Fall Wardrobe Addendum

I posted last week about the items I bought to update my fall wardrobe, but there was one other thing that I wanted to find in store to make sure I got the right size. I finally hit the mall today because Ava’s been walking around for weeks with mismatched earrings and I couldn’t take it anymore. So it was a good opportunity to find what I was looking for, along with a couple of extras.

P.S. Please excuse the background mess created in the making of this blog post. I squeezed this in between making dinner and other general household clean-up.

Denim button-front skirt. I’ve been wanting one of these for quite awhile, but didn’t want to order it online because I didn’t want to deal with getting the wrong size or realizing it looks cuter on the model than it does on me (I hate when that happens). I saw this skirt online at H&M and prayed they’d have it in-store in my size. I lucked out. I love that this skirt can work for summer and fall, so I decided to share a quick ‘summer to fall’ look with it. For summer, I topped it off with a cropped tank and gladiator sandals. For fall, I paired it with ankle booties and the sweaters from my previous post. It’s versatile and definitely a 90’s throwback I can get into. There’s also a nude suede version, but unfortunately they didn’t not have my size. I’ll link it here incase you’re interested.

H&M Denim Skirt (with front pockets) | H&M Denim Skirt (similar)

Black skater skirt. This wasn’t something I was looking for, but when I saw it at Forever 21 and the super affordable price (less than $6), I figured why not? Skirts are actually kind of lacking in my wardrobe and this was a steal. I know I can easily pair it with any other color since it’s black. I’m excited to start wearing this with black tights and tall boots as well.

Forever 21 Classic Skater Skirt

Blanket scarf. This is actually another item I’ve wanted since last winter and what drew me into Forever 21 in the first place. It’s huge, soft, and cozy. And I like the cream and black color combo, along with the striped pattern. I just threw it on to illustrate the size and length, and how it looks wrapped up. They also have some plaid ones that are worth a look too!

Forever 21 Frayed Stripe-Patterned Scarf

I think I’m done with fall shopping, at least for a little while. If only the fall weather would hurry up and get here!

Also like I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to try to post 1-2 times a week, but I thought for consistency I’d put them up on either Sunday or Wednesday, or both if possible. And at this point I’m going to stick with a 9 AM EST posting time. I like consistency and I figured that others might too, so I thought this would be better than just randomly doing different days every week.


10 thoughts on “Fall Wardrobe Addendum

  1. I rocked the blanket scarf this morning already! The temperature here is in that weird cool in the morning but warm in the afternoon type so it’s good to have something removable. So comfy!
    Glad to see you’ll be posting a couple of times a week! 🙂

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