Down to earth with a little drama.


I was going for a very earth-toned, muted browns and taupes kind of look today. I had actually done it last week and really liked it, but it was so basic I didn’t really want to post about it. Until today when I tried to recreate it and realized I forgot what eyeshadows I had used and it just didn’t look the same. I still like this, but something about the original from last week I just liked more. I’m pretty sure I used MAC’s Soft Brown and Wedge in my crease instead of the Naked and Buck from the Naked palette-I’ll do this again sometime to find out if that’s what I did wrong. The next time anyone asks me why I need so much eyeshadow, it’s because it actually makes a difference in how a look turns out, no matter how subtle. And I decided to post about it in case I forget again, I’ll have something to look back on. Note to self: if you like a look, post about it even if just for your own reference.


Top to bottom: MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick, Rimmel Scandaleyes in Trespassing Taupe, Naked & Buck from the Naked palette

All I did was use Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Trespassing Taupe on my lid, Naked more diffusely on my crease, and Buck a little more concentrated closer to the fold in my eyelid. I used MAC’s Velvet Teddy on my lips-one of my favorite nudes. Nothing crazy.


Although I was going for this almost monotone, but very natural look, I couldn’t stop there. I needed a little extra something.


I’m having a little love affair with individual lashes lately, and because I’m not big on wearing liquid liner lately they blend better with my actual lashes and look more ‘natural’ than using a lash strip. It reminds me of when I got married almost three years ago and I got eyelash extensions. Sometimes I think of doing them again, but the upkeep (and cost!) is just too much and I don’t want to damage my natural lashes again. Lemme tell you, it takes awhile to get them back to their normal fullness. And it’s easy to just add a few in at the ends and call it a day. I used a mix of medium and short Ardell individuals like I would if I were wearing liner, but I think next time I’ll just use the short. I think the mediums lend themselves better to winged out liner.

Anyway, hope you’re nice and warm where you are, after getting hit last week by Juno, we got even more snow yesterday! I’m really starting to look forward to spring.


Current favorites: January 2015


The first month of 2015 is gone and since I had some definite favorites I wanted to share them. These are the items that got the most love, that I pretty much used daily.

1. MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus and Medium Deep. I was deep into using my It Cosmetics CC Cream last month, but this month I was back to my MSFs after a long hiatus. Powder foundation is just so quick and easy, I always end up going back to it. I use Medium Plus all over then use Medium Deep at the edges of my face and coutour areas to warm up my face a bit. I like how it gives my skin a light glow, which I’ve been favoring over the more matte/demi-matte finishes of my MUFE Duo Mat or LM powder foundation.

2. L’Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in Brown. I’ve taken a temporary break from my usual cat eye in favor of pencil liner smudged into my lash line and/or in my upper waterline. This one is creamy, doesn’t tug, and stays in place. It’s also way cheaper than my MUFE Aqua Liner and it will probably replace it. (Review here)

3. Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks in Bluffing, Bootleg Brown, and Trespassing Taupe. I’ve been using these non-stop since I got them, they make it easy to do my eye makeup either as a base, lid color, crease color, etc. They glide on smoothly and don’t crease. The three listed are the ones I turn to the most, but all the shades I’ve tried I do like. (Review here)

4. Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Waterproof in Black. This may just be my perfect mascara, it’s already replaced my Maybelline Lash Sensational. It give great volume, holds a curl, and there is zero to minimal smudging (my biggest mascara gripe). It gives more of a soft, full and fluttery look than the Maybelline. It’s really the smudge factor that has me hooked though, if you have the same raccoon eye problem I do, you must try this! (Review here)

5. L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper in Medium to Dark. I’ve been extremely lazy about filling in my brows lately. The problem is that I need to get them threaded two weeks ago, but I’m just not in the mood to make the trek with all the snow outside. This has been getting me through until I have them done, filling them in with a pencil is not as easy when they’re not well-groomed. I’ve been brushing them into place with this a couple of times, then running a spoolie through to soften them up a bit. It makes them look a little fuller and filled in, but still very natural looking. If you have very sparse brows or really like that precise brow look this isn’t for you, but if you’re okay with them looking a little less ‘done’ and have more hairs to work with, you might like this. (Review here)

So that’s about it for this month. Oddly, I couldn’t pick a specific lip product although I’ve tried a lot of good ones. I’ve been bouncing between them all instead of honing in on one, so I couldn’t pick a true favorite.

What have you been loving lately?

Bronze eyes & braids.


L: NYX French Fries on top & Rimmel Bad Girl Bronze on the bottom; R: Bad Girl Bronze on my lids

I was watching Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup do her NY beauty haul and was inspired by her bronzed out eye look. And since I’m obsessed with my Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks I decided to give it a go today. I used Bad Girl Bronze to get the look, it’s probably my favorite of all the ones I have (it’s a toss up with Bootleg Brown). I just love how the bronze is super rich and a bit more red toned than my French Fries NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. And it has a beautiful shimmer to it. I applied it just a bit over my crease line and blended with a MAC 217 and Wedge as my transition color. I used Brule on my brow bone and another shadow stick, Bulletproof Beige, as an inner corner highlight. I ditched the usual liquid liner and used my L’Oreal  Extra-Intense eyeliner pencil in brown on my upper waterline and my Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Waterproof mascara.

It was third day hair day, but I wanted to do something other than my usual bun. My hair has finally grown long enough to braid so I did a French in the front along my hairline, pinned it behind my ear, then braided the rest towards the same side. I’ve been browsing Pinterest for more ‘third day hairstyles’, if you have any to recommend let me know!


Bronze eyes & braids.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks Review


I’m pretty sure I’m late to the game on these ones, but the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks are new to me. When I was at the drugstore the other day, they were part of the display with some other new Rimmel products (including a 25 hour foundation!) so I assumed they were new, but after going online to look for more colors I found that they aren’t. Maybe some of the colors are new releases? Anyway, I’ve noticed that eyeshadow sticks/pencils seem to be the popular thing lately-I’ve been wanting to try the ones from Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown, but I tend to try to balance my spending in terms of beauty. I just ordered all that Ole Henriksen skincare, therefore I’m limiting my makeup spending (although it also adds up, I don’t even want to say how much I spent total at the drugstore that day). The only shadow sticks I’ve ever tried are the Nyx Jumbo Eye pencils, but when I saw that these are 24 hour wear and really loved some of the shades offered, I decided to pick them up.


From L to R: Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks in Bluffing, Bootleg Brown, Bad Girl Bronze, Trespassing Taupe

I obviously gravitated towards the more neutral shades, I was actually really excited to see the matte brown and taupe color. They also had a gold shimmer shade, but I held back thinking if I like them I could always go back and buy them later. After the first swatch, I was already excited to try these on my eyes because of how smoothly they glided on. I can only describe the sensation as velvety, there was no tugging feeling like I get from my Nyx pencils (I only have two: French Fries and Milk if you’re wondering). I did use two swipes of the pencil to get the pigmentation shown on my forearm, all of the colors built up easily. I was so excited about all the colors I decided to try to use all of them to create my eye look for the day. I used Bluffing on my lid & inner corner, Trespassing Taupe in my crease, Bootleg Brown just at the outer third of my lashline smudged out, and Bad Girl Bronze on the outer 2/3 of my lower lashline. The only powder shadow I used was MAC Brule on my brow bone.


An eye look using all four shades.

These applied as nicely to my lids as they did on my forearm, no tugging or pulling at all. I thought they blended nicely, I worked quickly after application with a fluffy blending brush or pencil brush after swiping on the color. It was easy to layer the color and blend to build it up. And they pretty much stayed put the entire day with no creasing (FYI, I’ve tested with and without primer). I think these are gorgeous on their own or used as a base for a regular shadow.


I can’t speak to the 24 hour claim, but I did find these to be long lasting, I found that any fading was minimal and only on my lid because most of mine tends to get hidden in the crease of my eye and I think the rubbing every time I blink contributes to that. Again, it’s minimal.

I love the shadow sticks and I think my urge to buy the higher end ones has been satisfied by these. There’s a grey and black shade that I want to get as well (I actually picked up Bulletproof Beige at Target today). And the gold. And purple. Okay, I’d take them all, but these are my top picks!

I’m actually a little afraid to try the more expensive ones, I’m guessing they’ll be equally addicting.

To sum up, the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Sticks get my stamp of approval!