HRH Collection T-shirt Chain Review

I finally bit the bullet and ordered two necklaces from the t-shirt chain line of HRH Collection. I’ve been eyeing them since she came out with them on her vlogs because they are exactly what I like when it comes to necklaces. They’re meant to be layered and the longer necklaces can be worn tucked into the neckline of whatever top you’re wearing. I love the sleek, classic, and unfussy design of her t-shirt chains-they really bring some interest to any more basic shirt and make it look nicer. I was watching one of her vlogs in which she wore one of the pieces I bought and I thought, “Yes, I need that. Like right now.” It was almost midnight and I was commenting on her IG account to ask about them. She actually got back to me immediately which was really nice.

I didn’t actually make an order right away because I had trouble figuring out how to find them on the website. Her t-shirt chains aren’t individually listed so it’s hard to figure out which is which. Her assistant actually helped me figure out the exact ones I wanted via email. I’d love it if she did individual listings of each piece, just so I could see it in its entirety. Hopefully, they’ll be able to do that in the future. But either Alex or her assistant responded to my emails within a day or two so I was able to get my questions answered pretty quickly.

I’ve had these necklaces for about a month now and I’m pretty in love with them. I wear either one or both daily.

Here’s what I got.

Sleek curb long choker. I’ve always liked the look of her chokers, but I don’t like the feel of anything too close around my neck. Since this is a bit longer than her regular ones, it sits more at the base of my neck and doesn’t feel constricting. The chain is really nice, it has a good weight to it and feels quite sturdy. The lobster clasp is actually larger than I would have expected, but it’s not bothersome. It didn’t come with an O-ring at the other end where most necklaces clasp, which kind of threw me off to be honest. It still works when clasping it to the last ring of the chain, but it just seemed unfinished. It doesn’t have the HRH tag at the end either. I like the necklace so much that I let it go. It was a little surprising to me though because she does seems to have an eye for detail. Ironically, in one of her latest vlogs she explains why she doesn’t add the O-ring because some of her other customers asked about it. She said it changes the fit of the piece and demonstrated with one of her bracelets. She makes her chokers to fit a 13 inch neck and her bracelets a 6 inch wrist. So now I totally get her rationale and yah, it would add a little extra length that might alter the look. I have a 12 inch neck so the long choker is even a bit longer on me anyway. Regardless, I love the look of this choker, it’s a darker, almost gunmetal shade of silver and it adds a little edge to your look.

Double chain necklace. This is one of the necklaces I saw in her vlog that I’d really wanted. I’ll link it here if you want to watch it, the ones she was wearing while drinking wine with the black scoop neck top are what I’m talking about.  I assumed it was two separate chains, but it’s two in one. The chain here is a paler silver and is quite bright. It also feels well made, it has all the usual components along with the HRH tag. The lobster clasp is not quite as large as the previous necklace. I usually tuck the longer chain into my top when I wear this. I love layering this one with my bow necklace from Dogeared. I like that the chain is more substantial while still being delicate. It adds some elegance to your outfit when you’re wearing a lower neckline.

Here’s a look at how the necklaces lay on me. I wasn’t expecting to like both together because of the different tones of the metal, but I actually do like how they pair with each other. I do tend to wear the choker more often when I’m wearing a crew neck or other collar that isn’t so open.

And here’s how I typically wear them day to day.

All in all, I’m happy with my purchases and I do want to pick up a couple more at some point. They also come in gold, but since I got those layering necklaces from Bauble Bar I’m holding off for now. I really want to get her lariat necklace and the Orion’s Belt necklace to round out what I have already.

Have you bought any jewelry from HRH Collection? Let me know down below!


9 thoughts on “HRH Collection T-shirt Chain Review

  1. Nice pieces, I especially like the Sleek curb long choker. ALTHOUGH, I kind of don’t buy why she didn’t add an O-ring to the chain because then it wouldn’t sit properly… um, it’s called subtracting the width of the O-ring from the length of the chain to get the total length of the finished necklace to be 12″? I call lazy. 😛 I dabble in jewellery making and one less step to add an O-ring would save a bunch of time, I’d imagine.

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    • I have no idea about jewelry making, but it made sense to me in her video. She also likes it better aesthetically on her pieces and since she ultimately designs for herself, I can’t argue with that!


  2. I was researching HRH’s tshirt chains and stumbled across your review. The pieces you chose are so beautiful, I’m leaning towards buying both necklaces. Does the longer choker feel heavy on your neck at all?

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    • Hi! Thanks for reading. I’m glad you asked because I should update my review. The long choker has good weight, but it doesn’t make me uncomfortable. I’m sorry to say that I wouldn’t recommend it though because I recently wore it last week and noticed some discoloration along the links near the clasp. I’ve never worn it in the shower and I store it in my jewelry case. The double chain silver necklace is still in good condition, so I would recommend her silver pieces, but I’d stay away from the darker metals.


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