinking UD might be done with the Naked palettes… nope!
    I was guessing elsewhere that perhaps the next Naked will be champagney / angelic shades…

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  2. Lovely look for summer! I can’t believe they’ve come out with another Naked palette! I’ve heard rumors that this one is more chalky in quality though..hope that’s true because I don’t need another palette on my wish list :)..

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  3. Love the look! Half Baked is my favorite shade in both Naked 1 and 2. I really love the packaging on the Naked Smoky, but it didn’t get good reviews over at Temptalia, and since I already have 1 and 2, I really don’t need it, especially since all the shades are neutral and pretty dupable. :/

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    • Thanks Bee! I’m SO dragging my feet on reviewing those drops! I’m still trying them with different products feel like I’ve used them to fullest! I’ve had better luck with them when mixing with foundation, but I’m really trying to find a medium like a primer or
      moisturizer that I like them with!


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