The Face Shop Blackhead Out White Clay Nose Pack Review

Back today with another k-beauty product from Urban Outfitters, The Face Shop Blackhead Out White Clay Nose Pack. I have yet to find a way to permanently rid my nose of blackheads and I’ve been curious about these ‘nose pack’ things.

I’ll try to make this quick.

Packaging. Simple and functional. Just your basic squeeze tube. The visual on the front pretty much says it all. And there are English directions in the back. Rating: 3/5

. This stuff is thick and has the consistency of rubber cement. I washed my face before application. It’s not easy to spread on because it’s so sticky, but it’s doable. I wasn’t sure how much to layer on and I didn’t want to overdo it so I kept it as thin as I could while still making sure my nose was covered evenly. It says to let it dry for 10-15 minutes, or until fully dry. It’s pretty easy to pull off once you free it from your skin.

Unfortunately, it only removed 2 blackheads from my nose. I was not pleased. There was a little residue left around my nose that was easily removed with water. I tried this again a few days later with a thicker layer which took more than 20 minutes to dry and resulted in maybe a couple more blackheads removed. Insert thumbs down emoji here. Rating: 2/5

. The tube was only $8, but definitely not even worth that. It wasn’t a huge loss on my end, but still hugely annoying. Rating: 2/5

Total rating: 2.3/5

Back to the Biore strips I go.


2 thoughts on “The Face Shop Blackhead Out White Clay Nose Pack Review

  1. What a crock product!
    Although… I have to do a skincare plug here. Are you SURE those are blackheads on your nose? They could be sebaceous filaments, which aren’t actually bad! We’ve been marketed to by beauty companies to think those are blackheads and that they look unsightly…
    I suggest trying a BHA product! I really like Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant 🙂

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