Current obsession: Layering necklaces (and more basics)

I follow HRH Collection on Instagram, an LA based jewelry brand. The designer, Alex, makes these necklaces she calls ‘T-shirt chains’ and I just love the way they look. They’re basically layering necklaces that she tucks into her T-shirts for a hint of sparkle. I’m considering buying a couple from her line, but until then, I hit everyone’s favorite super cheap jewelry mecca, Forever 21. I picked up a couple of their layering necklaces to help jazz up my basic outfits.

The first is my favorite, it’s a double chained necklace with a silver chain and gold pendants. The gold is matte, giving it a softer look. These chains connect together, making it an easy layered look. It was $5.90.

The second are actually two separate chains sold together for $6.90. Both are gold, one is a lariat style with a rhinestone at the junction and a moon pendant hanging from the end. To be honest, I’m not all that into the moon, but I plan to tuck it into my shirt anyway. The chain in this is also like a station necklace with gold beads along its length. The second chain is plain gold with a thin bar pendant hanging from the end. The pendant has dotted detailing which I actually thought was a nice touch. I pictured them both ways, with the lariat tucked in and out to give you an idea of how they look on.

Yes, I got more basic tanks at H&M. It was 2 for $10 and a major impulse buy while waiting at the cash wrap. But, I know I’ll wear them a ton so I’m glad I got them. I always size up at H&M because no fail their clothes tend to shrink in the wash. I got both tanks in a medium, assuming they’ll shorten up. Anyway, my basic outfit consisted of the white tank, dark grey jeans, a utility jacket, and a Rebecca Minkoff crossbody. And the double stranded necklace with the gold bar pendants.

This is what the striped one looks like incase you’re in the market for more basic tanks.

The layering necklaces add just a little something more to an otherwise very plain outfit. Still basic, but a little more fun.

What accessories have you been loving lately?


Spring chill.

We’re in a weird in-between weather wise where I live, it’s ‘officially’ spring, but it’s still somewhat cold. Yesterday was gorgeously sunny to start, then faded into grey cloudiness. Unless for some reason we get snow again, which is not unlikely, I’m not going back to wearing my North Face until winter is back again. Since I knew we’d be spending our day inside for the most part, I decided to wear a super lightweight olive green utility jacket from Nordstrom BP. Underneath I threw on some distressed boyfriend jeans, my V-neck blush pink tee, and wrapped my favorite grey infinity scarf around my neck for some warmth. Super relaxed and casual for the day.

The only accessories out of my usuals were those tortoise semi-cat eye sunglasses from Forever 21 I’d picked up awhile back and these dangly, rhinestoned earrings from J. Crew.

How’s the weather where you are? Is spring in full swing or are you in limbo like I am?

New sunnies for summer.

In honor of our first family vacation, I wanted to pick up a couple of pairs of new sunglasses. Lately, I’m over buying expensive sunglasses. I lost my favorite tortoise RayBan ‘Wayfarers’ that I got during our honeymoon in Turks & Caicos. We were still living in our apartment then and I tore the place apart trying to find them. I haven’t bought another expensive pair since, I have two left and I don’t plan to bring them for fear of losing them too. I had two cheaper pairs that I’ve also somehow misplaced so for now, I think it’s best to stay low-end in the sunglasses department.

When I had some “mommy time” over the weekend, I stopped into Forever 21 to look for a new pair. I’ve actually been wanting a pair of round frames, I’d seen some at Urban Outfitters but they were just too small and I’m just not cool enough to pull off that look. Luckily, I found just what I was looking for as soon as I stepped in front of the display. This first pair is round, oversized and two-toned, going from blue on top then fading to beige on the bottom. I can just imagine wearing these with a center part and loose waves, a sheer flowy top and denim cut-offs.

The second is reminiscent of my old favorites with a darker tortoise frame and a similar ‘Wayfarer’ type shape. I liked these because they also have a slight cat-eye shape and the frame is a bit thicker. I feel like these are perfect everyday sunglasses, the shape and tortoise color are classic.

I love both pairs, especially the round frames. I’m not so worried about losing them or scratching them (I’m not the most gentle with my sunglasses either) and they’re both perfect for those days you want to hide behind some lenses because you had no time for makeup. These were both $5.90 at Forever 21, can’t get better than that!

Do you go high-end or low-end when it comes to sunglasses? What’s your favorite frame shape?

When boho met moto.

My parents got home from the Philippines last weekend and my mom brought home a dress for me from Forever 21. I’m not gonna lie, as she started pulling it out I thought it was a house dress. My mom wears them around the house in the summer. Is wearing a house dress a momhood rite of passage she felt I should partake in? Luckily, it was actually an empire waisted dress with a small floral print of reds & oranges in a blue background. I have to admit, it’s probably not something I’d pick out for myself, but I can totally see my mom wearing this back in the day. My immediate thought was, “How do I make this more me?” The next thing that came to mind was “leather”.

After trying in the dress I actually realized how cute it was on it’s own and I could already picture how’d I’d wear it in the summer. My mom has this uncanny sense of buying me clothes I end up loving that I’d never have chosen myself. Like that plaid shirt from my 90’s revival post. Since the weather is nowhere near warm enough to do the whole boho, flowy dress and sandals thing, I wanted to do another turn into winter wear that I love. You can see more of that here and here.

I went with my initial thought of adding a leather jacket to contrast with that relaxed, boho feel I get from the dress. And since it’s winter, I paired it with suede, slightly slouchy knee high grey boots. For accessories here I kept it simple with thin silver hoop earrings.

For summer, I went with black wedge sandals and added a lightweight cream colored scarf for more dimension. Looking back, belting the scarf around the dress would have been a cute touch. For accessories, I went with delicate beaded chandelier and gold and wooden bangle bracelets.

I love the challenge of making a piece of clothing work anytime and how you can add different pieces and change it’s look to suit your own. Leather and flowy fabric are an unexpected pairing that I think work so well together.

Do you change up your warm weather dresses to work for the cold?

#thestruggle: Black or brown?


Today was a big, long family day-we had lunch/play date at our friends’ house then a Gymboree birthday party in the evening. When we go out, my husband usually wrangles the baby bag so I thought I’d actually carry a purse today. My Balenciaga is my go-to bag, I immediately gravitate towards it because it’s black and has a relaxed look. I always feel like it goes with everything, but apparently not so much with brown boots. I never really went with that ‘your shoes need to match your handbag rule’, but in this case I guess it does apply. I spent way too much time trying to decide what to do (anything more than a minute for a decision like this is too long), luckily my husband walked in and said, “I like the brown ones better.” Problem solved. And I decided to leave the bag at home, I think I just feel like I should take any opportunity to wear accessories when I get a chance, but someday Ava will be out of diapers and I won’t be toting snacks, sippy cups, and extra clothes around. Then I can enjoy my handbags again.


I got this double-stranded necklace as one my Christmas grab gifts that I had mentioned in a previous post. It’s also from Forever 21 and it’s probably not something I would have normally gravitated towards, but I’m glad I chose it. It’s delicate and so pretty for layering. I wore it with my usual bar necklace that I never take off. It’s funny that I wear that necklace all the time, I just never took it off and anytime I ever did, I felt naked without it. And the bar earrings from Francesca’s are still a constant on my ears as of late.

Are there any rules you live by when getting dressed?

All wrapped up to brave the cold.


I haven’t left the house with Ava this whole week due to the freezing temps that have hit the Northeast, but since today hit over 20 degrees (note the sarcasm) and I had some very necessary errands to run, we had to brave the cold. I got this huge, cozy scarf during the Christmas grab I do with my girlfriends every year and today was the perfect day to wear it. She actually got a bunch of them in different colors and they were all very cute. I love this one because I don’t have a scarf in this soft pink/cream color palette and it filled the a hole in my scarf collection. It’s also super soft, I hate scarves that feel scratchy against my skin. I also noticed another one of my girlfriends got one in black & white buffalo plaid, so I may have to go pick that one up for myself too!

I also love this sweater for cold weather & travel, it’s almost like a wearable blanket. You can wear it open as a drapey cardigan or there’s a button near the neckline that will close up the front and keep out the cold. It’s a thin fleece material and it’s super soft so it will keep you warm and cozy without adding extra bulk. It’s also perfect for a plane ride since it has that extra fabric that you can wrap yourself up in during a chilly flight.


I didn’t want to devote an entire post to this lipstick, but I thought it deserved an honorable mention. I wore the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in 08. It’s a nice deep rosy pink and it’s one of those MLBB (My Lips But Better) shades on me. It’s a crème finish and actually pretty hydrating.


My little pink polar bear in a Baby Gap hat & coat 🙂

And of course Ava had to bundle up against the cold, she got this hat & coat from our good friends for Christmas and today was her first day wearing it. It was so cute I hate to snap a pic while waiting in line for Starbucks.

Stay warm everyone!


Winter wardrobe staples.

There are a few items that I’ve been living in lately, things that are all super comfy and are perfect for the season. They are also all super affordable. I got this flannel shirt at Old Navy (similar here), when I saw it on the hanger I immediately picked it up. I’ve been wanting a buffalo plaid shirt for awhile in this black and red combo. They didn’t have any smalls left, but I liked it so much I got it in a medium. It’s definitely a little big, but I don’t mind and if I tuck it in a little in the front I find that it helps to streamline the look so it’s not too oversized. I’m accumulating a collection of slouchy sweaters, this one I got from Forever 21. It’s warm and it gives me that cozy kind of feel that is nice in this cold weather. It’s an easy piece to layer over shirts and tanks and it has a nice drape to it. Lastly, these BC Footwear ‘Stand Up Straight brown booties have pretty much been permanently attached to my feet. They have a low heel so I can walk around for more than a couple of hours without complaint. I also feel like the color pairs well with any outfit as it’s a mid-tone brown.


What I wore for Friendsgiving, shopping, & lunch with the girls.

My goal over the next month or two is to edit my wardrobe. I have way too much clothing that I don’t wear anymore. I’m trying to be more mindful of what I’ve been buying lately so that it doesn’t end up just taking up space and never being used. But, these 3 items are definitely keepers and I can see myself wearing them again and again.

What I’m wearing lately: Having a plaid moment.


Forever 21 plaid shirt, Forever 21 white T, Black Mossimo ‘jeggings’ from Target, & Chucks.

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, one being the wardrobe. I love wearing sweaters, jackets, and layering. Plaid can be worn in any season, but I tend to associate it with fall and the cooler weather. Whenever I see a plaid button-up in a store, I immediately gravitate towards it. So when I saw this one at Forever 21, I had to pick it up. Plus, you can’t really beat the price (another reason it’s hard to say no when I’m shopping there). I wore this when Ava and I went to a first birthday party, just an easy, casual outfit that I knew would be comfortable in.

I’m also finally fitting into more of my pre-pregnancy clothes (yay!), so I’m getting more excited about clothes in general. For the first 6 months after she was born, I pretty much wore what I did when she was still in my belly. Losing the baby weight is not easy, I didn’t really gain a crazy amount when I was pregnant so I didn’t worry that much about it coming off. Until it didn’t come off as quickly as I thought. After 6 months of waiting for a miracle to happen, I finally got on program with my diet and I’m getting closer to where I was before. So I’m looking forward to more fall weather and clothing to come.