Wet n Wild Dual-Ended Contour Stick in Medium/Tan Review

Contour products are starting to become as addictive as concealer to me. I’m always up for trying something new, especially from the drugstore. I’m not into buying contour palettes because I feel like I’d end up using only a couple of shades, so I’m always gravitating towards products like the Wet n Wild Dual-Ended Contour Stick. It comes in Light/Medium and in the shade I got, Medium/Tan. While the Burberry Contour Pen is nice, I’d still prefer to find something cheaper and it doesn’t include a highlight shade.

Here are my thoughts.

Packaging. I overall like the packaging, a basic twist-up stick that’s straight to the point. The covers snap on securely and haven’t fallen off on their own from being thrown around into a drawer.

I will mention that I did notice one of the sticks I was looking at in the store had a loose contour side and was stuck against the the top of the cover. Overall, nothing mind-blowing, just functional. Rating: 3/5

Performance. The formula is dense and has good pigmentation. It glides on pretty easily on application, not as smooth as the Burberry, but not terrible.

I like the contour shade, I think it’s a good balance between being not too ashy or too warm on my skin tone to look unnatural. The highlight shade is a little light, I wish it was a shade darker and more yellow, but I go easy on it and don’t apply it as heavily as pictured on the box. I do like that there is no shimmer in it, like some other highlighting creams I’ve seen.

Both shades are buildable so if you want to go more dramatic for night, do it. The formula is pretty thick so I do take some time to blend-I’ve used a Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques Expert face brush and prefer the sponge. I think it looks more natural and helps to sheer out the formula so it blends better. It doesn’t dry down completely and should be set with a powder. Also, it doesn’t break me out! Rating: 4/5







Before & After

Price. This is exclusive to Walmart at the moment and I got it for $4.68. Super affordable. No complaints here. Rating: 5/5

Overall rating: 4/5

I think the Wet n Wild Dual-Ended Contour Stick is definitely worth a try! For the price, you really can’t go wrong. I actually saw that NYX has another contour product that’s has a doe foot applicator that I’m also itching to try. If you have any thoughts on either of these products, let me know!

And Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t usually do my makeup based on a holiday, but since we celebrated early on Friday night (to avoid the crowds), I thought I’d share what I did. It’s really just my general going out makeup. But I did use the contour stick so you can see another view of it.


We actually went out as a family for dinner instead of leaving Ava home, the place we went is family friendly, but still kinda fancy and I was worried she was going to disturb all the other people having dinner. She actually did great though! I was amazed at how long she was able to sit without putting up much of a fuss. We go out to lunch a lot with her, but dinners not so much, but I’m glad to see she can make it through without a meltdown. We did have to pull out a Dora video at the very end, but still a win in my book.



3 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Dual-Ended Contour Stick in Medium/Tan Review

  1. What a great drugstore option. Don’t you already have the fancy Burberry contouring stick? You are a contouring addict lol! 😛 I was eyeing the Clinique ones – I like that they’re chubby = fasting application!


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