Wearing lately & a quick FOTD.

Just wanted to share what I’ve been wearing lately that isn’t so ‘mom’. Because us moms still like to get a little fancy once in awhile too. And by ‘fancy’ I mean anything but jeans and a T-shirt.

On M’s day off, we went into the city for our family day and something about going into town makes me want to look a little nicer. So of course I decide to wear a $17 trapeze dress I got from Forever 21. I belted it with a brown leather Coach belt that I actually thrifted a few years ago. I topped it off with a panama hat from Target and to be honest, I did not wear those platforms from Forever 21. I wanted to, but since I knew we’d be doing a lot of walking around, I ended up changing at the last minute into those Steve Madden ‘Donddi’ flats that I’ve been wearing all summer.

Ava and I went to a baby shower over the weekend and I wore this yellow dress from Forever 21 that I’ve actually had for forever (ha!). I remember when I was younger I used to feel like I needed a new outfit for every party. And when you have a big Filipino family, there are a lot of parties. Nowadays, I’m more practical and I’m not afraid to recycle. This dress was a steal and it’s held up surprisingly well over 5+ years. And the shoes I was really excited to wear, they’re strappy suede slingbacks with pom poms on the front that I got probably at least 8 years ago and have never worn. No joke. I’m not quite sure why these have never seen the light of day, but since they have a lower (3 inch) heel and are a taupey purple shade, they’re neutral enough and comfortable enough to work with the dress and an active toddler. 

For date night last week, I wore a pale pink blouse and navy shorts. I always get cold in restaurants and I thought the light fabric of the top would help me feel a little more covered, but not super hot since the evenings are still quite humid here. Red always feels like a neutral to me and I didn’t feel like wearing heels, so I wore these red pointed toe flats from Zara. A classic black shoulder bag completed the look.

I thought I’d throw this in because I just liked my makeup on baby shower day. Just another one of my usual neutral eye looks. I won’t bore you with the play by play, but I wanted to share what I used, especially since most of it is drugstore. I think my palette of the month is going to be the L’Oreal La Palette Nude 1, if you don’t have a big neutral eye shadow palette yet and you don’t want to spend a ton, I’d recommend this! You can read more about it and see swatches here. Also, the lipstick I wore is MAC Brave.

I hope everyone is making it through the midweek slump! Ava is sick this week and her clingy nature has reached an all time high! Like literally latching onto my leg when I try to walk away. So cute, yet so exhausting!

6 tips for staying on track with your fitness and diet routine. 

Since my last post about my fitness update, I thought I’d share some tips on how to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. Now that I’ve had to jump back into a cleaner diet and have managed to continue to workout 5 times a week for the past 3 months, I just wanted to share what’s worked for me incase you feel like throwing in the towel!

1. Meal prep. This is something I started doing more consistently so that we have lunch and dinner set for us for 2 to 3 days. I’ll just cook a whole bunch of chicken, turkey meatballs, sweet potatoes, roasted veggies, quinoa, whatever at one time and fill the plastic containers up. It just makes life so much easier and gives us less of a chance of ordering something not so healthy.

2. When in doubt, just put your workout gear on. Before I can even think about skipping a workout, I put my workout clothes on. Sometimes, if I can already tell I’m not feeling the exercise vibes in the morning, I put on my workout clothes as soon as I get up and wear them while I run errands. Or right after Ava’s bath time, I change into them so that I can’t decide to just veg out on the couch after putting her to bed. It’s almost like, “Well, I’m already dressed for it, just do it!”

3. Do something you actually enjoy. There is nothing more boring to me than the elliptical. But running was too hard sometimes so I’d always default to the elliptical during my previous fitness forays. My parents actually bought and elliptical machine because I said I’d do use it all the time. Yah, lemme just say here that it’s now a coat rack in my parents’ basement. I think I convinced myself it was the best piece of workout equipment in life because I could do it without hurting my knees and I was losing weight. I had to watch TV to get myself through, but I got it done. If I never get on another elliptical machine again, it will be too soon. I don’t think I realized how much I hate it until doing Zumba and other exercise classes in the past. It’s just so much more fun and I actually enjoy it. And while T25 felt super intense at first, I enjoy the workouts and have managed to consistently workout since starting in April because it doesn’t feel like monotonous torture.

4. Focus on how you feel. I think if I was die hard about the scale, I’d never keep up with the exercise. Like if I realized that all the working out wasn’t actually changing the numbers it would feel discouraging. I really wanted to keep this more about feeling good an being fit, and exercising actually makes me feel good instead of feeling like a chore to me now. With that being said, if you are more focused on weight loss, do weigh yourself more periodically. Not daily if that’s too much, but at least every few days or weekly. Or have a pair of jeans that you use as a measure. It will help you re-evaluate your diet and exercise plan and make adjustments as needed. It’s way too easy to ignore the scale and be in denial.

5. Don’t skip the snacks. Sometimes I forget about snacking or am not prepared and I don’t bring one with me when I’m out. It makes me want to have junk so much more or even overeat on the healthy stuff. Also, don’t kid yourself on the ‘healthy’ snacks. I have an addiction to veggie sticks and I will eat a whole bag. Or portion out some in a bowl then eat 3 bowls because they’re ‘not as bad as chips’. They still have calories and all those extra calories do add up!

I recently picked these up at Target to satisfy my chip cravings. I have fruit along with them since, let’s face it, these aren’t filling me up. Ava even liked them, we finished the whole pack together because she kept begging for more!

6. Work out when you can because you never know when you can’t. We had plans Wednesday night, so I did a workout Sunday which normally is a rest day for me. That way I could skip Sunday, but still get 5 sessions in for the week. For some reason my hip was bothering me on Thursday, but I figured it would be fine by my 9 PM date with Shaun. I even decided to do the ‘easiest’ workout in the set just to be safe. The minute I started to jog, I had to stop, my hip was killing me! And I was actually disappointed, I was all in gear to workout that night. M said to let it go, you’re obviously in pain. So I skipped that night and by the next day I was fine. I’m glad I worked out on Sunday, because I didn’t anticipate I’d have to skip Thursday too! But another important point here is to listen to your body and rest when you need to, especially if you’re in pain. You’re risking further injury pushing yourself through real pain and likely keeping you on the sidelines longer.

Please share any of your tips for staying on track! 🙂

A typical day of healthy eats.

Since doing my T25 update, I thought I’d also share what a typical day of healthy eating looks like for me. Right now I’m doing another Advocare 24 Day Challenge and following their meal plan recommendations along with taking their supplements, but once it’s over (this Wednesday) I plan to continue along eating the same things. I did continue to lose weight last year after finishing the challenge, eating the same foods without the supplements. I’m always on Pinterest looking at clean eating pins, so I thought this might be helpful for anyone else also trying to get healthy and fit.


I start off my morning with a chocolate mocha shake from Advocare, which is honestly just easy and quick. And it tastes good. There are plenty of healthy smoothie and shake recipes online if you’d prefer to make your own. I think just watching the amount of sugar and calories when making your own is key.

Mid-morning snack:

About 2 hours later, I usually have a banana and depending on how hungry I am, a hard-boiled egg. I’m usually out of the house around this time, and bananas are the perfect on-the-go snack.


I usually make enough grilled chicken, veggies, and quinoa to last about 3 days on a meal prep day. It just throw it all on a plate and warm it in the microwave. I just recently started eating quinoa and I’m obsessed! It just easily melds with whatever food you’re eating and it’s a great source of protein. I bought a 4 pack of Flavor God seasonings that I sprinkle on everything. I think the hardest part of healthy eating is that it can be bland. These seasonings definitely help to keep things interesting.

Afternoon snack:

It’s usually more fruit, today it was cantaloupe. Sometimes I’ll have a rice cake with natural peanut butter too (the no sugar added kind). I went grocery shopping today and found these kale chips that I just had to try. I’ve tried to make them on my own in the past, but they never turn out as good! If anyone has a special recipe, please share. 🙂


Gluten-free panko crusted tilapia and roasted veggies. During Advocare, you cut out gluten and dairy. These ones are surprisingly pretty good, I initially got them to make turkey meatballs gluten-free, but have found them to work well for tilapia and pork chops!

Evening snack:

I am a definite night snacker, I can’t help it. Lately, I’m obsessed with watermelon. I’m sure I get some stares at the market as I feel up almost every single watermelon before deciding which is going to be a winner, but I don’t care. A good, sweet and juicy watermelon is so worth the effort!

And just a few other things to note:

1. No haven’t given up gluten & dairy for life. Bread and cheese make my life better. I usually have a ‘cheat day’ once a week where I have what I want, it makes me feel less like I’m giving it up and almost makes whatever I’m having that much more delicious.

2. Eat every 2-3 hours. It will help keep you sane if you’re starting any new diet.

3. Chug water. Even if it means you’re in the bathroom 50 times a day. It’ll keep you hydrated and less bloated.

4. Use small plates. So even if you want to load them up, you don’t have much space anyway!

I hope this was somewhat helpful and possibly gave you some menu ideas for the week!

Fitness update and a T25 review.

It’s been awhile since I talked about wanting to get in shape with T25. I started with the program sometime in April and have since finished a full round of it. I’d meant to do an update after completing the first phase, but we went on vacation right after, then had to recover from the vacation as soon as we got home. I’ve really enjoyed the workouts and I wanted to share my experience incase anyone was contemplating giving T25 a go, but you weren’t sure if it was right for you.

T25 is split up into two phases: Alpha and Beta. Alpha is where you “build your foundation” and Beta has a stronger focus on strengthening your core to get you those abs you’ve always dreamed of (insert wistful sigh here). Each workout is 25 minutes long, BUT there is an added roughly 3 minute stretch at the end of each one so you’ll technically be working out for almost a half hour. Sunday is ‘stretch’ day and is the most relaxed, I like that he incorporates a little yoga into his stretches. Monday through Friday the workouts focus on building strength and cardiovascular fitness. The DVDs come with a schedule that tells you which workouts to do and they mix them up so it keeps you on your toes and your body doesn’t get used to do the same thing everyday. Fridays are “double days” if you so choose and you get the option of doing two workouts, but it’s not mandatory. Obviously it will improve your results if you do. During the Alpha phase, the only equipment you really need is a yoga mat, during Beta you also need either a resistance band or a couple of hand weights. The DVD set actually comes with a resistance band. I’ll also say that there is a good amount of high impact exercise going on so good supportive sneakers are a must. I have bad knees (I’ve had surgery on my left already) so this was especially important for me.

Let me start by saying that don’t be fooled into thinking the Alpha phase is the ‘easy’ beginner phase. It’s no joke. I hadn’t worked out at all since even before getting pregnant, but I thought, “Hey, it’s just the beginning. How bad can it be?”  Real bad, but so good. I actually questioned how I was going to make it through to the end of that first cardio session. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. There is one person who is the modifier who does low impact versions of each exercise, but me being the overachiever had to go all out. I survived, stopping a few times when necessary, but I powered through and cursed Shaun T for making me workout harder than I ever had in my life. M was my workout buddy and I think that also helped to keep me committed and make it more fun. Although I was dripping with sweat and felt like my knees were going to give in, I actually felt a sense of accomplishment when I’d reach the end of a workout. I also felt extremely uncoordinated for the first week, but after the first couple of days it got smoother. Each day, my endurance improved. By the time we’d finished Alpha before going on vacation, I’d lost 4 pounds and felt stronger. I was still doing all the push-ups modified, but overall the moves felt much easier.

So after returning from vacation, we didn’t jump right back in to start Beta. M tweaked his back and couldn’t work out and I was exhausted after the travel day from hell. But by the 3rd day of being home I was actually craving my 25 minutes of Shaun! I ended up doing a few of the workouts from Alpha for the rest of the week before starting fresh with Beta the next. M’s back was still out of commission so I pushed through on my own. Beta is definitely more challenging and feels more fast-paced, but since some of the moves carryover from Alpha it’s much easier to follow along. During Beta you also start doing more resistance training with either a band or free weights. I’d recommend free weights because it’s harder to keep up and position the band before starting the exercise.  I used the band the first time, but immediately got free weights for the next strength training workout. Shaun also reminds you throughout each workout to “use your core!”, which took awhile for me to focus on when I was just trying to figure out the moves. But again, it gets easier. By the end of Beta I was doing regular push-ups, something I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to do. I could also see more muscle tone in my arms & stomach (there are abs under there!) and I was feeling great. I was really proud of myself for completing the 10 weeks and I was amazed at all that I could now do (I never in my life thought I’d be doing burpees).


I didn’t keep up with the clean eating during Beta and I didn’t bother weighing myself. The overindulgence during vacation, dinners with friends, and summer BBQs really weakened my resolve in terms of my diet. It’s just a testament to the fact that exercise isn’t enough, what you eat is just as important. I also didn’t do the stretch on two of the Sunday’s, and they really are important. I noticed my flexibility seemed worse if I skipped it.  Needless to say I gained back the 4 pounds I’d lost during Alpha. But, honestly I think at least a pound of that gain is muscle (I hope). I knew I needed to get back on track with my diet, but it was just not happening for more than a day.

Fast forward to where I am now. I decided to do another round of T25. And let me tell you, Alpha is still freaking hard! I thought I’d be breezing through, but it’s just as challenging because I’m not modifying at all. I’m also only doing one workout on Fridays now, I’m not really trying to lose weight a ton of weight, I just want to stay in shape.  I also started another round of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I realized I needed something to get my back on track with healthy eating and it had been a year since I’d done my first challenge. M is doing it with me which is so helpful. I’d done the challenge when I first tried to lose the baby weight, if you want to read about that, you can here. I’m about 10 days in and I already feel so much better. And I’ve already lost the 4 pounds I’d gained. I’m not surprised because I was eating potato chips like every single day. 

What’s actually important is that I feel better. I’ve been consistently exercising 5 days a week for the past 3 months which is probably a world record for me. Doing T25 has made me want to workout, instead of dragging my feet to the gym or coming up with excuses not to go. There is no good excuse. You don’t need any fancy equipment and you don’t even need to leave your house. And it’s only 25 minutes a day. And Shaun is very motivating. My favorite saying of his is, “Don’t run from the burn, feel the burn.” He actually makes me work as hard as I can. And don’t get me wrong, I do have days when I think, “Ugh, not today! Just skip it.” But I do it anyway and I’m always happy I did. And feeling happy is better than feeling guilty.

I wholeheartedly recommend T25 to anyone looking to improve their fitness levels, without a huge time commitment. Once I’m finished with this round of T25, I’m definitely going to be trying another one of his workout programs. I hope this was helpful to anyone looking to start exercising and wants to do something quick and effective!

And thank you for reading, especially if you made it to the end of this long post!

Current non-beauty favorites: May 2015

Another month gone, another group of favorites. May will always be one of my favorite months of the year and this one was definitely fun-filled with our first family vacation, as well as some other new non-beauty things I’ve been enjoying. Here’s the round up.

1. My girlfriend got me this cute little ring/jewelry plate with a unicorn on it for my birthday. It has special meaning because Ava has a rocking horse unicorn that my brother gave her for her birthday and she is too cute when she’s riding it. I keep the plate on my nightstand and put my rings, bracelet, and earrings on it before hitting the hay.

2. She also got me this travel coffee mug. I think it says it all.

3. I talked about this necklace in my Current Obsession post. Still obsessed.

4. We brought Ava to a local farm last year to pick out pumpkin for Halloween. I saw they sold their own popcorn kernels, the kind you pop in a pan on the stove. Seriously, I will never go back to the microwave bags it’s so good. I don’t know if it’s because it’s from that farm or if I’d get the same effect from the kind you buy at the grocery store, but it just tastes fresh. I’m thinking about popping some right now just typing this.


5. Okay the real reason I’ve decided to slow down from daily blogging is Orange is the New Black (just kidding, kinda). Per usual, I’m late to the game on this one, but I’m glad I’m finally watching! A friend was speaking so highly of it that I had to see what it was all about (so much so that he convinced me that we needed Netflix). If you’re looking for a new show to watch, I definitely recommend this one. Even M is into it, and the friend who recommended it was a guy, so it could be a show you won’t have any TV battles on with the boy. This is the first Netflix show we’ve ever watched and I love being able to just go from episode to episode without having to wait a week.

6. M surprised me with a new handbag for my birthday/our anniversary/Mother’s Day. I’ve been lusting after the Celine Nano Luggage Tote for the past 3 years and it’s everything I’ve imagined it to be and more. Despite the small size, it’s quite roomy on the inside so I can fit a lot in there with room to spare. I’ve also always wanted a red purse, I tend gravitate towards black, but the red to me is still a neutral. I’ve literally been wearing it with everything, it’s so good.

That wraps up my non-beauty faves this month! What were you loving?

Current life favorites: April 2015

This month, I wanted to share some favorites that are out of the beauty realm just to do something new. I love makeup, but sometimes it’s nice to write about the other things in life that I’ve been into lately. My blog is obviously very beauty heavy, but recently, I’ve just been wanting it to be a more a more ‘full’ reflection of me because honestly, this is the only place I really talk about makeup. I guess I just want to share the other things about me with all of you too. Of course, makeup will still factor heavily here; I do enjoy writing and sharing about the products I use, but all the ‘other’ is pretty fun too.

1. Quiet mornings to myself. It still only happens occasionally when I randomly wake up before M and Ava, but it’s pretty sweet having some quiet time in the mornings. I slip on my cozy socks, make my breakfast shake, and watch the morning news.

2. Happy sweaters. I got this sweater from J. Crew a few years ago, it’s not really something I wear anymore, but don’t have the heart (ha!) to give up. I was having one of those mornings that just felt kind of crappy, and I figured why not, maybe it’ll put me in a better mood. It did.

3. Afternoon tea. I’m a coffee person, but sometimes in the afternoon I do enjoy a nice hot cup of tea. In my Las Vegas mug, of course. It just feels like a nice, relaxing afternoon treat.

4. A gold framed mirror. It didn’t occur to me that the library would be closed on Patriot’s Day so when we drove out and found an empty parking lot, I didn’t want to just go back home. So we went to Ikea. I came across this gold framed mirror and snapped a pic to show M. I really want to put it in our ‘other’ living room (it’s supposed to be a ‘formal’ dining room, but we ain’t fancy like that), but it’s kind of turned into Ava’s playroom and it just wouldn’t work. I’m going to find a home for it somewhere around here, whether M likes it or not.

5. Red Queen. I recently finished Dark Places and thought it was okay, I still like Gone Girl better. I needed a new Nook book and decided on Red Queen. If you like YA novels, I definitely recommend this one, I’ve been reading this every night. It’s kind of a mix of the Hunger Games and the Selection Series plus Marvel super powers, to give you a feel for it. This is the first book in the series, and I’m bummed I’m going to have to wait for the next one to come out!

6. Shaun T. Okay, I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with Shaun. I’m planning on doing a fitness update once we complete the 5 week Alpha phase, but I will say now that things are going great and I actually look forward to my nightly T25 sweat session with M. That’s saying a lot for someone who has never really liked exercise. I’ve also been very satisfied with my results so far and I’m excited to see where I’ll be when I complete the 10 weeks.

Hope you enjoyed a little something new from me and some of the other life things I’m enjoying lately! What are you loving outside of beauty? Also please recommend any books I should download before I go on vacation, I need some airplane reading on the off chance Ava falls asleep for a couple of hours and doesn’t torture the other passengers!

One day in six.

Another fun-filled family day!

1. Woke up before M and Ava today. I pulled on this super old hooded sweatshirt that I stole from my brother and never gave back. It’s my favorite for just lounging around the house. He’s never asked for it back, probably because he doesn’t know I took it!

2. Breakfast is served. I’ve been making an almond butter and banana chocolate smoothie every morning since starting T25. I actually like the Advocare shakes better, but since we got this I want to use them up.  I’m kind of addicted to this mix now though. I sat on the couch and enjoyed it in blissful silence.

3. We went into the city today, had lunch, and stopped by one of my happy places. 🙂 I had a Southwest Chicken Caesar salad for lunch and it was so good! Little known fact: if something on a menu is called ‘Southwest’, 9 times out of 10 I’m ordering it.

4. Ava was too cute today, even the SA in Neiman Marcus wanted to wanted to babysit for us. She actually lasted our whole trip in the stroller until the very end, but I watched her like a hawk while she stretched her legs. Mommy wasn’t trying to pay for any damaged goods.

5. Ava took a nice long nap when we got home, then indulged in her favorite new show. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is so last month. It’s all about Dora now.

6. Finally upgraded to the iPhone 6! M got the 6 Plus, but I think it’s just way too big. My screensaver is a picture from Ava’s one year photoshoot, I just love the expression on her face!

How was your day?

Mission Closet Organization, Complete!

I’d posted way back when about how almost a year after moving into our house, I’d still not completely unpacked my closet. It was actually quite embarrassing every time we’d show someone around our new place. I would stay downstairs with Ava and quietly cringe as I imagined M bringing people into our bedroom and having people silently judge my laziness as they poked their heads into my closet. I kind of wish I had taken pictures of the before because it looked like a hot mess. I always had clothes thrown on the ground because I was still living out of those huge Ziplock bags we’d used to pack our clothes in during the move. I’d just throw things to the side and make excuses. I just had a baby. I don’t have time to clean. Well, 9 or 10 months later, that excuse was getting old, even to me.

In that post, I made it a goal to have the closet organized by my birthday, May 1, as a gift to myself. Who doesn’t want a clean closet where you can actually find what you need in less than a minute? I was spending so much time just finding what I was looking for, it was getting ridiculous! Anyway, I met my goal about a month early, mostly because we’re going away in early May and I need to focus my energy on getting together everything we’ll need for our trip. But, I didn’t want to push this back any further so I put myself into overdrive just to get it done. I will say that it’s not quite perfect, I still need to get more of those felt hangers so that they are all uniform, but otherwise I’m happy with the turnout. I’d love to get some built-ins put in someday, but we have bigger home improvements to do first.

On the left side is my jewelry cabinet and we got those cubicle style shelves from Ikea so I’d have more storage and a place to put things. At the end, I have my belts and scarves hanging, as well as hanging shoe storage where I keep my flats and sandals. I need another hanger for my scarves because they are overflowing on the one I have. On the right, I organized all my clothes into dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, etc. Everything is separated so I’m not combing through each hanger to find what I’m looking for. It’s actually been easy to keep it organized since I took the time to do it. I lined my shoes around the perimeter going from sneakers to boots to heels. I have my bags stored on the wire shelving at the end of my closet, it’s not ideal, but it works for now. I want to put compartments up there somehow, but again, not priority at the moment.

I’m still trying to figure out how to best utilize the space in the Ikea compartments. Originally, I’d wanted to keep my folded jeans and sweaters in there, but with Ava it’s not happening. She’d end up pulling everything out. I’m keeping them up on the wire shelving above this for the time being. It’s nice to have a spot to put things, instead of scattering my jewelry on my nightstand as I remove it at the end of the night. I have a little fan shaped glass dish that I put all my stud earrings on since that’s what I typically wear and my girlfriend gave me a hand with all the palm reading lines on it for putting rings on. I also hang my hoop earrings off the thumb since the only rings I wear often are my wedding band and engagement ring.

Opposite the back wall is my vanity. That little plastic 5-drawer compartment is where I keep the makeup overflow. To the left of the Ikea shelves is the matching jewelry storage to the vanity. If I could convince M to get the matching nightstands I’d be stoked, but I’m not even going to go there. He thinks our bedroom looks girly enough as is.

This whole process has really made getting ready for day easier and more enjoyable. It’s also so easy to keep everything organized now. I’d love to know how you guys store your handbags, I’m still not happy with how they look on that shelf, so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

Working on my fitness: Starting T25

I was very hesistant to post about this because I have a terrible history with exercise in general. I’ve had multiple gym memberships and have even tried at home workout videos in the past and have never consistently stuck to any of them. But, I know that nobody is perfect and that yes, it’s highly likely that I may do this for a month and then completely forget about it. I also know that life gets in the way sometimes, along with laziness, exhaustion, and just general lack of motivation. I think these are challenges we all face when it comes to exercise and fitness and I think talking about how I (hopefully) overcome those things here might actually be helpful to others. I also know that many of you are very committed to exercise and good health in general and that I can learn a lot from all of you.

I’d talked in a past post about losing the baby weight mainly through improving my eating habits. Starting to incorporate exercise to gain a healthier lifestyle is actually not all about losing weight for me at this point, I honestly am feeling the effects of being out of shape. I just don’t feel as good as I know I can, climbing up the stairs with Ava from the garage to the first floor is not easy. Especially when you’re also carrying the diaper bag and all the stuff you bought while running errands. Although taking care of a toddler is hard work, I’m just more sedentary than I was when I was working. I spent the whole day on my feet and was very hands on with my work, I was active all day long. M has also been wanting to get into shape, so we thought this was the perfect workout to do together.

I wanted to try T25 because I wanted something convenient that I could do at home and wouldn’t take a lot of time. My cousin is a Beachbody coach and she is always posting videos on her Instagram and Facebook account about her workouts. She’s never pushed me to try the program, but seeing her in action says it all and she’s also a mother, so I knew that if she could fit in a quick workout daily, I had no great excuse. The high intensity exercise of T25 is supposed to put your body in the range for “continuous calorie burn”, meaning that you should continue to burn calories all day long (Source). The package we got comes with the workout DVDs, exercise band, meal plan and workout calendar, as well as Shakeology meal replacement shakes. The workouts are done 5 days a week (with an optional 6th workout if you do a ‘double day’ Friday). The meal plan has a guide that helps determine how many calories a day to shoot for, honestly, I plan to just eat clean and healthy as much as possible (Easter Sunday is coming and we always have a big family party so that day will be an exception, vacation is coming up, and whatever else). Anyway, I won’t go too much more into it as I’m so new to this program myself. I’ll probably update periodically about how things are progressing and share my overall thoughts once I’ve gotten through it.

We got up bright and early to do our first workout this morning. Oh man, I am definitely out of shape! But, it wasn’t as bad as I thought, I actually kept up with Shaun during the first 15 minutes of the workout, then did the modified routine for the remaining 10 minutes. It was fun to do this with M, we joked and encouraged each other the whole way through. And I was totally motivated by the blond woman on the left, I want her abs! So we survived our first workout and are pretty excited to keep going, despite it being quite intense.

Have you tried T25? What was your experience?