Product Rave: NYX Butter Glosses

I think a fair few people would agree that the NYX Butter Glosses are pretty amazing. Since trying the NYX Intense Butter Glosses (review here), I’ve come to appreciate them even more and thought they deserved a special mention.

The NYX Butter Glosses come in the standard tube and is color coordinated with it’s respective shade. I have Creme Brule (light nude pink), Tirmisu (tan rosy nude), Vanilla Cream Pie (baby pink), Apple Strudel (peachy pink), and Strawberry Parfait (bright fuchsia). These glosses have a light vanilla scent and no flavor. They glide on smoothly and add a nice wash of color to the lips. They don’t have that super sticky feel and aren’t heavy at all. They actually do adhere well to the lips and for a gloss do have pretty good staying power as long unless you’re eating and drinking. They even feel pretty moisturizing too!

I do usually wear these over a lipstick or lipliner because my lips already have so much color to them. Usually it’s to enhance a color of a lipstick or even to tone one down. Creme Brule might put over a pink lipstick to make it more nude, or conversely, if I feel like a lipstick is giving me that ‘dead’ lip look, I like to apply Vanilla Cream Pie over it. I do find that I can wear Tiramisu and Strawberry Parfait on their own and still have good color payoff.

For my lip swatches I decided to nude out my lips to give you guys a better idea of how each color actually looks, mostly for consistency because my natural lip color competes so much with lightest shades.

I think the main reason I prefer these over the Intense Butter Glosses is that despite them being less pigmented, the shade selection is more flattering on my skintone. The Intense Butter Glosses I have are on the cooler side and I do need to work a little harder to get an opaque application because my lips are so pigmented. Because the originals are a bit sheerer, they just work more automatically.

I can’t say enough about the NYX Butter Glosses. I’m pretty sure you’ve already tried them already, but if not I think you’ll love them!


Product rave: the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Review


The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer is my all-time favorite highlighter, the best of the best, HG, can’t live without it highlighter. I know, big words. I’m hesitant to even say ‘holy grail’, but really it is. I compare all other highlighters I acquire to it. And I haven’t found one I like better. I’m surprised that I haven’t mentioned it yet in these past 4 months of blogging, but it had been put on the back burner since getting the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, then the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow. I happily brought it back out this week.


L to R: Mary-Lou Manizer in the pan, swatched, & on my face

It’s a beautiful shimmery champagne colored highlighter with no glitter. I use a duo fiber brush to apply it to the high points of my cheeks, bridge of my nose, Cupid’s bow and chin. It just gives the perfect amount of glow, and it never gives me that shiny, obvious highlighted look.



This highlighter is true to it’s name, it really makes your skin look luminous. It blends into the skin so nicely and makes your skin look brighter. If you don’t own this yet, you should. This gets a lot of hype, but it’s well deserved.


Today’s roundup.

My makeup mood changes so quickly, one week I’m all about minimal makeup, the next I’m into smoky eyes and contoured cheeks. Lately, I’ve been wanting an overall glowy, more natural look. For concealer I used my CDP on any blemishes and Maybelline’s Master Conceal under my eyes, then set it with Incandescent Light from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. I used my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus all over my face and Medium Dark around the edges of my face and where I would normally use bronzer. The MSF Naturals are my favorite way to get glowing skin. I kept the eyes light with my Rimmel Shadow Stick in Bulletproof Beige as a base, then layered Sin from the Naked palette over it. I used Naked in my crease with Buck more towards the outer edge. I skipped the liquid liner and used the Covergirl Full Lash Bloom mascara on my lashes. To keep the brows more natural, I just kept it to the L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper. I highlighted with the Mary-Lou Manizer of course and used the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso for even more glow. Lastly, I used my little sample of Benefit’s Posiebalm on my lips.

What makeup looks are you loving lately?

Product rave: the NEW(ish) L’Oreal Infallible 2-Step Lipstick Review


I saw the L’Oreal Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipsticks at Target and had to give them a try. They boast ’24 hour wear’ and for someone who doesn’t get a chance to reapply all the time, I was intrigued.

Apparently these have been available overseas for quite some time and have finally come stateside. I did notice one of the colors I bought wasn’t part of the original release (at least from what I saw online). The colors I chose were Everlasting Mocha (the new color, a cool toned brown nude), Permanent Blush (pinky nude), and Violet Parfait (deep purple).


L to R: Violet Parfait/Everlasting Mocha/Permanent Blush in the tube; doe foot applicator; twist-up balm

The product comes in a double sided tube, one holding the lip color and a doe foot applicator and the other side being a twist up tube holding the balm. I didn’t read the instructions initially because it seemed pretty self-explanatory which ended up with me loading on the lip color and being left with a cakey mess on my lips. I actually had to wipe it off and start again. At that point I lifted the sticker on the side of the tube which revealed I should first apply a THIN layer of color, wait 2 minutes (for best results), then apply the balm. I actually applied my Tony Moly lip balm before the lip color and it made it hard to get an even coating which is why I ended up layering it on. With this product I’d recommend applying your lip balm at the start of your makeup routine, then prior to applying the color wipe off any excess balm so that the color can adhere to your lips. Or just make sure you’re lips are flake-free and you can skip the balm. The second go around went much better than the first.


L to R: Violet Parfait, Everlasting Mocha, & Permanent Blush swatched

First off, the lip color has good pigmentation-I was able to get a good even coating with one layer as instructed once the balm was off my lips. I had no trouble applying with the doe foot applicator. It looks like a gloss when first applied then starts to dry and get a bit tacky feeling, leaving a kind of satin finish. It’s not comfortable and I was eager to put the gloss on after 2 minutes. The balm adds a nice shine to the lips, but it’s not super glossy. You do need to keep reapplying the balm to maintain the shine. Also, make sure you get a nice even layer, if you don’t you won’t be able to just blend it away later.


Top to bottom (on the left is just the lip color & on the right is lip color with balm on top): Permanent Blush, Everlasting Mocha, Violet Parfait

After the balm, my lips felt quite comfortable and I thought it really enhanced the lip color. I had lunch and had some water and it really didn’t seem to transfer to the glass. There looked to be a very light transfer when I kissed the back of my hand. Three hours after initial application it still looked good. I reapplied the gloss, only to get the shine back, my lips didn’t feel overly uncomfortable. Six hours later the color may have dulled a bit, but honestly still looked good and was even. I again reapplied the balm and it seemed to bump the color back up again. And finally 8 hours later I took my last picture and it still was going strong. Surprisingly, I didn’t find these to be drying at all, whatever is in that balm works.

It really didn’t start to fade until about 10 hours in and by that point I’d eaten dinner, had snacks, drank more water, etc. I will say that I find the lighter shades to fade faster than the darker shade. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with this product and I want to pick up more colors next time I’m at Target.


Top to bottom: 3 hours later, 6 hours later, 6 hours later with gloss reapplied, 10 hours later (sorry for all the lighting changes, I just took the picture wherever I was at the time)

BTW, those little hidden instructions say to use an oil-based makeup remover to get these off and they aren’t kidding. I don’t have any makeup remover with oil and I had a hard time getting these off my lips.


L to R: Permanent Blush, Everlasting Mocha, Violet Parfait

For sure give these a try if you see them in the drugstore! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Product rave: Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Foundation

Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Foundation

I’m always a sucker for trying a foundation after hearing that it’s amazing. I’d been trying to resist buying the Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Foundation, casually strolling by and trying to figure out which shade was a match, but never actually putting it in my cart. I finally broke down one day and just got it, it’s not super expensive (at Target I think I paid $6.99), so why not? It’s said to provide a ‘flawless finish that evens skin tone’ and is ‘shine free’. I’ve been using this over the past 2 weeks; I like the finish of it best with my Sigma round top kabuki. I’ve tried it with my Beauty Blender, but I just feel like I had to use more product to get the same result as my Sigma brush. I’ve also used the Real Techniques foundation brush and that’s my second pick for application. I initially bought shade 305 (golden tan), but found it too dark and ended up getting the shade 220 (soft honey), which I think is perfect.


L: bare face, LM: after application, RM: with concealer, R: full face

I do feel like the foundation evens out my skin tone nicely, I don’t have to use a ton of concealer afterwards to cover up any blemishes. I don’t feel the need to powder heavily, just my T-zone and under my eyes after applying concealer. It gives a matte finish, but not as matte as my Jouer Matte Moisture Tint, and I actually prefer it. If you have any serious dry patches it will cling to them, so make sure you exfoliate if needed. I haven’t worn it every day for 2 weeks straight, but I haven’t noticed any breakouts the day after use. It doesn’t feel super cakey or suffocating on my skin either. It also lasts a good 6-8 hours when applied with my Sigma brush (weird, I know). I swear I put it on in the morning and by the evening when I checked it out, it still looked good! I honestly couldn’t believe it. I do have combination skin (oily T-zone with some dry areas on my cheeks) and my T-zone was slightly shiny, but nothing to balk at. Foundations usually break down a lot around my nose area, but this one stayed put.


And the final product

It’s nice to find a drugstore foundation that works so well and at such an affordable price! Try it out and let me know what you think.

Product rave: Clarins Double-Fix Mascara

Clarins ‘Double Fix’ Mascara

My number one makeup issue is my mascara smudging under my eyes. I have tried waterproof, non-waterproof, fiber and tubing, high and low end mascaras. I’ve tried them all. Everytime I hear about a new mascara that doesn’t smudge I get excited to try it and when I do, I’m usually left disappointed. I have pretty oily lids, I have to use a primer if I don’t want my liner smudging into my crease. I always make sure to set my under eye concealer, otherwise the problem is even worse. When I heard about the Clarins ‘Double Fix Mascara’ and read good reviews, I just had to try it to see if it would work. It’s basically a gel ‘topcoat’ for your mascara to seal it and make it waterproof. You can also use it as a brow gel. And after the first use I was pretty impressed. I’ve usually hit panda status a couple of hours after applying mascara (nothing is worse than passing by a mirror and realizing you’ve been walking around for the past few hours looking like a hot mess). I went through most of the day without a smudge. But, I didn’t want to get too excited and recommend something before testing it more thoroughly. So I tried it with waterproof and regular formulas and with several different brands (Covergirl, Maybelline, L’oreal, Makeup Forever, Benefit, etc.). The results are pretty much the same, no significant smudging. By the end of the day, I can tell there is a slight bit of transfer of the mascara onto my undereye area, but definitely nothing compared to what it usually looks like without it. And the best part is, I can use it with any mascara and still have great results. Even the ones I’ve banned because although they make my lashes look nice, they end up super smudgy. It also holds the curl in my lashes when I’m using a non-waterproof mascara.


L: right after application, M: 4 hours later, R: 9 hours later

So to give you an idea of how it performs, I used it only on my right eye. I applied my Maybelline Full n’ Thick Waterproof mascara, then applied the Double Fix over it. I try to apply it thoroughly, especially nearer to the outer edge of my eyes where most of the transfer occurs. Today was a pretty typical day, I brought Ava out to play with her cousins, did some housework, and played some more with baby at home. I only used concealer and my MAC mineralized skin finish for powder foundation. You can see that my skin gets pretty shiny as the day goes on, by the end most of my makeup has pretty much faded away (I rarely bother to touch up during the day). I put on my mascara around 11 AM and by 3 PM my right eye was still looking good and my left was already a mess. By 8 PM, I did notice a trace of darkness on the right, but WAY better than how the left looks.

If you have been plagued by the dreaded ‘raccoon eyes’, try this product. You won’t regret it.