BaubleBar Buys: Necklaces

I’ve been wearing the heck out of the layering necklaces I got from Forever 21 (post about them here), leading me to want to invest in a couple that are better quality. BaubleBar was having a 30% off deal in July so I figured I might as well see if they had pieces similar to the ones I’d gotten earlier this summer. I’ve actually never bought any BaubleBar jewelry for myself, only as gifts for friends, and it seemed like the right time to get something of my own.

I always appreciate when companies make extra effort in terms of presentation and packaging and I was pleasantly surprised by the bright pink on the inside of the shipping box. Inside the green envelope was my receipt. Under the striped tissue paper were both necklaces inside bubble wrap and a couple of drawstring bags for storage.

Each necklace came with a small card with care instructions, again and nice touch from the brand.

On to the actual necklaces.

Solid Bar Y-Chain. I’ll start with my favorite of the two. It’s a lariat style necklace with a short gold bar at the intersection and a longer one at the end. The gold here is more on the yellow side, although it’s not very evident in the pictures. The necklace is quite delicate and perfect for layering because it has two eyelets at the end to attach the clasp.

Crystal Tab Pendant. I initially thought I wasn’t going to like this piece as much because the pendant is bigger than I’d envisioned. But after trying it on, I’m actually happy that it stands out more against whatever I’m wearing. I love that it has the clear rhinestone at the end, giving it a little more interest.

I can wear them together or separately; both necklaces feel well-made and have lobster-style clasps. I’m already getting some discoloration on one of the Forever 21 necklaces that I wear often and I know these will definitely last me longer than just a few months.

I paired the Y-necklace with my usual bar necklace today with the pendant tucked in.

I’m happy with the quality of both of my purchases and will definitely be buying more from BaubleBar in the future. If you have any pieces that you love from them, I’d love any recommendations!


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