Caolin Premium Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack Review

Other than having acne prone skin, the blackheads on my nose are next on my list of complaints. I got them in high school and they’ve been with me ever since. I’m always self-conscious of them, because I can see them from a distance and it just annoys me. I actually am envious when I see people who don’t have them (yes, I’m the weirdo checking out people’s noses). I also have large pores around my nose that I’m not crazy about either. I read an article about new skincare on Refinery29 that mentioned the Caolin Premium Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack and I was intrigued enough to give it a try. I was just coming off the disappointment of another blackhead removal product (reviewed here) and needed a pick me up. Plus, the whole ‘bubble’ thing had me curious.

Did this do the trick? Keep reading to find out.

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