A spontaneous review and OOTD.


A sample of Origins GinZing Refreshing eye cream

I was never big into eye cream until I got pregnant and all of a sudden I got dark circles under my eyes which only got worse with newborn related sleep deprivation. And never got better once baby started sleeping through the night. I’ve been using the Clinique All About Eyes as of late, before that I was using the L’Occitane Immortelle Eye Balm. They are both fine and do the job in terms of hydration, but did nothing to improve upon my perpetual sleepless look. I got the Origins GinZingRefreshing eye cream as a point perk and decided to try it out this morning and figured I may as well share my thoughts.


L: straight from the tube, R: blended out

The product has a thinner consistency than a cream and has an iridescent effect, it actually reminds me of my Hourglass primer in that respect. It absorbed well into my under eye area. This eye cream is meant to ‘brighten and depuff’ with 86% of people seeing an instant difference in brightness.


T: my dark circles, M: with Ginzing, B: with concealer on top

So I saw a very subtle difference in brightness. It’s not really discernible in these pictures, but it was there. My concealer layered over it nicely; I used my drugstore fave, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer. I didn’t feel the need to add an extra highlight to the area after, which I usually do. I actually think it acts like a nice primer to my concealer.



It’s obviously too soon to tell if this is worth purchasing the full size, but I’ll continue to use it and let you know. It’s something I’d only use in the daytime since it has that iridescent effect that I only really need when I’m out and about, not sleeping.

And my OOTD:


H&M top, Zara jacket, AG jeans, BC footwear booties


Jewelmint necklaces, Chanel brooch, Francesca’s stud earrings

Okay, til next time!




Blue on blue on blue.

I usually just get dressed on the fly, it’s rare that I really plan out what I’m wearing. I knew I wanted jeans so that was easy enough. Then I thought I’d layer this chambray shirt over a black tank. But, after seeing it all together I decided to just stick with the shirt. Of course that just looked a little ‘one note’ so I added this Jewelmint necklace with shades of blue and a few pops of yellow. I liked the way it all looked together so I thought I’d snap a quick pic before leaving for lunch.


Forever 21 chambray shirt, Arden B. jeans, Jewelmint necklace

Yes, I realize my mirror is a smudgy mess (my daughter likes to stand there and rub her hands all over it), but I didn’t have time to wipe it down before leaving. And I just wanted to keep it real (I’m WAY behind on cleaning).


A closer look

I used to buy a lot of pieces from Jewelmint when it first launched, but I’ve slowed down considerably as of late. But, I love all the jewelry I’ve gotten and most of what I have has held up well and is nicely made. If you haven’t checked Jewelmint out yet, you should!

Wearing lately: Fall Fluorescence


H&M sweater, Siwy jeans, Zara slip-ons

The sun has finally started shining again and I thought this sweater would be appropriate for today’s mommy date outfit. I like brights in any season, not just the spring and summer. I actually bought this sweater when I was pregnant, I tried to buy as much ‘non-maternity’ maternity wear so that I could still enjoy it after she was born. I wore this with a lot with black leggings in those days. But now that I can wear my jeans again, I’m pairing it with those. I also find that wearing jeans helps to keep my eating habits in check-when they start getting tighter, I’m probably over indulging.


Jewelmint gold bar necklace & Forever 21 rhinestone necklace

I used to think that big, bold necklaces could only be worn at night or if I was more dressed up, but that has changed recently. Maybe because I don’t really go out much at night anymore and I miss wearing a lot of my jewelry. I really like how a statement necklace adds to a more casual outfit, making it a little more fun. I wear my gold bar necklace every day (because I never take it off) and I actually liked combination of them together.


Zara slip-ons

I’d been on the hunt for a new pair of flats that are easy to put on and comfortable. I have a pair of gray Tom’s, but I wanted something sturdier. I was thinking of getting the Steve Madden Ecentric slip-on sneakers in leopard print, but I saw these on the Zara website and couldn’t resist them. I’m a sucker for anything gray, I’m not sure why. I also liked the black leather detailing that contrasts with the light gray. I tried to find these on the Zara website, but they’re already gone (seriously, if you ever like something from Zara, just buy it because if you wait too long it will be sold out). I’m still thinking about the SM slip-ons because to me, leopard is a neutral, but I’ve been completely satisfied with these as of late.



I’m also testing out a new makeup product, it’s only been a couple of weeks, but I have to say I’m in love. I want to try it a few more times before I share it and give a proper review.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a great weekend so far!