Current favorites: May 2015

These are all the items that I’ve been reaching for the most this month, a couple aren’t really new to me, but are always reliable. I consistently reached for them when I was doing my makeup (or skincare). Let’s get to it.

1. I got the MAC Mineralized Blush in Warm Soul while on vacation this month. This warm golden blush gives a gorgeous sheen to tan skin and is perfect for the summer. I haven’t stopped wearing it since coming back from vacation. Literally.

2. I took a long break from winged liner, but the hiatus is over. I’ve been doing a wing pretty much everytime I do my makeup lately and the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper (review) is still hands-down the best for getting the perfect flick. It’s also super long lasting, doesn’t smudge, and very black. I haven’t found a gel liner that is as long-lasting, the Maybelline one smudges by the end of the day, no fail. If you have a recommendation, let me know!

3. I ran out of cotton rounds and had M pick some up for me. I usually the Target brand, but he found these Full Circle Premium Cotton Rounds at our local grocery store. First, I was like you spent $4 on those?! I get them at Target for way cheaper and the pack comes with 100 rounds versus 80. But after using them I might be a convert. The Target ones tend to shed a lot and I end up with fuzzies all my face after using them. These are almost woven together like fabric and are smooth, so I don’t have that problem. I’m not picking cotton off my face before doing my makeup anymore which is a plus when you’re in a rush. I’m not sure where else they’re sold, but if you’re looking for a really good cotton round for makeup removal, toner, whatever, this one is awesome!

4. This Hakuhodo blush brush (J210) has risen to be the most favorite brush I’ve ever owned (for a review of my Hakuhodo brushes, you can refer here and here). It’s so soft and the application it gives is perfect. I like that it’s more flat and round at the top instead of tapered like most blush brushes, I can almost buff the blush in instead of sweeping it onto my cheeks and it just disperses the color so well. The size of the brush head is just right so the color isn’t getting all over the place. I actually washed all my brushes last night so that I could take a picture of it clean and of course, I totally forgot and used it this morning. Oops.

5. This could probably be on my favorites list every month, but this month I’ve been especially into a very natural, slightly defined brow. I’ve just been brushing the L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper (review) through them to add a little more fullness and softer definition. The size of the applicator works well for getting all the brow hairs; the tapered tip is nice for getting the tail end of my brows without making a huge mess.

What beauty items did you love this month?


Current non-beauty favorites: May 2015

Another month gone, another group of favorites. May will always be one of my favorite months of the year and this one was definitely fun-filled with our first family vacation, as well as some other new non-beauty things I’ve been enjoying. Here’s the round up.

1. My girlfriend got me this cute little ring/jewelry plate with a unicorn on it for my birthday. It has special meaning because Ava has a rocking horse unicorn that my brother gave her for her birthday and she is too cute when she’s riding it. I keep the plate on my nightstand and put my rings, bracelet, and earrings on it before hitting the hay.

2. She also got me this travel coffee mug. I think it says it all.

3. I talked about this necklace in my Current Obsession post. Still obsessed.

4. We brought Ava to a local farm last year to pick out pumpkin for Halloween. I saw they sold their own popcorn kernels, the kind you pop in a pan on the stove. Seriously, I will never go back to the microwave bags it’s so good. I don’t know if it’s because it’s from that farm or if I’d get the same effect from the kind you buy at the grocery store, but it just tastes fresh. I’m thinking about popping some right now just typing this.


5. Okay the real reason I’ve decided to slow down from daily blogging is Orange is the New Black (just kidding, kinda). Per usual, I’m late to the game on this one, but I’m glad I’m finally watching! A friend was speaking so highly of it that I had to see what it was all about (so much so that he convinced me that we needed Netflix). If you’re looking for a new show to watch, I definitely recommend this one. Even M is into it, and the friend who recommended it was a guy, so it could be a show you won’t have any TV battles on with the boy. This is the first Netflix show we’ve ever watched and I love being able to just go from episode to episode without having to wait a week.

6. M surprised me with a new handbag for my birthday/our anniversary/Mother’s Day. I’ve been lusting after the Celine Nano Luggage Tote for the past 3 years and it’s everything I’ve imagined it to be and more. Despite the small size, it’s quite roomy on the inside so I can fit a lot in there with room to spare. I’ve also always wanted a red purse, I tend gravitate towards black, but the red to me is still a neutral. I’ve literally been wearing it with everything, it’s so good.

That wraps up my non-beauty faves this month! What were you loving?

Recent Beauty Buys: May 2015 (and a blog update)

More than half of what’s pictured here is actually just samples, but I wanted to share a few recent beauty buys that came in the mail this past week. Only 3 of the items were actually purchased, all of them being base makeup products.

The first item I ordered from Nordstrom because I’ve been wanting a new powder foundation to replace my Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder. It’s a little too light for me since coming back from vacation and I’m still on the hunt for a powder foundation that I love. The LM wasn’t terrible, but it was just okay. I was also hoping to find something that has a little more oil control. I decided on the Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere, it had great reviews and I feel like I’ve tried everything Sephora has had to offer. I considered the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, but since my skin has been acting up I didn’t think the coverage would be enough. I also thought I might try the Dior one, but I couldn’t find a great color match. I don’t usually choose perfume samples, but there wasn’t anything else that interesting other than the Trish McEvoy Retinol Eye Cream. I ended up choosing the Miss Dior and Diptyque fragrance samples, just cause. I already sniffed the Diptyque and was not impressed.

I saw that Sephora was carrying the Embryolisse Hydro-Mat Emulsion and immediately wanted to try it. I always hear about the brand from YouTube makeup artists and it sounded like it would be a good match for my combination skin. I also wanted to try it as a mixing medium for the Cover FX Custom Color Drops (still trying to formulate my opinion on these BTW). The Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation was an impulse buy, but it just sounded so good. We shall see. I got a VIB Rouge code in my email for the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Basics, which includes an eyeshadow stick, eyeliner, and mascara and the rest are samples or point perks. I’m actually excited to try the Urban Decay Perversion and Dior Diorshow mascaras, the Dior has apparently been reformulated so hopefully, I’ll like it better this time around. I also decided to get the sample of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Powder Foundation despite ruling it out already, since I only tried it on my hand in-store, and the Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Hydrating Treatment. If any of these things work out, I’ll be sure to share!

Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog posting schedule, which has typically been daily at 8 AM EST. Maybe it’s because it’s the summer or I’m still in vacay mode, I’m not sure, but I’ve been struggling to keep up with the daily posting. In the winter I was in hibernation mode and had more free time to write. There’s always more going on in the summer and I really want to enjoy my time with Ava. This blog was always meant to be a fun ‘hobby’ for me and now that I’ve been consistently posting daily for 5 or 6 months, it almost feels stressful trying to keep up, which isn’t what I want. I got up early this morning just to try to get a post on here today, and I still feel like I’m ‘late’. But, I don’t like the idea of a MWF or whatever strict posting schedule either. So I decided I’m just going to post when I can, whatever days of the week, but always at the usual 8 AM time. I might do a whole week straight then just 4 days the next week, but I want to keep it open and keep it enjoyable for me. The thought of not posting daily lately just makes me feel guilty, but like all the other guilt, I need to let that go. And in the evenings when I’m usually writing and editing, I just want to be spending more quality time with M. Anyway, I didn’t want to suddenly make the switch without addressing it and just thought I’d let you all know. If a post doesn’t pop up for a couple of days (or possibly more), I didn’t fall off the face of the earth.

We have another busy day ahead of us, but hopefully a fun one. Happy Sunday all!