Favorite ‘My Lips But Better’ Shades Tag

Just a quick post today. I was tagged by Sandy of Lippie Obsession (thank you!) to share my favorite ‘my lips but better lipsticks’. I love a good pinky nude lipstick and its probably what dominates the many lipsticks I own. Here’s what made the cut.

Viva Glam V was probably my first ‘fancy’ department store lipstick and for that it holds a special place in my heart. It’s a little less opaque and more shimmery than the rest (I believe it’s a lustre), but it also makes it very easy to swipe and go. I think it would be flattering on a lot of skintones. The remaining four (Brave, Warm Me Up, Anita, and 08) I’ll talk about together because they are all very similar, except that Warm Me Up is a cream finish and the others are more satin. They all are that same pinky nude shade, apply and wear well, and have good pigmentation. I tend to gravitate more towards 08 in the fall because it pulls a little more brown on me. The others are pretty much year round lipsticks I can count on anytime I need a good ‘MLBB’ to finish off my makeup.

Ultimately, I love all of these and recommend them. And as I’m super late on this as well, I tag anyone who hasn’t done this already!


16 thoughts on “Favorite ‘My Lips But Better’ Shades Tag

    • Definitely get V if you decide to buy from the collection, I think it’s the most neutral and wearable of them. Well you’re more than halfway to the end of the year then the shopping spree can commence! I’ll have to look back at it I think I saw it, but it’s been so sporadic being on here lately I can’t remember!

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