Fall Wardrobe Re-Up

Fall is right around the corner and in preparation, I’ve been slowly accumulating a few new items to breathe new life into what I have already. Everything for the most part is pretty basic, so I’ll be able to get a lot of wear out of them and make things more interesting with accessories and layering. There are still a couple of things I’d like to get, but I figured I’d share now in case anyone wanted to get their hands on these things before they’re gone.

Zara leather jacket. I’d been wanting a leather jacket in this style for quite awhile now and of course, I can always count on Zara. I’m actually looking forward to a cool down so I can break this out, I can already imagine wearing it with a blanket scarf and jeans, or over a dress on a night out. The last time I checked the website, they only had size large left, but there are a couple of other similar ones that I’ll link as well. I got it in a medium so that I’d be able to wear it over some of my lighter knits.

Zara Leather Biker Jacket (above)Ā | Zara Leather JacketĀ (similar) | Zara Leather Biker Jacket (similar)

Boyfriend blazer. I have a black blazer, but it definitely has a more formal feel and is more fitted at the waist. I wanted one that was a bit more relaxed and that I could use as we transition into fall, over a tank and shorts on a cool night. I think these run on the larger side, I got this in an extra small.

Mural Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer

Slouchy sweaters. These came in either a S/M or M/L, I got the former and kind of wish I got the latter. I’d imagined them to be more oversized, but it wasn’t worth it to mail them back just for that reason. They both fit fine and I like the off the shoulder look they give. The material isn’t super soft, but at $30 each and 20% off, I can’t complain (much). That’s always the gamble with online shopping.

Missguided Ophelita Off Shoulder Knit Sweater Wine | Grey

High neck/side slit sweater. Another basic comfy addition to my sweater wardrobe, but more on trend this season. It was really more the high neckline of this sweater that attracted me to it, it just makes it seem more cozy. This one is definitely more comfortable in feel than the previous sweaters, but also more pricey. But I can tell that this one will last and I’ll be wearing it for the next few years.

Topshop Funnel Side Split Sweater Stone

Pointed-toe black booties. I got a pair from Steve Madden via Rue La La last year that I love, but I wanted a pair with a higher heel. I got these from H&M online, they’re pretty much exactly what I was looking for. These were pricier than usual, but also from their ‘premium’ line. I will say that they are a PIA to take off. I have to really sit there and wriggle them off my feet, although they slide in quite easily. They don’t have a zipper and the elasticized panel is pretty small so that’s probably the issue. I’m hoping that with more wear they’ll get easier to remove.

H&M Leather Ankle Boots

Felt fedora. I’m not really a hat person in the winter unless is it’s a beanie that’s meant more for warmth. I tried this on on a whim when I got my Panama hat over earlier this summer. And it’s actually really cute on! Just a fun touch to add to an outfit, especially on days you might be spending more time outdoors.

Merona Women’s Felt Fedora Hat

What items have you been scoping out for fall? Please share!

Also, just kind of a life/blog update. I’m aiming to post at least once a week, maybe twice from here on end because I’m actually going to be taking a class this fall! I’ve been wanting to go back to school for quite some time and I realized I had to seize the opportunity while I can. The timing was never right before and even now I wonder how right it is, but honestly, there never is a right time. In some ways, especially after having Ava and wondering when we’ll be ready for number 2, I always thought it wasn’t an option. By the time I finish I’ll be too old for another baby. But I realized I was basing my decisions too much on the future and what hasn’t even happened yet, instead of looking at the now. And now does actually feel right. I also don’t want to look back and regret that I’d missed the opportunity.

I know my posting is already at a minimum, last week I had a minor surgery and just couldn’t get into ‘blog mode’, but I still enjoy it when I do. But if I disappear for a week here and there, I just wanted to explain why.

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for reading!


18 thoughts on “Fall Wardrobe Re-Up

  1. Ahhhhh sweaters are finally back. Fall is probably my fav season for fashion. I like that you chose a fedora hat. I’m not really a hat person either but it’s fun to wear them in the fall. I’d still totally rock a beanie in the fall though. I love wearing those things. They make me feel so comfy.

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    • Bio, which I’ve already taken, but annoying only has a shelf life if it’s within 10 years. But hopefully it’ll be easier this time around? Lol. Thank you! Taking and editing photos is so time consuming but I’m glad their turning out well!

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