At home lash extensions? 

I was scrolling through Bloglovin’ and saw an article entitled ‘How to Apply Eyelash Extensions Yourself’ and clicked it right away. I’ve had them in the past and loved them, but they are expensive, high maintenance, and time consuming. In other words, not mommy friendly. So the title of this article got me real excited.

After reading through it, I decided that the title was a bit misleading. I was envisioning a single lash applied to each of your own natural lashes. The article was about using Ardell Individual Lashes with a longer-lasting adhesive. She had a picture of the starter kit by Ardell, which I’ve seen many times, but assumed it was just the regular kind of lash adhesive included and never really thought much of it. She said that hers last up to a week before she needs to replace the individuals that have fallen off. She also noted that it was less damaging on her lashes than actual eyelash extensions. Although this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, I still had to give this a try. I’ve written before about how I like wearing individual lashes and if this method works, I could have them on every day for at least a week without having to go through the whole application process every morning. I’d say they’re more like ‘extended-wear false lashes’ than anything else.

So I went to Ulta and picked up the LashTite Adhesive and a pack of short individual lashes from Ardell. The starter kit includes a more medium and long lashes and I only wanted to use shorts to keep it looking a little less obvious.

The individuals are the same kind used with the regular lash glue. The LashTite Adhesive is the difference, it’s clear and comes in a little glass bottle. It kinda reminds me of Crazy Glue. There is a stronger smell to it. You actually don’t want the glue to touch your eyelids, you want to place the lash as close to the base of your lashes without touching the skin. This is no easy feat-I was scared to touch the glue to my skin so some lashes were placed a little further than I wanted and I had a harder time spacing them because I have the base of my lash to help anchor my placement. There is a little time to make readjustments before the glue dries completely. I also tried not to apply too much glue so things didn’t get overly goopy, but if I was too stingy they lashes didn’t adhere as well. They were easily knocked out of place with my finger and I had to reapply. Also make sure you’re face is clean and you didn’t apply any moisturizer around your eyes that could travel to your lashes before application. This ensures they’ll really stick. The first application I let the glue get a little tacky before placing them, but I actually found that the lashes didn’t adhere as well. The ones I put on right away while the glue was still wet seemed to adhere the best, however it’s not as easy to place them. I’d pretty much drop them down and use the back of my tweezers to push them down into the right spot.

This is how they looked the first time I tried these. Excuse my brows, I haven’t had time to get the done and I didn’t wear any makeup. I didn’t get every lash as close to the base as I’d wanted, but it’s not overly noticeable unless you look way up close.

That night I carefully washed my face so as not to splash any water on my lashes. I’m a side sleeper so smushing them while I slept wasn’t an issue. The next morning, the two lashes that I didn’t glue on well enough came off. It was easy enough to replace them. I used a lash brush to comb them into place because they did move slightly when I was sleeping. Ava and I were going to a housewarming that day so I did put on makeup, I actually tried to wear winged liner. Which afterwards I regretted because I had a hard time getting close to my lashline because my falsies were in the way. I was afraid of knocking them around too much. Also removing the liner later that night was annoying, I used the Simple Cleansing Water and a Q-tip, but the Kat Von D Tattoo liner doesn’t come off easily using this method. The next day I just used a dark brown eyeshadow to line my lashline to save myself the trouble later. I found that it helped the lashes blend in even better because it was easier to get a smudged out effect than getting stark black liquid liner close enough to my lash line.

The next morning I accidentally rubbed my left eye and a couple of lashes fell off! Oops. But I also found a lash had come off on my right, and I didn’t touch that one. I did use the same makeup removal method as I had the other day with the Simple Cleansing Water, but it was much easier since I only used eye shadow. Maybe it’s still enough to loosen the adhesive. I also use moisturizer around my eyes daily, twice a day so I’m sure that doesn’t help, but that’s non-negotiable.

So what’s the ultimate verdict? I love the overall effect, but they are kind of a PIA. I’m going to wait for these to fall off on their own and just fill in with regular lash glue as needed in the meantime so I don’t look completely crazy. There is an adhesive remover that comes in the starter kit, but I can wait. Would I ever do it again? Yah, despite the annoyance I would. I just think doing them week after week is too much, I miss washing my face easily and wearing winged liner. But when I’m in the mood for just lashes and minimal eye makeup, I’d probably go another round. I don’t have to worry about mascara smudging and it does cut out time in the morning devoted to curling and layering on mascara (at least on day when I’m not refilling but the time commitment to place a couple of lashes here and there is minimal). I think the second time around I’ll feel more comfortable with the process and apply them better so they last longer. And I won’t mess around with too much eye makeup and disturb the lashes as much as I did this first go-around.

I will say these aren’t for you if:

  • You rub your eyes a lot.
  • The thought of not splashing water on your face when washing it and not standing under the shower head for long periods with water running down your face is unfathomable.
  • Having to reapply individual lashes is too fussy. Also if you haven’t tried individuals lashes using regular lash glue, then I’d start there first before going full force with the semi-permanent glue.
  • You move around a lot in your sleep or are a stomach sleeper.
  • You can’t live without wearing liquid/gel/waterproof eye makeup.

Would you try extended-wear false lashes’? Or is it too much work?


8 thoughts on “At home lash extensions? 

  1. Ooooo, I love eyelashes! I used to make them out of paper and stick them on using double sided tape when I was 14! Only had the guts to buy a pair when I was 20 and with the practice I had with the paper ones I was like an instant pro! Something about eyelashes just makes me feel happy… Is that too weird?

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  2. I’ve had lash extensions put on and they lasted on my lashes for TWO days because I found them SO annoying! (I removed them) Like you described, you have to be so careful about removing the rest of your eye makeup – if the remover is too harsh the glue is dissolved, but if the remover is too gentle, then my eye makeup won’t come off. I’d say lash extensions are only good for people who don’t want to bother with eye makeup at all.

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  3. I bought these to try before and it was one of the worst experiences for me (beauty related) lol After smelling the glue I already knew this wasnt gonna end well lol soo at that point I was already nervous putting it on … I had the same problem as you, I couldnt get it close to the base of my eye cause I was scared itll damage my eyes..and when actually placing them on they would tilt another direction, like gurrrllll whyyyy lol overall it was just a hot mess ahaha.. Your lashes turn out beautifully though, good job!! 😁

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    • I did them one more time since the post and I’m back to mascara! It’s just really hard to wait for them to fall out. I ended up getting the adhesive remover and it took forever!


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