Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Nail Polish with Lycra Review

I was at the drugstore recently and saw that Rimmel added a new (?) nail polish to their line. I’ve never actually bought polish from the brand so I’m not so sure how new this is, but the 10 day no-chip claim had me intrigued. Nail polish always chips on me by the third day of wear no matter if I do it myself or if I’ve had them professionally done. Granted, I’m not too careful with them in the first place, but still. I decided to get Soul Session, a kind of lavender grey color. There’s a shade by Essie I used to have that is somewhat similar and I always gravitate towards grey-toned shades in the fall.

For this I’ll go straight into the breakdown.

Packaging. Nothing special here really, a pretty typical bottle except that the handle is just as large. The actual brush is that wider, kind of curved at the corners style that I don’t mind, except when I’m painting my toenails (I have the smallest pinky toe nails known to mankind). Rating: 3/5

Performance. I gotta give Rimmel some props here, I like the formula and the wear a lot. It glides on smoothly without looking super streaky. It does need a couple of coats for opacity. Despite the brush being too big for smaller nails, it generally works well. And it lasted a whole 6 days without chipping. It was unprecedented. Rating: 4/5, I had to knock off a star only because it didn’t make it the full 10 days.

Price. I got mine for $3.79. No complaints here, especially since it holds up much longer than any other expensive brand I’ve ever tried. Rating: 5/5

Final rating: 4/5

I’ve already picked up a deep burgundy red color, Venus, and am loving it too! I’ve only used it on my toes, so I can’t speak to the staying power for a manicure, but it in terms of everything else it has performed the same way. If you haven’t tried these polishes out yet, I’d definitely recommend them!


11 thoughts on “Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Nail Polish with Lycra Review

    • The picture didn’t upload to the comment! :/ But yes, the wider brush does make it harder to get to the corners sometimes. The problem is more that the bristles aren’t fine enough making the brush a little too coarse if that’s the right world. But the polish does the job. 🙂

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