Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation Review

I must be on a bit of a foundation kick because I’m back with a review of the Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation. This I bought on a whim while browsing the Sephora website when I purchased the Embryolisse Hydra-Mat. My skin is pretty acne-prone and in the description it’s dermatologist & sensitive skin tested, noncomodegenic, and non-acneic. I’m always wary of new foundations because of the risk of breakouts. So this seemed like it could be a good match and I like that it’s supposed to have SPF 25 (more on this later).

Here’s what the brand says:

This fluid foundation provides medium coverage for up to 16 hours of consistent color wear when worn with setting powder. Smooth Liquid Camo’s breathable, workable texture evens skin tone for an ultra-smooth finish. Never cakey or masky. Provides all-day hydration and broad spectrum SPF 25.

The foundation comes in a squeeze tube type bottle, and although I prefer a pump, this doesn’t bother me much. The foundation isn’t super runny so I can easily control the amount I’m using. The Sephora website has a handy little chart that helps you choose your shade. Chestnut looked like the closest match to my skintone, being the warmer of the two medium shade offered. I mentioned that I liked that it has SPF, but strangely enough, the actual bottle I was sent has no indication anywhere that there is SPF. On further investigation, every other retailer other Sephora that I checked, including the Dermablend website itself, shows a picture of the bottle with the SPF 25 printed and it’s included in the written description. I checked the ingredients on my bottle and the only indication that there is SPF is that it “may contain titanium dioxide”. On this point I have no idea if mine actually contains SPF which is extremely annoying, I’m guessing it doesn’t because it’s in no way stated on the packaging. Am I being crazy? Just to be on the safe side, I do make sure to put on my own before using it.

I opted to use my beauty blender to apply this foundation, although it’s a liquid foundation it seems to drier in consistency as you spread it out. A damp beauty blender helps to spread it out over my face easily. I only use about a pea-sized amount for one layer and usually stop there, but for the review I added one more layer to give you an idea of the level of coverage. It’s definitely a good medium, I can still see some of my hyperpigmentation after two layers. The shade is a little light and actually slightly more pink than I expected. I do warm it up a little more by setting it with Radiant Light from my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. I’ve also used the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops (review here) to adjust the shade and it works well. The finish is quite natural, not matte or dewy at all.

Despite the shade being a bit off, I love the consistency and finish of this foundation. Even with two layers it feels light and doesn’t get cakey. It also looks natural on my skin and holds up well even against my oily T-zone. I do set it with the Hourglass powders, but with most foundations I still need to touch up around my nose after 3 hours. With this, the shine is kept pretty much at bay. After 6 hours I’m definitely ready for a touch-up (and an espresso shot I’m looking so tired), however the coverage is still good. I blotted then dusted a little Dim Light all over. I think this foundation would be great for an 8 hour workday. I could see the foundation breaking down a bit around my nose at that point, although only on close inspection. I couldn’t vouch for 16 hours, but by then I’m pretty sure my face would be so oily that all the foundation would have faded away. A major plus is that this foundation hasn’t broken me out whatsoever, not even one teeny-tiny blemish.

I started a rating system in my last post, but I’ve decided I need to switch to a 5 point scale. I wanted to give certain categories an extra half point rating which results in a weird decimal overall rating that I was not liking. I probably should have foreseen the 3 point scale to be a problem, but oh well. Again, the higher the rating, the better.

Packaging: 2/5

I’m scoring low on this point because it’s extremely confusing regarding whether this product has SPF. It should be clearly stated on the bottle and it’s definitely not. Also, a pump is always preferable when it comes to foundation.

Performance: 4/5

I overall love the natural finish and that holds up against my oily T-zone surprisingly well, but no it doesn’t last 16 hours as stated. Also, it doesn’t break me out!

Price: 3/5

The SPF issue still bugs me on this point. Part of the reason I purchased this (it retails for $35) is because it’s supposed to have SPF. But does it?! I can’t say for sure.

Overall rating: 3/5

I really like this foundation, and would recommend it fully if I knew it had SPF. Until the Dermablend people realize that we aren’t mind readers, I’d say if you’re looking for a new foundation that has a good medium coverage, natural finish, and will last a good 8 hour day, then give this a try, especially if you’re acne-prone like me. If you want SPF in your foundation, then no, I can’t recommend this until they correct their packaging.


7 thoughts on “Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation Review

  1. That is really weird about the labeling vs the claims of SPF! That bugs me too. Get your act together, Dermablend! (is Vichy Dermablend the same as Dermablend?)
    This foundation does look really good on you though – I like my skin to have a bit of glow and a natural coverage so this might be a good option. Although, I do prefer foundation that I can just use my fingers to apply. Great review and great tip about using a warmer powder to “correct” a foundation undertone – I use a light bronzer shade to do this sometimes too. 🙂

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    • Good question, maybe a sister company? I haven’t used Radiant Light from the Ambient Lighting Palette so I’m glad I’m getting more use out of it. Thanks for reading as always 🙂

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  2. That so annoying that the site stated SPF, thats false advertisement! Id be annoyed too especially with it being on the expensive side. Looks beautiful on you though 🙂 Thank you for doing the time-laps pictures these are always handy!! and I love the stripy white and navy blouse you have one its gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks I’m glad it was helpful!! And thanks about the blouse too! It’s from J. Crew a few years back, but on sale! I always wait for them to go on sale because their tops are so pricey, but the quality is really nice.


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