Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Review

I’ve been dragging my feet on writing up a review of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, mainly because there are many ways to use them and because I honestly had a hard time deciding if I even liked them. I first saw them among all the new items on the Sephora website, then after seeing multiple beauty YouTubers talk about them I had to try them. So what are they anyway?

Custom Cover Drops contain concentrated pigments that allow you to customize any product and adjust the level of coverage you desire.

So you basically mix these pigment drops with whatever medium you desire, whether it be your moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, foundation, etc. and ‘customize’ your own base makeup. Depending on how much you use (from 1 to 4 drops) you can get sheer to total coverage. I thought this would be an awesome way for me to adjust the shades of foundation I already own to make a little darker or more olive, as well as use on their own with a moisturizer or primer.

The product comes in a bottle with a dropper to dispense them, which as you can see in the picture can get messy around the neck of the bottle. I just keep mine standing on my vanity to keep as much of the product down in the bottle as possible. For travel I’d be concerned about any possible leakage into my makeup bag. I wish they’d figured out a way to dispense this product via a pump instead.

I had a hard time deciding on a color via the online swatches, so I opted to go in-store to pick a shade. I ended up going with G40, which was darker than my skin tone at the time, but I knew would great after getting my vacation tan. And most times I want to adjust a foundation shade because it’s too light. G40 is pretty spot on for my skin at the moment. There are 24 shades to choose from so you should be able to find a good match. But I will say that I’m in between a G30 and G40 when I’m tan-free.

For this review I wanted to show the product mixed with a medium that has no color so you can kind of see how the product works ‘alone’. I used the Embroyolisse Hydra-Mat Emulsion and 3 drops of the Custom Cover Drops, which is supposed to give full coverage. Before dispensing, make sure to shake the bottle to evenly disperse the pigments. I mixed the two together with my finger than applied it to my face using my fingers (sometimes I never really do, but more on this later). I’d say the coverage was pretty close to full, it didn’t cover up every single blemish, but it definitely evened out my skin and dulled down any scarring. I spot concealed afterwards, but I didn’t have to do much. I actually really like the overall result, the finish is quite natural and I like the color match. I still need to go in with concealer, but I usually do anyway with foundations.

So this stuff sounds great right?

Well, kinda.

The thing is, these drops can be great, but only if you can find the perfect way to use them that suits your preferred foundation finish and coverage needs. It took me so long to get this review done because it took me forever to figure out the optimal way to use it to meet my needs. I tried it with my Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer with SPF 30, but it looked patchy and my face was an oil slick. I tried it with the Cover FX Mattifying Primer and it looked streaky. It seemed to work best when mixed with another foundation when I just wanted to adjust the shade. The other issue I had was figuring out the right way to apply it, when I used a brush using the same mix of Embryolisse and 3 drops it just looked uneven. But with my fingers it looked smooth.

Also, what you mix it with affects its lasting power. With the Aveeno moisturizer it was basically fading after an hour, but with the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation it lasted much longer.

Overall, I like these, but I don’t love them. If you can figure out a way to use them that works for you then they’re great, but the journey to greatness was a little long for me. I don’t use liquid foundation on a daily basis, so I had really wanted them to work mainly with a moisturizer or primer. I just wish it had worked with something I already had instead of having to buy two new products to find something that works with it. It is pretty handy for adjusting the shades of the foundations or tinted moisturizers I already have that I got in the winter and would be too light for me now.

I know this was a pretty wordy review so I thought I’d use a rating system to help those who just want to get the gist of it. The categories are packaging, performance, and price. I’ll be using a 1-3 scale, with 1 being the worst and 3 being the best.

Packaging: 2/3

I like the simple black bottle, but hate the messiness.

Performance: 2/3

Works easily when mixed with foundation, not so much with other mediums.

Price: 2/3

This retails for $44, which is in the average range of most foundations at Sephora. If this worked perfectly I’d give it a 3.

Overall rating: 2/3

I can’t call this one a must-have, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it if you have a lot of foundations that don’t quite match or if you have the patience to figure out what other medium might work with them. If you already have foundations, tinted moisturizers, BB/CC creams and what not that match perfectly, then I wouldn’t bother with these.

If you’ve tried the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, please share your thoughts in the comments!


18 thoughts on “Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Review

  1. Thanks for a great review Bree. I sort of know what you mean about not loving them. I have seen them reviewed a few times and TBH, i don’t get the point of them really. I mean, if you have found a perfect foundation to meet your needs then you don’t need these drops at all really and they sort of only really end up being a BB cream if you mix them with a moisturizer. Maybe i’ve got that wrong; however, i know i won’t be rushing out to purchase them. Your skin does look great though. xx

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    • You’re welcome, thanks for reading! Yes, if you’ve got the perfect match already these are not necessary. I’m pretty much only using them to adjust any foundations I have that don’t quite match, but I’m honestly not even sure if I’d repurchase! Useful, but not sure if it’s all that necessary.

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  2. I actually couldn’t tell the difference between the left and right side in your first picture – it’s very natural! I had considered something like this from Ardency Inn but the thought of having to mix it with something every time made me think twice. And yes, an eye dropper bottle is annoying!

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    • Yes in hindsight I’m like, “Why did I think this was the going to make things more simple?” I’m pretty much only using them for shade adjusting at this point vs making my own tinted moisturizer. I make sure to handle the bottle very carefully, I would have a heart attack if I spilled it on the carpet!


  3. Love this review!! So honest like always. I tried pairing them with various moisturizers and they all looked streaky and patchy. As you said, the only way these worked was to color correct foundations that aren’t my shade which is nice. I only had the sample so I’m kind of thinking I won’t purchase these…but so happy that you tried them with lots of bases and was able to form a good opinion. How do you like the Embryolisse primer? I was eyeing that on Sephora’s site.

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    • Thanks Bee! Yah in theory they’re great but in reality, who has time for it? Haha! I probably won’t repurchase the Embryolisse. It’s nice as a moisturizer because I don’t get that super oily look after I apply it, but I don’t really find it mattifying. I’d skip if you want really good oil control!

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