NYX Wonder Stick Review

Contouring and highlighting have become mainstays in my makeup routine, but I’ve been sticking primarily to powders to get the job done. I saw the NYX Wonder Stick at Target and figured, why not give it a go? It seems like all the rage in those mini Instagram videos I’m always seeing, blending the cream products into face sculpted perfection. And the price point was perfect for trying out something new.

The box give step-by-step written and visual instructions for using the product, which I think is great even for those not so new to the whole makeup game. I definitely used the pictures as a reference, although I didn’t follow them strictly.

The duo comes in a double ended twist up stick which is fine, except I noticed that the cover sometimes comes loose just from being bounced around with other products in my drawer.

There are I think three different shade options this comes in, I ended up getting the universal shade because that’s what was left. The contour isn’t bad, it glides on easily and the actual color isn’t too bad. It’s a bit warmer than I’d like for a true contour shade, but I found that it blended pretty easily with a brush (I used the Sigma angled kabuki). On my skin it’s not super pigmented, I did need to build it up after the initial layer and blending to make it more visible. The highlight shade I wasn’t crazy about for using as shown in the pictures because it has some shimmer to it. Instead, I used a lighter concealer to brighten up under my eyes, bridge of my nose, center of my forehead, chin and Cupid’s bow. I used the highlight stick like I use my powder highlight, just on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and Cupid’s now. I’m not in love with it, I still wanted to put my usual powder over it to get more glow.

You might notice that I don’t show any pictures of me wearing this to accompany the review. That’s because I wanted to test it out a few time before taking photos so I could get a feel for the best way to use it, but it broke me out! Everywhere I put the contour was affected. It took forever to clear up and I just couldn’t bring myself to give it another go.

So here’s the breakdown.

Packaging. Overall it’s functional, not super fancy, but fine. The covers can get loose so something to keep an eye on. Rating: 3/5

Performance: I can’t sing many praises here mainly due to it causing a breakout. I also wasn’t liking the shimmer in the highlight side, but the shade of the contour was okay. It blended easily with a kabuki brush without any crazy streaking. Rating: 2/5

Price: Probably the best part of this product. At $6.79 a pop, it’s a steal. I’m glad I didn’t spend a ton on a product that I’m probably never going to use again. Rating: 5/5

Total rating: 3.3/5

I’m obviously not buying this stuff or using it again, but if it hadn’t freaked out my skin I probably would have enjoyed it more. It was kind of fun playing around with a new contour/highlight method, I just wish it hadn’t been so short lived.

Has anyone else given the NYX Wonder Stick a try? What did you think?


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