Fake fuller lashes without the mascara.

To be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with mascara. I love it for the obvious reasons, it gives my lashes more length, volume, and definition. It makes a huge difference in making your eyes stand out. On the other hand I hate it because I aways end up with some smudging under my eyes, even when I’m wearing waterproof mascara. I’ve managed to combat the problem with the Clarins Double-Fix (more on that here), but I don’t really like having to use that everyday. And sometimes at the end of the night, I’m so dead tired I dread having to wash off my waterproof makeup. I know it doesn’t take an hour, but at 11:3o at night it sure feels like it.

I contemplated doing lash extensions again, but the upkeep and cost of maintanence isn’t really worth it to me. It also takes forever (2 hours) for the initial set. Most days as of late I’ve been forgoing the mascara and any other eye makeup, just curling my lashes and using the NYX Proof It! Mascara as a clear mascara to hold curl and add a little definition (it’s pretty minimal).

But, on days when I really want my lashes to have that extra oomph while still looking pretty natural for everyday, I turn to individual lashes.

I use the Ardell Short Black Individual Lashes because mine are on the short side to begin with and the medium length is a dead giveaway. I also use the Duo Brush-On Adhesive in Dark to apply them. This is my first time trying out the dark toned glue and I really like it so far. It’s black so I don’t have to worry about covering up the white adhesive and it’s also much thinner. I was worried it wouldn’t hold as well with strip lashes, but it hasn’t been a problem. And I’m not spending time going back to cover up the white spots after it’s fully dried.

After giving my lashes a curl, I apply 4 individual lashes starting at the outer corners of each eye and working my way in. I space them so they lay just on the outer corners of my eye, just shy of the center of my lids. I don’t do more than that because it’s just harder to conceal without having to do more substantial eye liner. Then I press black matte eye shadow just on the outer third of my lash line where the individual lashes lay, just to give a slight camouflage to the knots holding the lashes together. And that’s it.

Since you’re not dealing with a full band from strip lashes, it’s really not noticeable that you have falsies on, they blend in pretty well with my natural lashes at the lash line. It gives just that little bit of extra volume and the length that I lack at the end of my lashes to give them an overall fuller look, along with the black eyeshadow at the corners. It’s nothing dramatic, but better than bare lashes.

And I’m not worried about any raccoon eye smudges or having to spend time removing my waterproof makeup late at night. I just pop these off and go straight to my cleansing oil.

I realize this probably won’t work if you have lighter lashes naturally, but for anyone with dark lashes I hope this is helpful! Putting on individuals can be quick with just a little practice, although putting on a coat of mascara is still probably faster. But I’m not spending time retouching my undereye area later so, like everything else, it’s a give and take.

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!


11 thoughts on “Fake fuller lashes without the mascara.

  1. Oo this seems quite handy! I’ve never tried using individual lashes because they seem tiny and hard to handle, but I think I’ll look into it!
    As for mascara, my favorite mascara is Bad Gal Waterproof by Benefit. Of all the mascaras I’ve used, that one’s been the best I’ve ever come across. I normally just touch/wiggle the mascara wand along the roots of my lashes to give it that lift and fuller look, but I find that I don’t coat my entire lash often. And this mascara’s pretty good at making lashes longer. Not so much for volume or thickness, but it does a really good job at separating each lash, not clumping, and making lashes longer. It doesn’t smudge either and is super easy to remove despite being waterproof! It’s a little pricey at sephora, but definitely worth it!

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    • Thank you! Haha it’s honestly not that time consuming. But I actually have fun with false lashes and enjoy wearing them when I can so maybe that’s why it doesn’t feel like much effort.

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  2. Looks super natural on you… “maybe she’s born with it” kind of way!
    I’ve played around with individual lashes but the ones I get are always too long and obvious looking for my short lashes. I finally was able to get ones that are the short length but I haven’t had the occasion / time / desire to apply those yet. I might whip them out to try them one of these days… in time for holidays! 🙂

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    • Yes, I actually buy pretty much just the short length because those are the ones I use most! I can’t even imagine using the long ones, if you’re eyelashes are long enough to pull that off I think you really just need a good mascara!


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