Fall 2016 Wardrobe Update

I took advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to get a few new items for fall, and I got a couple of pairs of shoes after, just to bolster what I already have for the colder weather. I’ve been weeding out my closet gradually whenever the mood strikes and just trying to add items that I think will be more well-loved from year to year. I have a really hard time letting go of clothes, even the ones I haven’t worn in years. I always have this “you never know” mentality and think I might somehow want to wear them again. But I actually put a few pairs of shoes in a bag for donation last week because seeing all the shoes pile up was starting to get to me. Anyway, here are the newbies to my closet crew.

1. Love by Design Mock Neck Patch Pocket Pullover

I actually wasn’t crazy about this when I was browsing in-store, but I decided to try it on anyway. I can never have enough sweaters for the winter. After that I had to get it. It’s just such an easy basic and I love everything oversized. The pockets add a little something different to a pretty classic top. I tried to link this but it sold out, this is similar.

2. BP Cross Front Woven Blouse

I thought this was a nice blouse to wear for any occasions that where I’d need to be slightly more dressed up and I love this deep burgundy color for fall. I like that it’s drapey and that its a bit longer in the back to hide any extra tush. Sorry it’s so wrinkled, but I quickly wanted to take some photos while my mom was hanging with Ava.

3. BP Plaid Square Scarf

I’ve been wanting a plaid scarf in this style for the past two winters and just never got around to getting one. But since this was in the sale it was the perfect opportunity to pick one up. It adds some interest to an otherwise more plain outfit and since it’s blanket style, it adds some extra warmth too.

4. BP Long Sleeve Tunic Tee

I know, boring right? Well I realized I don’t have enough long-sleeved basic tops in my closet. These are great for layering and go with everything. I have a black & white striped one from Target that I love, and I actually just ordered the white one because it’s on sale (even cheaper than the Anniversary price too!). I like the longer length for more coverage and I can always tuck it in for certain outfits too.

5. Madden Girl Two-Piece Block Heeled Sandals

I love the whole block heel trend for fall and needed a pair of nude strappy heels to round out my shoe options. These are a 3″ heel and added with the added thickness they are actually pretty comfortable. I used to think a 4″ heel was NBD, but ever since having Ava I just can’t deal with heels anymore. It can be kind of a bummer because most shoes I’m attracted to are at a higher heel height and I never buy them because I know I’ll likely never wear them. These I wore them to my cousin’s rehearsal dinner with no complaints. These are the only item I didn’t get from Nordstrom, they’re from Macy’s. They’re listed as a blush color, but I think they’re more nude/taupe.

7. Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry Capri Mules

photo via lulus.com

I had to jump into this mule trend for fall with these slide-on flat mules. I saw them on damselindior’s IG and immediately looked them up. I was initially kind of unsure whether I liked this trend at all, but she made them look so chic. I’m still waiting for these to come in the mail, if I’m in love with them I’ll update this post with a picture of them on. If you’re not into the mule trend, there is also a the regular loafer version with the back in the same style.

8. HM Belted Vest

I actually bought this in the beginning of the summer, knowing I wanted it for fall. It’s a great piece for layering and I’m looking forward to wearing it once the cooler air hits. It’s one of those things that you can just throw on when you feel like your outfit isn’t quite complete. I like this better unbelted, so I just tie the belt in the back to give more of a cinched waist appearance. It’s no longer for sale, but I found this one from Asos that is very similar.

What have you been buying for fall? Any good deals to share? I’d love to know!

Outfit inspiration: Blush + camel + green (and a pop of red!)

When I saw Joy’s post about mixing green, camel, and blush pink, I knew I had to give it a try myself. This is a color combination I never would have thought to put together, but actually go together quite nicely. I think the overall tones of the outfit really complement each other and make for a great look. It’s a way to really bring a lot of color to an outfit without it being too ‘in your face’ about it. Perfect for those who aren’t big on color, but want to switch it up a little bit from the usual black/white/grey palette.

Here’s what I did.

When I mentally prepared this outfit in my head, the blouse and vest immediately came to mind. The camel part of the outfit was the hardest, I had to go into my closet to figure out what I was going to use. I actually don’t own one pair of traditional khakis, I’ve never had to a reason to buy them. When I was working, I wore scrubs every day and khakis were never something I thought to wear in my off time. I’m just more of a jeans type of girl. But this old lace tiered skirt I got from Marshall’s a few years ago filled the void well enough.

The blush colored blouse is from H&M last year, but it seems to be a staple in their stores because I saw it there a couple of weeks ago in some other colors. My cousin was also wearing it the other day in black! For some reason I couldn’t find it on the website, but I’ll link something similar here. The color I have is a bit sheer so you’d want to have a tank to wear underneath. The green utility vest is American Rag that I ordered online from Macy’s. It cinches in at the waist with a drawstring to give it more shape and it’s a great fall layering piece. It’s on sale now for around $50, but if you’re interested, just wait for the next holiday if you can. They add additional discounts around those times, so I got mine for $38 dollars around Columbus Day weekend.

I kept it neutral with some old taupe suede booties from Steve Madden, but added a pop of color with a red structured crossbody bag. I’d been seeing these furry poofs all over the place lately as a little bag accessory and I couldn’t help but jump in on the trend. This one was super cheap on Amazon (just search for fur bag keychain) at only 7ish dollars. I actually ordered two in the grey color so I could give one to my sister, but beware, they aren’t all alike. The coloring and shape can be a little different, I had to spend some time fluffing mine up to get looking nice and round. Still, not bad for less than $10.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks to Joy for the outfit inspiration!

Brown booties, 2 ways.

Fall brings out the booties and I am not immune. I can’t get enough. I don’t need anymore, but I can’t help looking.

The real issue is LiketoKnow.it on IG. Everytime I see someone posting an outfit I like, I can immediately find out where it came from just by ‘liking’ the picture. That’s how I came across the Ryan Chelsea boot from Madewell. I’ve been wanting a pair of booties in brown with a higher heel ever since getting a flatter pair last fall. I wanted something I could wear with not just jeans, but also dresses. These were definitely on the pricier side for me shoe-wise, but I know they’ll last me a bit longer  and they’re actually really comfortable.

P.S. They’re also on sale and an extra 40% off right now! And they come in black.

I wore them with some mustard yellow skinny jeans and an oversized cream wool sweater. And since it was ‘wash day’ for my hair, I threw on a hat. The half-bun is also my current go-to for dirty hair days.

The other option is to pair them with a dress and a fleece cardigan. This is actually a great summer to fall transitional look because the dress is actually one of those off-the-shoulder numbers that everyone was wearing during the summer. Just throw a sweater on top and you’re good to go. Don’t give up on your summer dresses quite yet!

In terms of makeup lately, I shared my fall lipstick faves here. This is the Wet n Wild one in 908C. It’s nice to throw on when you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your eyes for some color. It’s kind of bold for a Target run, but why not? It also stays on forever without touching up. I actually picked up two new lipsticks over the weekend (I swear I don’t have anything like them!) that I’ll be sharing soon.

My face makeup is starting to succumb to my oily T-zone, but after almost 6 hours, the lipstick  was hanging in there! I did use Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Natural underneath, so that probably helped. But it powered through lunch and some afternoon tea like a champ without retouching.

Hope your weekend is going well and that you’re all happily transitioning into fall!

HRH Collection T-shirt Chain Review

I finally bit the bullet and ordered two necklaces from the t-shirt chain line of HRH Collection. I’ve been eyeing them since she came out with them on her vlogs because they are exactly what I like when it comes to necklaces. They’re meant to be layered and the longer necklaces can be worn tucked into the neckline of whatever top you’re wearing. I love the sleek, classic, and unfussy design of her t-shirt chains-they really bring some interest to any more basic shirt and make it look nicer. I was watching one of her vlogs in which she wore one of the pieces I bought and I thought, “Yes, I need that. Like right now.” It was almost midnight and I was commenting on her IG account to ask about them. She actually got back to me immediately which was really nice.

I didn’t actually make an order right away because I had trouble figuring out how to find them on the website. Her t-shirt chains aren’t individually listed so it’s hard to figure out which is which. Her assistant actually helped me figure out the exact ones I wanted via email. I’d love it if she did individual listings of each piece, just so I could see it in its entirety. Hopefully, they’ll be able to do that in the future. But either Alex or her assistant responded to my emails within a day or two so I was able to get my questions answered pretty quickly.

I’ve had these necklaces for about a month now and I’m pretty in love with them. I wear either one or both daily.

Here’s what I got.

Sleek curb long choker. I’ve always liked the look of her chokers, but I don’t like the feel of anything too close around my neck. Since this is a bit longer than her regular ones, it sits more at the base of my neck and doesn’t feel constricting. The chain is really nice, it has a good weight to it and feels quite sturdy. The lobster clasp is actually larger than I would have expected, but it’s not bothersome. It didn’t come with an O-ring at the other end where most necklaces clasp, which kind of threw me off to be honest. It still works when clasping it to the last ring of the chain, but it just seemed unfinished. It doesn’t have the HRH tag at the end either. I like the necklace so much that I let it go. It was a little surprising to me though because she does seems to have an eye for detail. Ironically, in one of her latest vlogs she explains why she doesn’t add the O-ring because some of her other customers asked about it. She said it changes the fit of the piece and demonstrated with one of her bracelets. She makes her chokers to fit a 13 inch neck and her bracelets a 6 inch wrist. So now I totally get her rationale and yah, it would add a little extra length that might alter the look. I have a 12 inch neck so the long choker is even a bit longer on me anyway. Regardless, I love the look of this choker, it’s a darker, almost gunmetal shade of silver and it adds a little edge to your look.

Double chain necklace. This is one of the necklaces I saw in her vlog that I’d really wanted. I’ll link it here if you want to watch it, the ones she was wearing while drinking wine with the black scoop neck top are what I’m talking about.  I assumed it was two separate chains, but it’s two in one. The chain here is a paler silver and is quite bright. It also feels well made, it has all the usual components along with the HRH tag. The lobster clasp is not quite as large as the previous necklace. I usually tuck the longer chain into my top when I wear this. I love layering this one with my bow necklace from Dogeared. I like that the chain is more substantial while still being delicate. It adds some elegance to your outfit when you’re wearing a lower neckline.

Here’s a look at how the necklaces lay on me. I wasn’t expecting to like both together because of the different tones of the metal, but I actually do like how they pair with each other. I do tend to wear the choker more often when I’m wearing a crew neck or other collar that isn’t so open.

And here’s how I typically wear them day to day.

All in all, I’m happy with my purchases and I do want to pick up a couple more at some point. They also come in gold, but since I got those layering necklaces from Bauble Bar I’m holding off for now. I really want to get her lariat necklace and the Orion’s Belt necklace to round out what I have already.

Have you bought any jewelry from HRH Collection? Let me know down below!

Current favorites: September 2015

I almost skipped posting all together this week, I had all my photos ready, but not much time to write. But I just couldn’t let a whole week go by without at least one post, so I’m squeezing this in before I go to sleep tonight. We had a great weekend-I took Ava to a first birthday party on Saturday, and on Sunday we brought her to a local amusement park. Later that night we got to see one of my best friends (also Ava’s godmother) who moved out of state, but came home for a few days. It was so cute, Ava usually doesn’t take to people she doesn’t know well, but she immediately grabbed her ninang’s hand and started leading her all over the house. I was so surprised! It always makes me happy when I see her being friendly with other people she doesn’t see so often.

Anyway, on to the faves.

L’Oreal La Palette Nude 1. This palette is just so good for everyday makeup looks, you really have everything you need here. Although it’s not super unique, it is versatile, whether you just want a quick wash of color over your lids or a brown smokey eye. I’ll link my review here if you’re interested.

Chanel Bronze Universal. I almost forgot about this stuff and I’m not sure why I hadn’t used it more often. I finally started using it this month and I wish I had more at the start of the summer. I remember this was a highly talked about product in the YouTube beauty world, and man, it wasn’t easy to get my hands on. I remember asking about it everytime I passed a Chanel counter and it always being out of stock. It’s a cream bronzer that dries down to a powder finish and it really does give a beautiful warmth to the skin. I really like applying it with the Real Techniques blush brush.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light. This is definitely going to be a must-have for me, it’s the best powder I’ve used for setting my under eye concealer. It’s brightening, doesn’t make my skin look look dry, and it’s so fine it doesn’t look heavy. All around love. It also works for setting my whole face if necessary so it makes a good travel companion too. Also reviewed here.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation Powder. I’ve been sticking to powder foundation most days this month and the more I use this, the more I like it. I did review it here. It gives a good medium coverage and it doesn’t look overly powdery. And it wears well when I set it with the Urban Decay All-Nighter makeup setting spray. I still want to try the It Cosmetics powder foundation, but if that’s a bust, I’d go back to this.

And for non-beauty faves:

I’ve been wearing more silver lately, I’ll share more on why in another post, but this bow necklace from Dogeared and these stud earrings from Anjolee have been go-to’s. The necklace is easy to layer with and earrings pair with pretty much everything I wear. They were given to me by Anjolee for review, which you can read more about here.

I’m excited for October to get here, we’re apple picking next weekend (Ava’s first time) and I can’t wait for Halloween! We have a coordinated family costume this year that I got last week, and Ava looks SO CUTE. I’ll definitely be sharing pics. We’re also hosting her little friends that night for pizza and trick-or-treating in our neighborhood so it will be some major cuteness overload at our house that night. 🙂

What are you looking forward to in October?

P.S. I’m already late on my blog posting schedule, I totally forgot to schedule this for 9 AM. Oh well.

*The earrings mentioned in this post were given to me by Anjolee for review, as always, all thoughts and opinions shared here are my own.

Fall Wardrobe Addendum

I posted last week about the items I bought to update my fall wardrobe, but there was one other thing that I wanted to find in store to make sure I got the right size. I finally hit the mall today because Ava’s been walking around for weeks with mismatched earrings and I couldn’t take it anymore. So it was a good opportunity to find what I was looking for, along with a couple of extras.

P.S. Please excuse the background mess created in the making of this blog post. I squeezed this in between making dinner and other general household clean-up.

Denim button-front skirt. I’ve been wanting one of these for quite awhile, but didn’t want to order it online because I didn’t want to deal with getting the wrong size or realizing it looks cuter on the model than it does on me (I hate when that happens). I saw this skirt online at H&M and prayed they’d have it in-store in my size. I lucked out. I love that this skirt can work for summer and fall, so I decided to share a quick ‘summer to fall’ look with it. For summer, I topped it off with a cropped tank and gladiator sandals. For fall, I paired it with ankle booties and the sweaters from my previous post. It’s versatile and definitely a 90’s throwback I can get into. There’s also a nude suede version, but unfortunately they didn’t not have my size. I’ll link it here incase you’re interested.

H&M Denim Skirt (with front pockets) | H&M Denim Skirt (similar)

Black skater skirt. This wasn’t something I was looking for, but when I saw it at Forever 21 and the super affordable price (less than $6), I figured why not? Skirts are actually kind of lacking in my wardrobe and this was a steal. I know I can easily pair it with any other color since it’s black. I’m excited to start wearing this with black tights and tall boots as well.

Forever 21 Classic Skater Skirt

Blanket scarf. This is actually another item I’ve wanted since last winter and what drew me into Forever 21 in the first place. It’s huge, soft, and cozy. And I like the cream and black color combo, along with the striped pattern. I just threw it on to illustrate the size and length, and how it looks wrapped up. They also have some plaid ones that are worth a look too!

Forever 21 Frayed Stripe-Patterned Scarf

I think I’m done with fall shopping, at least for a little while. If only the fall weather would hurry up and get here!

Also like I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to try to post 1-2 times a week, but I thought for consistency I’d put them up on either Sunday or Wednesday, or both if possible. And at this point I’m going to stick with a 9 AM EST posting time. I like consistency and I figured that others might too, so I thought this would be better than just randomly doing different days every week.

Fall Wardrobe Re-Up

Fall is right around the corner and in preparation, I’ve been slowly accumulating a few new items to breathe new life into what I have already. Everything for the most part is pretty basic, so I’ll be able to get a lot of wear out of them and make things more interesting with accessories and layering. There are still a couple of things I’d like to get, but I figured I’d share now in case anyone wanted to get their hands on these things before they’re gone.

Zara leather jacket. I’d been wanting a leather jacket in this style for quite awhile now and of course, I can always count on Zara. I’m actually looking forward to a cool down so I can break this out, I can already imagine wearing it with a blanket scarf and jeans, or over a dress on a night out. The last time I checked the website, they only had size large left, but there are a couple of other similar ones that I’ll link as well. I got it in a medium so that I’d be able to wear it over some of my lighter knits.

Zara Leather Biker Jacket (above) | Zara Leather Jacket (similar) | Zara Leather Biker Jacket (similar)

Boyfriend blazer. I have a black blazer, but it definitely has a more formal feel and is more fitted at the waist. I wanted one that was a bit more relaxed and that I could use as we transition into fall, over a tank and shorts on a cool night. I think these run on the larger side, I got this in an extra small.

Mural Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer

Slouchy sweaters. These came in either a S/M or M/L, I got the former and kind of wish I got the latter. I’d imagined them to be more oversized, but it wasn’t worth it to mail them back just for that reason. They both fit fine and I like the off the shoulder look they give. The material isn’t super soft, but at $30 each and 20% off, I can’t complain (much). That’s always the gamble with online shopping.

Missguided Ophelita Off Shoulder Knit Sweater Wine | Grey

High neck/side slit sweater. Another basic comfy addition to my sweater wardrobe, but more on trend this season. It was really more the high neckline of this sweater that attracted me to it, it just makes it seem more cozy. This one is definitely more comfortable in feel than the previous sweaters, but also more pricey. But I can tell that this one will last and I’ll be wearing it for the next few years.

Topshop Funnel Side Split Sweater Stone

Pointed-toe black booties. I got a pair from Steve Madden via Rue La La last year that I love, but I wanted a pair with a higher heel. I got these from H&M online, they’re pretty much exactly what I was looking for. These were pricier than usual, but also from their ‘premium’ line. I will say that they are a PIA to take off. I have to really sit there and wriggle them off my feet, although they slide in quite easily. They don’t have a zipper and the elasticized panel is pretty small so that’s probably the issue. I’m hoping that with more wear they’ll get easier to remove.

H&M Leather Ankle Boots

Felt fedora. I’m not really a hat person in the winter unless is it’s a beanie that’s meant more for warmth. I tried this on on a whim when I got my Panama hat over earlier this summer. And it’s actually really cute on! Just a fun touch to add to an outfit, especially on days you might be spending more time outdoors.

Merona Women’s Felt Fedora Hat

What items have you been scoping out for fall? Please share!

Also, just kind of a life/blog update. I’m aiming to post at least once a week, maybe twice from here on end because I’m actually going to be taking a class this fall! I’ve been wanting to go back to school for quite some time and I realized I had to seize the opportunity while I can. The timing was never right before and even now I wonder how right it is, but honestly, there never is a right time. In some ways, especially after having Ava and wondering when we’ll be ready for number 2, I always thought it wasn’t an option. By the time I finish I’ll be too old for another baby. But I realized I was basing my decisions too much on the future and what hasn’t even happened yet, instead of looking at the now. And now does actually feel right. I also don’t want to look back and regret that I’d missed the opportunity.

I know my posting is already at a minimum, last week I had a minor surgery and just couldn’t get into ‘blog mode’, but I still enjoy it when I do. But if I disappear for a week here and there, I just wanted to explain why.

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for reading!

Diamond studs by Anjolee go day to night.

I pretty much live in stud earrings lately because they fit into whatever I’m wearing, day or night, and they’re just easy. They’re just throw on and go, no fuss, and they’re a quick way to look a little more put together. If I’ve forgotten to put on earrings for some reason in my morning routine, I instantly notice that I don’t look quite complete. So when Anjolee gave me the opportunity to review one of their jewelry designs, I knew I had to go with their diamond stud earrings.

I chose these earrings for their classic design and timeless quality. The center stone is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. What’s unique about Anjolee is that you can customize their jewelry to meet your specifications and price range, whether it be the type of metal, the size or type of stone (if it is a gemstone), and even the length of the chain on a necklace. For the purpose of this review, the piece sent to me is made from silver and high quality cubic zirconia. I found the setting to be well made, sturdy but delicate at the same time. I’ve been wearing them since I received them in mail and honestly, they’re so classic that they work with everything. I love how they contrast with some of the edgier jewelry I wear and how they can instantly elevate your overall look.

I had some fun navigating their website and trying out the customization process for myself. It is very straightforward and makes it easy to choose each aspect of the piece that is customizable. They have a wide selection of jewelry that I think anyone would love as is, or can make her own! And although I’m already married, I couldn’t resist a look at their wedding sets. Anjolee also has a YouTube page where you can actually see some of their jewelry designs in 3D, which is so helpful when you’re buying something so special online.

I wanted to share how versatile a pair of diamond studs can be, along with another summer ‘day to night’ outfit. They are definitely a worthwhile investment, so you want to get as much wear as you can from them.

For the day, I wore distressed denim shorts and a pale pink ruffled tank. Gladiator sandals and a red tote complete the outfit, I really love the look of light pink and red together despite being an unlikely pairing. I wanted to keep the accessories on the more delicate side for daytime, so I layered a small bow pendant necklace with a longer clover link chain. I also added a silver weave patterned ring on my right hand. Along with the jeweled studs, the overall look is simple, but pretty.

To transition into night, I layered a black boyfriend style blazer over the tank and changed into some heeled sandals and a patent black crossbody bag. I traded in the more delicate clover necklace for a statement necklace of interwoven silver chains and bold rhinestone details. I liked the contrast of the delicate bow against it so I kept it on. I love how the jeweled studs add just enough to complete the look without competing with the necklace.

I hope you all enjoyed this post because it was another fun one for me to do! And a big thank you to Anjolee for giving me the opportunity to review your jewelry and share your website.

*The silver & CZ stud earrings were provided to me by Anjolee for review, however all thoughts and opinions shared here are my own.

BaubleBar Buys: Necklaces

I’ve been wearing the heck out of the layering necklaces I got from Forever 21 (post about them here), leading me to want to invest in a couple that are better quality. BaubleBar was having a 30% off deal in July so I figured I might as well see if they had pieces similar to the ones I’d gotten earlier this summer. I’ve actually never bought any BaubleBar jewelry for myself, only as gifts for friends, and it seemed like the right time to get something of my own.

I always appreciate when companies make extra effort in terms of presentation and packaging and I was pleasantly surprised by the bright pink on the inside of the shipping box. Inside the green envelope was my receipt. Under the striped tissue paper were both necklaces inside bubble wrap and a couple of drawstring bags for storage.

Each necklace came with a small card with care instructions, again and nice touch from the brand.

On to the actual necklaces.

Solid Bar Y-Chain. I’ll start with my favorite of the two. It’s a lariat style necklace with a short gold bar at the intersection and a longer one at the end. The gold here is more on the yellow side, although it’s not very evident in the pictures. The necklace is quite delicate and perfect for layering because it has two eyelets at the end to attach the clasp.

Crystal Tab Pendant. I initially thought I wasn’t going to like this piece as much because the pendant is bigger than I’d envisioned. But after trying it on, I’m actually happy that it stands out more against whatever I’m wearing. I love that it has the clear rhinestone at the end, giving it a little more interest.

I can wear them together or separately; both necklaces feel well-made and have lobster-style clasps. I’m already getting some discoloration on one of the Forever 21 necklaces that I wear often and I know these will definitely last me longer than just a few months.

I paired the Y-necklace with my usual bar necklace today with the pendant tucked in.

I’m happy with the quality of both of my purchases and will definitely be buying more from BaubleBar in the future. If you have any pieces that you love from them, I’d love any recommendations!