Beauty mini round-up: October 2015

Another collective review of some of the beauty minis I’ve accumulated with my Sephora purchases. Out of all these products, there’s only one that I’d really want to repurchase (or at least check out in the other shades). I probably won’t be reaching for most of these very often, but I am glad I got to try them regardless.

I wore the Buxom Single Shadow Bar in Mink Magnet, described as a metallic bronze. These are supposed to be ‘primer-infused, powerfully pigmented’ eye shadows. When I first swatched this it looked gorgeous on my forearm, but I’m just not crazy about it on my eyes. It’s more cool/neutral than a typical bronze and it just doesn’t do anything for me. I did need to pack it on with a brush to get that metallic looking finish, but there was no fallout of the little glitter particles in the shadow. It did last pretty well throughout the day, but by the very end of the night (10 hours later) there was some fading. I also tried out the Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in Peony. This is supposed to feel lightweight, have good color payoff, and leave your lips feeling soft. I do think the color payoff is nice and that the overall feel of the stain isn’t drying like most others I’ve tried. It’s not water thin like the Benetint, it has a thin non-sticky lipgloss consistency. It applies easily and evenly, and while not opaque it does give good coverage to the lips. But it definitely didn’t stain my lips that well, after 3 hours and lunch I was expecting the color to have faded evenly, but it had noticeably disappeared towards the center of my mouth. I didn’t bother reapplying, about 5 hours later it was still hanging around the perimeter of my lips and I just ended up putting on some lip balm and layering some lipstick over it. Unfortunately, neither of these were winners for me and I won’t be buying them in full-size. The Buxom shadow might suit someone else, the formula wasn’t bad I just wasn’t wooed by the color enough to want to see more.

I tried out the makeup I got in my most recent Sephora delivery today and here are my thoughts. The Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Shadow Duo I wasn’t overly impressed with. The matte light brown shade I actually liked overall, it blended easily into my crease and though the color is subtle on my skintone, it’s like the bit of warmth it brings to my eyes. It looks a lot lighter in the swatch below. The champagne shimmer shade was just a no-go. Little glitter particle fallout was all over my undereye area and the intensity just wasn’t there for me. I had to really pack this onto my lids to get it looking halfway decent. I felt like it faded within 3 or 4 hours of application without primer. Maybe this would work better with a primer, but there was too much fallout for my liking. I also tried out the Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Kir Royale. This I really like. The formula is awesome, it glides on smoothly and it is opaque. I did use a lip brush to get clean lines around the edges of my mouth. It was super easy to get an even application. It wears nicely for a creme lipstick, after 3 hours although not fully opaque anymore, it was on there evenly and I didn’t need to touch up. It did seem to migrate slightly on one side, but I’m not sure if that happened because I was pressing my lips together a bit too often. I’d probably try it with a lip liner next time I wear it. I’m not sure I’d get this exact color again, just because I prefer darker shades like this in matte finishes, but I’d definitely want to try a nude from this line. It did not however survive the salad dressing from my lunch and it was pretty much gone in the center after eating. I rubbed the rest off to try the Bite Beauty gloss in the same color on its own. I’m not a huge gloss person, but this one is good. The color payoff is high and it leaves a real glossy finish. It’s not overly sticky either. I did notice a slight fruity smell and taste with this one. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture with it, but it pretty much just looks like the lipstick with a shiny finish.

On both days I tried the Clinique High Impact Mascara. Unfortunately, the formula wasn’t going to hold a curl on my lashes. They dropped pretty much right away. It also just didn’t seem to give my lashes enough volume or length, but I did like the feathery look it gave. I only did two coats because honestly, sometimes these mascara sample tubes don’t seem to have enough mascara in them to coat the whole wand! I felt like only the bottom half of the wand had any product on it. It did well in the no-smudge category. There was only a little bit on day 1 and none on day 2. But overall, it just didn’t do enough for my lashes so I won’t be getting a full-size.

All in all, the only products I think were worth purchasing are the Bite Beauty lipstick and lip gloss. I’ve never really looked at their stuff at Sephora, but I definitely will next time I’m there.

Hope this was helpful and will help anyone choosing their next set of point perks!


Outfit inspiration: Blush + camel + green (and a pop of red!)

When I saw Joy’s post about mixing green, camel, and blush pink, I knew I had to give it a try myself. This is a color combination I never would have thought to put together, but actually go together quite nicely. I think the overall tones of the outfit really complement each other and make for a great look. It’s a way to really bring a lot of color to an outfit without it being too ‘in your face’ about it. Perfect for those who aren’t big on color, but want to switch it up a little bit from the usual black/white/grey palette.

Here’s what I did.

When I mentally prepared this outfit in my head, the blouse and vest immediately came to mind. The camel part of the outfit was the hardest, I had to go into my closet to figure out what I was going to use. I actually don’t own one pair of traditional khakis, I’ve never had to a reason to buy them. When I was working, I wore scrubs every day and khakis were never something I thought to wear in my off time. I’m just more of a jeans type of girl. But this old lace tiered skirt I got from Marshall’s a few years ago filled the void well enough.

The blush colored blouse is from H&M last year, but it seems to be a staple in their stores because I saw it there a couple of weeks ago in some other colors. My cousin was also wearing it the other day in black! For some reason I couldn’t find it on the website, but I’ll link something similar here. The color I have is a bit sheer so you’d want to have a tank to wear underneath. The green utility vest is American Rag that I ordered online from Macy’s. It cinches in at the waist with a drawstring to give it more shape and it’s a great fall layering piece. It’s on sale now for around $50, but if you’re interested, just wait for the next holiday if you can. They add additional discounts around those times, so I got mine for $38 dollars around Columbus Day weekend.

I kept it neutral with some old taupe suede booties from Steve Madden, but added a pop of color with a red structured crossbody bag. I’d been seeing these furry poofs all over the place lately as a little bag accessory and I couldn’t help but jump in on the trend. This one was super cheap on Amazon (just search for fur bag keychain) at only 7ish dollars. I actually ordered two in the grey color so I could give one to my sister, but beware, they aren’t all alike. The coloring and shape can be a little different, I had to spend some time fluffing mine up to get looking nice and round. Still, not bad for less than $10.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks to Joy for the outfit inspiration!

Review x 2: MAC Matte Lipstick in Whirl + Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lovecraft

I’d gotten the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lovecraft as a sample a couple of months ago and fell in love. So when I went to Sephora to pick up a new blender cleanser solid, I couldn’t resist picking it up in the the full-size. I started swatching some of the other lipsticks that caught my eye and ended up falling in love with Cathedral, which is described as a ‘matte coco rose’. Unfortunately it was out of stock in store and online. I was so obsessed with the color that I kept the swatch on my forearm and walked over to my nearest MAC counter to look for a dupe. Which is how I found their matte lipstick in Whirl and ended up taking that home too.

I’m not going to do my usual more formal rated review of these lipsticks. I’ll just say right now I’m a fan of both and if you like these kinds of colors then I fully recommended them. Since I’m talking about both I didn’t want to make this too complicated.

The packaging I like on both of these, although the KVD is slightly bulkier because of the ‘studded’ look of the tube. Nothing crazy though. MAC is always classic with its smooth black matte bullet.

I do give KVD brownie points for the extra details of her initials in raised lettering on top of the cap and imprinted into the actual lipstick.

Since Lovecraft is the original reason for this post I’ll start with it. It’s described as a ‘pink mauve nude’ and it’s exactly that. It’s such a beautiful nude for fall, it has kind of a cooler, dusty rose feel to it. Whirl is described as a ‘dirty rose’, it has a lot more brown to it with a little mauve. Although both are a matte finish, neither are too drying on the lips. You still want to put on a lip balm before applying. I think the KVD is slightly less drying. They both have great color payoff and wear well even with eating and drinking. They fade pretty evenly an despite some transfer I don’t feel the need to reapply right away.

I’ve worn them both already and am loving them so far. Most days I’m wearing Lovecraft because it’s just an easy wearable color with good lasting power. If I feel like something darker, I go for Whirl. It definitely gives me the 90’s feels, so if you’re into that you need to pick this up.

I wore Whirl on a night out for a friend’s big 30th birthday celebration with a dark red liner underneath to give it a more brick red look and really liked the effect. Sorry for the lighting, I didn’t get to take the picture until late, but you get the idea. 

It was a fun ‘prom’ themed party, so of course we took had to take a picture in the typical prom pose.

She even had a photobooth, which we took full advantage of. Okay, by ‘we’ I mean me. M humored my relentless hounding to jump in there. Oh yah, this is M by the way. I’m pretty sure I’ve really had him in a post.

It was fun getting all dressed up for a night, since those opportunities are fewer and far between these days. We were up waaay later than usual, but it was so much fun to celebrate our friend and spend time with everyone all at once.

What new fall lipsticks have you picked up recently?

Random Monday post just because…

Quick post on a Monday because this just happened.

I know I’m not the only one who gets excited when one of these lands on her doorstep. I desperately needed a new moisturizer and I like ordering online since there are so many more bonus perks to choose from compared to in-store. Here’s what I got.

Only two items were actually purchased.

I ran out of my Ole Henriken Nuture Me Moisturizer and since winter is coming I can already feel my skin is drying out a little. I’ve been using the Sheer Transformation day and night and I can tell it’s not enough. I also ran out of the Tara Harper daily exfoliating cleanser I’d actually really enjoyed, but I’m always looking to try something new. Since I started using the Belif Eucalyptus Extract Toner, I’ve been wanting to try more from the brand. So I got the Mild and Effective Facial Scrub for some gentle exfoliation.

For the deluxe perks, I got the Ole Henriksen Discover the Glow because I love having the mini Truth Serum Collagen Booster for travel and I’ve wanted to try the Melting Cleanser. I broke out when using the moisturizer included here, but I’ll probably give it to my mom to see if she likes it. I also chose the Bite Beauty trio of lipstick & lipgloss in Kir Royale, a gorgeous berry shade I couldn’t resist, plus a cute little mini mirror.

I wanted to try the Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb as well, so I got a that sample as well. I’ll probably to a review of all the Belif items I’ve tried once I’ve used them all. I’ve tried the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate before and really liked it. But it’s so expensive, I couldn’t bring myself to get the full size. The shades in this mini Smashbox duo were so pretty, and I’ve actually always been intrigued by their Full Exposure palette. Maybe this mini will convince me to get it. I’ve tried another Clinique mini mascara in the past and liked it, I’m hoping I like the High Impact as well. They actually don’t smudge much for a non-waterproof formula.

Lastly, I got a little sample of the Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate from Clarins, I’m always a sucker for eye cram samples.

And just a few quick swatches of the lip products and eye shadows.

Has anyone tried these products? Thoughts?

Brown booties, 2 ways.

Fall brings out the booties and I am not immune. I can’t get enough. I don’t need anymore, but I can’t help looking.

The real issue is on IG. Everytime I see someone posting an outfit I like, I can immediately find out where it came from just by ‘liking’ the picture. That’s how I came across the Ryan Chelsea boot from Madewell. I’ve been wanting a pair of booties in brown with a higher heel ever since getting a flatter pair last fall. I wanted something I could wear with not just jeans, but also dresses. These were definitely on the pricier side for me shoe-wise, but I know they’ll last me a bit longer  and they’re actually really comfortable.

P.S. They’re also on sale and an extra 40% off right now! And they come in black.

I wore them with some mustard yellow skinny jeans and an oversized cream wool sweater. And since it was ‘wash day’ for my hair, I threw on a hat. The half-bun is also my current go-to for dirty hair days.

The other option is to pair them with a dress and a fleece cardigan. This is actually a great summer to fall transitional look because the dress is actually one of those off-the-shoulder numbers that everyone was wearing during the summer. Just throw a sweater on top and you’re good to go. Don’t give up on your summer dresses quite yet!

In terms of makeup lately, I shared my fall lipstick faves here. This is the Wet n Wild one in 908C. It’s nice to throw on when you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your eyes for some color. It’s kind of bold for a Target run, but why not? It also stays on forever without touching up. I actually picked up two new lipsticks over the weekend (I swear I don’t have anything like them!) that I’ll be sharing soon.

My face makeup is starting to succumb to my oily T-zone, but after almost 6 hours, the lipstick  was hanging in there! I did use Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Natural underneath, so that probably helped. But it powered through lunch and some afternoon tea like a champ without retouching.

Hope your weekend is going well and that you’re all happily transitioning into fall!

HRH Collection T-shirt Chain Review

I finally bit the bullet and ordered two necklaces from the t-shirt chain line of HRH Collection. I’ve been eyeing them since she came out with them on her vlogs because they are exactly what I like when it comes to necklaces. They’re meant to be layered and the longer necklaces can be worn tucked into the neckline of whatever top you’re wearing. I love the sleek, classic, and unfussy design of her t-shirt chains-they really bring some interest to any more basic shirt and make it look nicer. I was watching one of her vlogs in which she wore one of the pieces I bought and I thought, “Yes, I need that. Like right now.” It was almost midnight and I was commenting on her IG account to ask about them. She actually got back to me immediately which was really nice.

I didn’t actually make an order right away because I had trouble figuring out how to find them on the website. Her t-shirt chains aren’t individually listed so it’s hard to figure out which is which. Her assistant actually helped me figure out the exact ones I wanted via email. I’d love it if she did individual listings of each piece, just so I could see it in its entirety. Hopefully, they’ll be able to do that in the future. But either Alex or her assistant responded to my emails within a day or two so I was able to get my questions answered pretty quickly.

I’ve had these necklaces for about a month now and I’m pretty in love with them. I wear either one or both daily.

Here’s what I got.

Sleek curb long choker. I’ve always liked the look of her chokers, but I don’t like the feel of anything too close around my neck. Since this is a bit longer than her regular ones, it sits more at the base of my neck and doesn’t feel constricting. The chain is really nice, it has a good weight to it and feels quite sturdy. The lobster clasp is actually larger than I would have expected, but it’s not bothersome. It didn’t come with an O-ring at the other end where most necklaces clasp, which kind of threw me off to be honest. It still works when clasping it to the last ring of the chain, but it just seemed unfinished. It doesn’t have the HRH tag at the end either. I like the necklace so much that I let it go. It was a little surprising to me though because she does seems to have an eye for detail. Ironically, in one of her latest vlogs she explains why she doesn’t add the O-ring because some of her other customers asked about it. She said it changes the fit of the piece and demonstrated with one of her bracelets. She makes her chokers to fit a 13 inch neck and her bracelets a 6 inch wrist. So now I totally get her rationale and yah, it would add a little extra length that might alter the look. I have a 12 inch neck so the long choker is even a bit longer on me anyway. Regardless, I love the look of this choker, it’s a darker, almost gunmetal shade of silver and it adds a little edge to your look.

Double chain necklace. This is one of the necklaces I saw in her vlog that I’d really wanted. I’ll link it here if you want to watch it, the ones she was wearing while drinking wine with the black scoop neck top are what I’m talking about.  I assumed it was two separate chains, but it’s two in one. The chain here is a paler silver and is quite bright. It also feels well made, it has all the usual components along with the HRH tag. The lobster clasp is not quite as large as the previous necklace. I usually tuck the longer chain into my top when I wear this. I love layering this one with my bow necklace from Dogeared. I like that the chain is more substantial while still being delicate. It adds some elegance to your outfit when you’re wearing a lower neckline.

Here’s a look at how the necklaces lay on me. I wasn’t expecting to like both together because of the different tones of the metal, but I actually do like how they pair with each other. I do tend to wear the choker more often when I’m wearing a crew neck or other collar that isn’t so open.

And here’s how I typically wear them day to day.

All in all, I’m happy with my purchases and I do want to pick up a couple more at some point. They also come in gold, but since I got those layering necklaces from Bauble Bar I’m holding off for now. I really want to get her lariat necklace and the Orion’s Belt necklace to round out what I have already.

Have you bought any jewelry from HRH Collection? Let me know down below!

Fake fuller lashes without the mascara.

To be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with mascara. I love it for the obvious reasons, it gives my lashes more length, volume, and definition. It makes a huge difference in making your eyes stand out. On the other hand I hate it because I aways end up with some smudging under my eyes, even when I’m wearing waterproof mascara. I’ve managed to combat the problem with the Clarins Double-Fix (more on that here), but I don’t really like having to use that everyday. And sometimes at the end of the night, I’m so dead tired I dread having to wash off my waterproof makeup. I know it doesn’t take an hour, but at 11:3o at night it sure feels like it.

I contemplated doing lash extensions again, but the upkeep and cost of maintanence isn’t really worth it to me. It also takes forever (2 hours) for the initial set. Most days as of late I’ve been forgoing the mascara and any other eye makeup, just curling my lashes and using the NYX Proof It! Mascara as a clear mascara to hold curl and add a little definition (it’s pretty minimal).

But, on days when I really want my lashes to have that extra oomph while still looking pretty natural for everyday, I turn to individual lashes.

I use the Ardell Short Black Individual Lashes because mine are on the short side to begin with and the medium length is a dead giveaway. I also use the Duo Brush-On Adhesive in Dark to apply them. This is my first time trying out the dark toned glue and I really like it so far. It’s black so I don’t have to worry about covering up the white adhesive and it’s also much thinner. I was worried it wouldn’t hold as well with strip lashes, but it hasn’t been a problem. And I’m not spending time going back to cover up the white spots after it’s fully dried.

After giving my lashes a curl, I apply 4 individual lashes starting at the outer corners of each eye and working my way in. I space them so they lay just on the outer corners of my eye, just shy of the center of my lids. I don’t do more than that because it’s just harder to conceal without having to do more substantial eye liner. Then I press black matte eye shadow just on the outer third of my lash line where the individual lashes lay, just to give a slight camouflage to the knots holding the lashes together. And that’s it.

Since you’re not dealing with a full band from strip lashes, it’s really not noticeable that you have falsies on, they blend in pretty well with my natural lashes at the lash line. It gives just that little bit of extra volume and the length that I lack at the end of my lashes to give them an overall fuller look, along with the black eyeshadow at the corners. It’s nothing dramatic, but better than bare lashes.

And I’m not worried about any raccoon eye smudges or having to spend time removing my waterproof makeup late at night. I just pop these off and go straight to my cleansing oil.

I realize this probably won’t work if you have lighter lashes naturally, but for anyone with dark lashes I hope this is helpful! Putting on individuals can be quick with just a little practice, although putting on a coat of mascara is still probably faster. But I’m not spending time retouching my undereye area later so, like everything else, it’s a give and take.

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!

Fall Lipstick Favorites

In an effort to continue to ‘no-buy’ makeup I don’t need, I decided to comb through my lipsticks for some fall favorite lipsticks. I had a minor surgery last month after which I wasn’t allowed to wear any for awhile (I’m sure my surgeon noticed the horror on my face when he said “no lipstick”), so I’m pretty happy to be able to wear it again. All my picks are from the drugstore which I think is a nice bonus-since I still tend to wear nudes most often I just don’t tend to invest in higher end colors that are darker. Although I do love them, it’s so hard to actually finish a tube. Anyway, here’s what I got.

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick in Touch of Spice. This is a great daytime fall color that isn’t too bold. I actually feel like I’ll be wearing this one pretty often! It’s kind of a reddish, rusty nude shade with a matte finish. It’s also not super drying which I love.

Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color in 908C. I love a good plum/berry pink shade in the fall, and this one from Wet n Wild fits the bill. I wish they put the names and numbering on the packaging (and that the lipstick descended all the way into the tube), but otherwise I love this lipstick. It has a semi-matte finish and I find the lasting power of these is actually pretty good.

Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in Mauvy Night. Despite its name, this is another fall color that I like during the day because it’s not too ‘in your face’. This is the color that comes to mind when I think of a mauve lipstick, there seem to be so many variations of one color!

Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in Black Cherry. The name of this lipstick is so spot on. It also reminds me of deep red wine. You can wear it sheer or built up, but either way it looks amazing during the colder months of the year.

Wearing Touch of Spice.

What are your lipstick fall faves? Bonus points for any drugstore picks!

P.S. Again, I’m late with the upload time. I’m actually really sorry because I feel like I made a commitment to do something and I’m not sticking to it very well. Even if it’s not the end of the world that this isn’t posted at 9 AM, I still feel guilty. So again for the bazillionth time, I’m making a change. I will continue with Sunday and/or Wednesday posts, but I’m not going to stick to a specific time. I just hate feeling like I’m ‘late’ and I also don’t want to feel like I have to wait until the next posting day if I am late. Again, sorry for changing things up yet again. Ok, done.

Have a great rest of the week!

Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Nail Polish with Lycra Review

I was at the drugstore recently and saw that Rimmel added a new (?) nail polish to their line. I’ve never actually bought polish from the brand so I’m not so sure how new this is, but the 10 day no-chip claim had me intrigued. Nail polish always chips on me by the third day of wear no matter if I do it myself or if I’ve had them professionally done. Granted, I’m not too careful with them in the first place, but still. I decided to get Soul Session, a kind of lavender grey color. There’s a shade by Essie I used to have that is somewhat similar and I always gravitate towards grey-toned shades in the fall.

For this I’ll go straight into the breakdown.

Packaging. Nothing special here really, a pretty typical bottle except that the handle is just as large. The actual brush is that wider, kind of curved at the corners style that I don’t mind, except when I’m painting my toenails (I have the smallest pinky toe nails known to mankind). Rating: 3/5

Performance. I gotta give Rimmel some props here, I like the formula and the wear a lot. It glides on smoothly without looking super streaky. It does need a couple of coats for opacity. Despite the brush being too big for smaller nails, it generally works well. And it lasted a whole 6 days without chipping. It was unprecedented. Rating: 4/5, I had to knock off a star only because it didn’t make it the full 10 days.

Price. I got mine for $3.79. No complaints here, especially since it holds up much longer than any other expensive brand I’ve ever tried. Rating: 5/5

Final rating: 4/5

I’ve already picked up a deep burgundy red color, Venus, and am loving it too! I’ve only used it on my toes, so I can’t speak to the staying power for a manicure, but it in terms of everything else it has performed the same way. If you haven’t tried these polishes out yet, I’d definitely recommend them!