Review x 2: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Cathedral & Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

So when I mentioned in my last lipstick review that I wanted the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Cathedral at Sephora, I went home and added myself to the email list since it was also sold out online. About a week later it was available again and I put it in my cart, but then I said to myself, “Too soon. You just bought two new lipsticks. Just wait on it.”

I went back to later that night to empty my cart and it was already sold out.

Now I felt like I’d missed my chance and I’d be waiting for months before it was available again! I resolved that I would buy it as soon as it came back and put myself back on the email list. Well, guess what.

It was back in-stock the next morning. Is this some super sneaky sales ploy Sephora is using to boost sales? Whatever it is, it’s working because I bought Cathedral right then and threw in the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita (another best-seller) for good measure.

Let’s start with Cathedral. It’s described as a ‘matte coco rose’. The Studded Kiss Lipsticks are supposed to be long-wearing, have good color pay-off, and comfortable on the lips. I feel like it hits the mark on all points. For a matte lipstick it has a creamy texture that isn’t super drying. It gives good coverage in 1-2 swipes and lasts for several hours as long as you aren’t eating anything super greasy. The feel like of reminds me of the Maybelline Creamy Mattes. I know they expanded their color selection so I do wonder if there are any dupes in that line. So far I’ve been happy with both my Studded Kiss Lipsticks (I reviewed Lovesick here) and would buy more of them (not any time soon, I swear). BTW, I don’t think it’s like MAC Whirl, is definitely more on the red side and Whirl is more brown.

Her liquid lipsticks have been raved about, especially Lolita. I’ve read many a blog post about it and they have all encouraged me to try it. It’s never in-store, so I’ve managed to hold off until now. They’re again supposed to be long-wearing, well pigmented and comfortable, infused with vitamin E and other conditioning ingredients. I think it hits the first two points well, it applies opaquely with the doe foot applicator and dries down to a matte finish pretty quickly (it takes a little longer towards the center). It’s pretty much on there unless you’re doing a lot of eating and doesn’t transfer once fully dry. But it wasn’t as comfortable as I’d hoped, I did use a lip balm underneath as well. I felt like I needed to put a lip balm over it by the late afternoon because my lips just felt so dry. I’m not sure if I’d get more of these, although I love the broad color selection, I wish it wasn’t so drying. I’m going to keep giving it a chance and see.

Also, the color is described as a ‘chestnut rose’. I was actually expecting it to be a little more mauve for some reason, based on some of the swatches I’ve seen. Apparently this is the third color reincarnation of Lolita, the one before it was the one I had in mind. Despite that, I do think it’s a gorgeous color. I’ve definitely maxed out on the rose-brown lipstick shades this season and I’m cutting myself off.

If you’ve tried either of these, or have color recommendations for any other Studded  Kiss Lipsticks, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Also, I held myself back from buying the new Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipsticks at Target today-has anyone tried them? I’m really curious about how they wear since I’m sure they’re much cheaper than the $20 I paid for the KVD. If they’re more comfortable and long-wearing, I might have to try one (or two).


19 thoughts on “Review x 2: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Cathedral & Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

  1. Hmm I do feel like they’re doing the “night club” trick. Have you ever seen a club that has a massive line up outside and when you get inside, it’s half empty? It just builds false sense of popularity! 😛
    BUT, I do have to say this lipstick looks AMAZING. I am not sure if I could handle the studded tube though – just not my style haha. If you say the formula reminds you of the Maybelline mattes, maybe I’ll just seek those out to try. Liquid lipsticks sound like too much of a trade off – long lasting but uncomfortable! How does it wear off? Sometimes those kind of flake off and look nasty.
    Missy, you have a slight problem with lipsticks, don’t you? LOL. You just got 2 and now you are on the prowl for MORE. 😉

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    • Seriously, Sephora’s marketing tactics have me questioning them! I don’t get dry and flaky, but if you eat anything greasy like say a slice of pizza it does wear off in the middle in a not so cute way. Otherwise it’s pretty much on there til you take it off. It does feel drying after several hours though on me, but I’ve read other reviews that say it’s not bad at all.
      Yah my lipstick addiction has reached an all time high lately. I just can’t control it!


    • I know, the studs make it so unique. I do, I have the Ambient Lighting and the Ambient Blush-both are awesome! She just came out with the larger palette with the bronzer too which I’d get if I didn’t already have these two!


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