Beauty mini round-up & review

When I was posting daily, I’d been doing beauty mini quickies in which I’d do short reviews of some of the beauty samples I’d been trying. Since I started posting a few times a week, I thought I’d move on to a new format where I talk about several of them in one post. I’ve been wanting to make mention of these products of quite awhile since they’ve been building up since I went to vacation in May. I figured this would be the most efficient way to do it!

Lancôme Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover. I brought this on vacation since it’s in the perfect travel sized bottle. I’ve heard rave reviews about it, but could never bring myself to pay more than the drugstore price for such a product. And honestly, I’m glad I didn’t. I don’t feel like it removed my waterproof makeup any better than my Neutrogena one. I expected it to remove everything much faster, but I didn’t notice a significant difference.

Bobbi Brown Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover. This however is good stuff. It removed every little trace of my waterproof mascara and eyeliner in record time. I didn’t feel like I had to work super hard to get everything off like I usually do. I’ve been reserving using this for days when I do all out winged liner, waterproof mascara and tightline. I’d actually purchase the full size of this just for said purchase and use my drugstore remover for lighter makeup days.

Boscia Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel. I didn’t feel like this worked any better than the Garnier cleansing oil I’ve been using for months now. The one thing I do like better is that since it’s a gel-oil hybrid, it’s not as runny. But, not enough for me to buy the full size.

MD Skin Sciences Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen. When I first applied this I was in love. It has a kind of light mousse-like consistency and is very easy to apply. It almost dries down to a velvety finish with no white cast. BUT THEN IT BROKE ME OUT.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment. I’ve been using this at night before bed and it really does work well to hydrate my lips. And I love that it’s in tube form. I’d actually repurchase this once I run out of all my fancy lip balms.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil in Jet.  I’ve said before that all the sample sizes black eye pencils have managed to keep me from ever having to actually buy one. But this one would be worth getting in full size. It’s super creamy and applies beautifully to tightline and does not budge. It looks just as good as the first application more than 12 hours later. I usually end up with some transfer or fading, but not here.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. I can never resist a mascara sample and am always disappointed. Again, this just didn’t work for me. It smudges and doesn’t hold a curl, but it’s also not waterproof. On my mediocre lashes, I just don’t get the volume I’m after.

Dior Diorshow Mascara. Another fail here. At least on my Asian lashes. This is the ‘new and improved’ Diorshow, but the formula just weighed down my lashes. Another issue is that I felt like this sample didn’t have enough mascara to coat the massive brush that is associated with it. And still with the panda eyes. Another no on this one.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal. I was so excited to see this as a sample because of all the hype surrounding it. And it’s real people. This has trumped the highlighter in my Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow. It’s just so pretty and shimmery and gorgeous. It packs a punch so I definitely use a light hand and build up as needed.

If you’ve tried any of these minis, please share your thoughts! I know this is a super abridged version of what I thought of these products, but I hope you still find it helpful.


5 thoughts on “Beauty mini round-up & review

  1. Oh man I was interested in that MD Skin Sciences sunscreen! I’l have to see if I can get a sample.
    Funny how the high end mascaras don’t work for you – just stick to the drugstore ones! 😛
    Oooh the Becca highlighter will be mine! (in 2016)
    Do you think you’ll go back to daily blogging? Maybe when the weather gets colder?

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    • Let me know if it works for you! I wish it did for me, it really did feel nice on my skin, no greasy at all. Yeees that Becca highlighter is so good, I’m getting the full size when I finish up this mini (someday). I think I might start posting more, but I’m not sure if it’ll be daily. I’m hoping the fall will get me more inspired and I’ll have more to write about!

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  2. I’ve tried the UD Perversion mascara and actually I really loved it! I loved it so much that I bought the full size once. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on my mascaras though so I am just sticking with drugstore ones. 🙂 xo

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