Another winter look with a summer dress.


Zara jacket, H&M turtleneck and tank dress, black tights from Target, Jeffrey Campbell Hanger booties, Chanel WOC

Today we took the little one out to lunch, there’s a restaurant in our area that has the best focaccia that they serve with olive oil and Parmesan cheese…it’s amazing. And I actually think we hadn’t been back since having Ava! So we went to indulge in some carby goodness as a family (okay just me and the hubs, Ava is still on a bread strike unless it’s a grilled cheese). I threw on some black tights intending to wear a sweater dress, but I realized it was still dirty! So plan B. I’ve talked about this cotton trapeze halter style dress I got an H&M last summer, I pulled it out again to layer under a grey knit turtleneck sweater. I actually don’t have a ton of skirts in my wardrobe so being able to make my dresses work double duty is nice. I left my North Face in the closet since it wasn’t as cold as last week (34 degrees, ha!) and wore my green Zara jacket. Lastly, I finished the look with my Jeffrey Campbell Hanger booties and my Chanel WOC.

On a side note, I let Ava hold the L’Oreal Infallible 2-Step Lipstick I was wearing because she was starting to get antsy waiting for our food and I didn’t want to keep loading her up with snacks before lunch. She proceeded to throw it on the ground as soon as some food showed up and it rolled away under a booth. We managed to recover most of it, the cover of the balm fell off and there was dust all over it. There was no way I was putting it on my lips after that so I tossed it. Since we were near Target my husband suggested we stop and get a new one, I guess my disappointment showed on my face. And of course, this happened.


I know! I wasn’t supposed to buy anymore makeup for awhile, but again I HAVE NO SELF-CONTROL. I’m actually considering giving up buying makeup for Lent, but I’m afraid I’ll give in! I really do have a problem. My husband laughed when he saw me throw three more lipsticks in the cart, he said I
must have gotten Ava to lose the first one just so I could buy three others!

And I had to throw this one in with Ava sharing her OOTD too:


Always getting in on the action 🙂

She was the star of the show at lunch today, all the waitresses were fawning over her. She still has stranger anxiety and didn’t want to wave back, but I’m happy she didn’t burst into tears like the last time we went shopping and a nice woman tried to play peek-a-boo with her (I don’t know who was more traumatized, Ava or the lady)!

Happy Friday everyone!


Wearing lately: Rainy days.


H&M top, Black Mossimo ‘jeggings’ from Target, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Hanger’ boots, and my crazy top knot cause I’m about to clean the bathroom (glamorous right?)

It’s been raining all week here and the gray skies have worked their way into my wardrobe. I didn’t do much today, just got a trim and touched up my color (trying to be better about going more regularly), then ran some errands with the fam (Wednesdays are our Saturdays because my husband is off). Now it’s time to cozy up on the couch with a hot cup of tea. At least until baby wakes up 🙂