NYC Liquid Eyeliner Review


I’d recently reviewed the pen style liquid liner from NYC, which only made me more intrigued to try the original. The NYC Liquid Eyeliner is an item I’ve heard good things about many times, but I just prefer the pen style liners better. But I was actually pleasantly surprised with their liner pen, so I figured I needed to see for myself if this was worth the raves.

Packaging. Again, I’m not a fan of this bottle and brush type liquid liner, but I will say that compared to others I’ve tried in the past I do like this more. It’s a brush instead of a felt tip applicator and the brush is small thin enough to get a more precise line. Rating: 4/5

Performance. I have to say I love the formula in that it’s very black and almost creamy in consistency. It dries matte and is so opaque. On the other hand, it’s not waterproof so if your eyes tend to tear you wanna be careful with this one. Although it’s not waterproof, it doesn’t smudge into my crease and lasts until the end of the day. I’ve been using artificial tears like crazy lately and I noticed some of my wing rubbed off when I dried my eyes. It also doesn’t get watery like the liners you have to shake, it just stays the same consistency all the time.

If they could instill the formula into a pen I’d like this so much more. For me, I just have a harder time using it. I always end up bumping the brush against my lashes and getting a whole lotta product all over them. And I take for granted not having the load the brush, get off the excess, apply and repeat as needed when I use a pen. It’s just not as neat and clean of a process as with a pen liner. But I can still get a good result with it despite those difficulties. Rating: 3/5

Price: This was $2.82 at Target and definitely worth the money. I like it better than any the drugstore version I’ve tried. Rating: 5/5

Overall rating: 4/5

I’d definitely recommend this liquid liner to anyone looking for an affordable drugstore option. If the formula was waterproof and came in a pen I think it would be perfect. I noticed a few more drugstore brands that I want to try before I’d repurchase this, but I would repurchase.


NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner Review

My Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is starting to dry out, so I decided to pick up the NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner on the recommendation of Harivain (thank you!). I’d planned to get the liquid liner in the brush and bottle style I’ve seen before, but was happy to see they came out with a new pen style version. I just find using a pen easier so I decided to choose that one.

Packaging. It’s the standard pen style with a felt tip, but the felt tip is very stiff. I was expecting it to be finer, it’s not as small as shown on the outer package. I wish the felt tip was more flexible as well. Rating: 2/5

Performance. I wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I did, but I was actually pleasantly surprised! I was able to get a good wing with this, although it doesn’t glide as smoothly as a brush tip. The firmness of the felt tip actually gave me more control when drawing the wing. Again, in comparison to the KVD Tattoo Liner it’s not as deep black on the first swipe, you’ll need to build it up to get it as dark as you want. It actually does last pretty much all day without smudging into my crease. Rating: 4/5


Comparison with the KVD Tattoo Liner.


Price. This was $3.62 at Target and for the price I think it’s totally worth it. I do have to work with it a little more to get the results I want, but overall it does the job. I’ll definitely be using this up and I’d even repurchase. Although it’s not perfect, it’s an easy alternative to buying the KVD liner all the time, which does run out kind of fast if you’re using it daily. I can save it more for special occasions. Rating: 5/5

Total rating: 3.6/5


I think the NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner is definitely worth a try. I still prefer the brush tip pen liners better, but for the price I don’t mind working a little harder. I’m still curious to try the original liquid liner from the brand to see how that stacks up. I’m thinking the pigmentation might be even better. If you have any thoughts on it, let me know!


NYC Expert Last Lip Color Review


When I recently reviewed the NYC Expert Last Lip Laquers here, I mentioned I also picked up some of the lipsticks from the same line. There were 5 shades available at my local drugstore and I picked up four of them, the last one was the kind nude that is not right for my skintone. I got 449 Creamy Mauve, 451 Velvety Fushcia, 450 Pure Coral, and 452 Red Suede.


My picks from the NYC Expert Last Lipsticks.

From the NYC website:

  • Wears up to 6 hours
  • Long lasting shine
  • Amplified color
  • Velvety and glamorous finish
  • Doesn’t feather or bleed

From L to R: Red Suede, Pure Coral, Velvet Fuchsia, Creamy Mauve

The packaging of these lipsticks is typical of the NYC brand from what I remember buying years ago, it’s a twist up tube, but the bullet does not descend fully into the tube. I’m not crazy about this because it’s easy to mistakenly hit the product while covering it. On initial application, the formula seemed to glide on easily, but they aren’t as pigmented as I’d like and the lightest color emphasized every dry spot on my lips. I actually had to remove it and exfoliate with my lip scrub and a toothbrush it was so unflattering. The pigmentation improved with the darker shades, but I needed still needed multiple swipes to get the job done. The finish is supposed to be a satin matte, I think it leaned more satin.


Clockwise from top L: Creamy Mauve, Velvety Fuchsia, Red Suede, Pure Coral

In terms of wear, this is not transfer-proof whatsoever and smudged easily when my daughter’s hand swiped my face. Or anytime my hand got near my lips I found it rubbed off no matter how careful I was (like when I used my teeth to hold Ava’s hair tie to pull it open with my fingers). I wore the red shade that day so her hands and mine had a pink tinge at one point or another. It did rub off more in the center during lunch since it transferred to my glass, but after pressing my lips together it did actually even out enough to get away with it, despite the coverage being a bit more sheer. I can’t say it’s a six hour wear lipstick though, maybe if you don’t eat or drink or talk for that time frame (if you can pull that off then I’m impressed). I actually did like all the shades I chose except the light pink/lavender that just wasn’t flattering in my skin tone.

The biggest issue with these lipsticks was that they actually dried out my lips and caused them to flake and peel. I realized that the lip lacquers also had the same effect on me, which is why I must have had to hardcore exfoliate while testing these since I tested the lip lacquers the day before. I’ve been using a ton of lip balm since I woke up this morning to try to get some moisture back, I’ve never had a lip product do this before.

The NYC Expert Last Lipsticks and Lip Laquers are a definite no for me. If you tried these what did you think?

NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer Review


NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer

I needed to grab a couple of things at the drugstore before we got hit by more snow, so I bundled up Ava and we headed out. Since it’s a brand new month, I thought it would be okay to browse the makeup aisle and my eyes landed on some new NYC lip products, including the Expert Last Lip Lacquer. I picked up the colors that seemed most appealing to me, including Tribeca Mocha (mauve brown), Big City Berry (berry pink), Riverside Romance (pale orange), and Central Park Pink (warm pink). It was a bit annoying actually because the display was on the top shelf and I couldn’t see half the colors available (not a great way to sell product people). Otherwise, some of the colors I chose made me think spring and with all the snow I’m really looking forward to it.

I wanted more information on the ‘Expert Last’ title, so I went to the website:

“Long Wearing, liquid lip lacquer that is perfect for the on-the-go girl. It delivers rich color and high coverage in a lightweight texture that will last all night long. The glossy shine can take you from day to night and give you the perfect finished look that is ideal for the metropolitan muses! ”


L to R: Big City Berry, Tribeca Mocha, Central Park Passion, Riverside Romance

The packaging is typical, a tube with a doe foot applicator. My one gripe is that the name of the color is not on the actual tube. It’s on the sticker with the SKU number on it that I had to rip
off to open the tube. There is a sweet scent to these if you like that in a lip product. The pigmentation varied among the colors I got with Riverside Romance being the worst and Big City Berry being the best. I had to really layer it on to get it to show up on my naturally darker lips and even then it was still pretty sheer on me. It also emphasized any dryness that I had. The other three colors performed better, the pigmentation wasn’t bad, but not mind-blowing. I was a little bummed about Riverside Romance since it was the shade I was most excited about. I think I’d have to use a nude lip pencil to fill in my lips to make it work. In terms of lasting power, I’d say they last longer than a typical gloss, but I would not classify these as long wearing. They transfer quite easily and did not survive a meal. And even with no food for a couple of hours the fade was evident. Definitely expect to touch up throughout the day with these. These do have some shine, but aren’t glossy and aren’t sticky.


Clockwise from top L: Tribeca Mocha, Riverside Romance, Big City Berry, Central Park Pink

These were pretty ‘meh’ in my book, I’m not running out to buy more colors. Since NYC is a more affordable drugstore brand I was hoping these would be better, but I’d rather spend a few more dollars and get the Rimmel Provocalips. They are much more opaque, transfer proof, and last well throughout the day.

These are a skip for me, what about you?

P.S. I also got some of the Expert Last Lipsticks, let’s hope they do better than these!